2009 hyundai santa fe ticking noise

If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below. Conduct the ASP (Absolute Steering Position) calibration procedure according to the applicable service manual.

The 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe has 1 problems reported for loud shudder or bang in rear end when turning corners.

Car Reviews.

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin 14-ST-002-1 to address the problem on the vehicles listed below.

Here are the most common causes of whining noises when accelerating: When an alternator is going bad, it’ll often begin to put out a high pitched whining sound.

1. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. The dealer wanted $1800.00 for a new one. A whining sound when accelerating is almost always caused by a bad accessory attached to your Santa Fe’s engine. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. 14. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Hyundai Sonata:  Whining Noise → Diagnosis, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis. Ford Explorer Toe Link Recall: 13 Crashes, 6 Injuries, read stories from drivers who praise our work. Used Cars for Sale.


I took it to another shop and had the drive shaft removed instead, it now is a front wheel drive vehicle. - Larry O.,

The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. The most recently reported issues are listed below. These codes identify the particular engine management system which caused the light to come on. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data.

If it is even a little bit out of alignment, it’ll be enough to cause a whining noise. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME: Whining when starting can be frustrating to diagnose, since you constantly have to start and restart the vehicle to duplicate the conditions that caused the sound to begin with. Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. – Visually check that the coupler is seated properly before reassembling the motor. 1. We don't sell/share your email. Bad Alternator. To determine if it is the power steering pump, turn the wheel left and right with the vehicle sitting. Or does it not change with engine speed? It can tell you a lot about the health of your transmission.

You need to check the fluid level and fill it back up to the factory fill line. You’re going to want to check it for both color, and metal content. 2009-2012 Elantra Touring (FD) 2013-2014 Elantra GT (GD) 2013-2014 Elantra Coupe (JK) 2013-2014 Santa Fe (NC) 2012-2014 Azera (HG) 2012-2014 Veloster (FS) Procedure to replace flexible coupling that makes clicking noise when turning. Here is a great page with way more info on the subject. I will never buy another Hyundai Santa Fe all wheel drive vehicle. CAUTION: Turn the steering wheel to the center position so the front wheels are pointing straight ahead before removing the MDPS assembly. When a serpentine belt stretches, it doesn’t grip the accessories that it is turning as well. A good place to start would be to check the transmission fluid. Cool Automotive Products and Tool Recommendations, Read AUTO REPAIR ARTICLES sorted by topic, Custom Wordpress Website created by Wizzy Wig Web Design, Minneapolis MN. 7. Alldatadiy.com, on the other hand, uses the factory diagrams.

Hyundai makes clicking noise under dash and won’t start Clicking noise dash, cranks but won’t start – Hyundai.

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This is a great place to start, since it only takes a second.

Loosen the 4 MDPS motor cover bolts and then carefully lift off the motor cover.

Out of the blue, the relay for my turn signals has started clicking by itself.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Hyundai Sonata … New Car Pricing. The noise has also been described as a thud.

Hyundai Sonata owners have reported 108 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises (under the engine and engine cooling category).

If you’re tracking down a wiring issue, Eautorepair.net is the better choice. Alternator whine is a product of a drop in voltage between the radio and the alternator itself.

This is particularly true when you first start the vehicle.

The radio can accept interference and cause noise when starting the vehicle.

10. The new flexible coupling is part # 56315-2K000-FFF, 2011-2014 Sonata (YFa) 2011-2014 Sonata Hybrid (YF HEV) 2007-2014 Elantra (HD, MD/UD) 2009-2012 Elantra Touring (FD) 2013-2014 Elantra GT (GD) 2013-2014 Elantra Coupe (JK) 2013-2014 Santa Fe (NC) 2012-2014 Azera (HG) 2012-2014 Veloster (FS). Reassemble the MDPS assembly in reverse order of disassembly. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the.

Before installing the new part, verify that it has the “4P” marking.

If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy.com is the better choice because Eautorepair.net doesn’t any interior or exterior trim or body part removal. There are several different vehicular components that can make a squeal or hum. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads.

Average failure mileage is 77,700 miles. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Remove the old flexible coupling and clean out any debris.

Remove the 3 MDPS ECU mounting bolts. Turned out that it was the electromagnetic clutch or coupler in front of the rear differential responsible for the four wheel drive .

However, Alldatadiy.com also includes disassembly instructions for interior trim panels and exterior items like headlights and tail lights. If your Santa Fe’s stereo is making a whining noise, it is usually caused by a condition known as “alternator whine”. Remove the steering column bracket from the MDPS assembly by loosening the bracket mounting bolt. Pricing: ---Eautorepair.net--- 1 month subscription $19.95 per vehicle 1-year subscription $29.95 per vehicle 4-year subscription $44.95 per vehicle ---Alldatadiy.com--- 1-year $29.95 subscription: additional vehicles $19/95 each 5-year $49.95 subscription: additional vehicles $34.95 each Which one should YOU choose? Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Hyundai Santa Fe based on all problems reported for the Santa Fe. Install a new flexible coupling. If it changes with the engine, it’s most likely going to be an accessory bolted to the engine (or the radio, shut it off and see if it stops). Only 76,000 miles but engine has a tinny ticking noise coming from the drivers side front of the engine.

Raise the steering column mounting bracket and remove the spacer 4. Remove the 4 steering column mounting bracket upper bolts 3.

The noise does not affect steering. They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins. In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals. Remove the motor drive power steering unit (MDPS) assembly from the vehicle. All of your engine accessories will change their wine depending upon the RPM. Hyundai Santa Fe Whining Noise When Accelerating. Here are the most likely causes of a vehicle whining when starting: Your Santa Fe’s serpentine belt turns all of the engine accessories.

There’s more on this in the whines while starting section directly below.

9. With that in mind, this page is divided by when you hear the whining noise, and common causes under those conditions. It is usually way more noticeable on the A.M band of the radio.

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