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Artillery Shells are propelled out of the mortar tube and will come with either single or multiple breaks. TRIPLE break . Breaks: 12. Receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase 5 or more of these items! Case Quantity: 6 shells per pack, 8 packs per case (48 total pieces).Our most powerful artillery shell is now available in a patriotic set of red, white, and blue glitter.

All reloadable shells come with their own tubes that are made of cardboard, fiberglass or H.D.P.E (High Density Poly-Ethylene). The artillery shell is inserted into the mortar tube. 4. Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces). Canister shells are more likely to have a single break, whereas some ball shells will have up to three breaks. Case Quantity: 6 shells per pack, 3 packs per box, 4 boxes per case (72 total pieces).

coming. The result of this assemblage is a sky-bound explosion that bursts out into one of many beautiful firework creations.

On the bottom of the ball there is a small amount of composition known as the lift charge or lift bag. 1.75" ball shells with colored peony breaks. Please type the letters and numbers below, 3PK Assorted 6 Shot Shells By Supreme Fireworks. Legend Small Festival Balls 6pk BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! Artillery fireworks are known to give life to a firework show with their breaks that are loud and light up the entire sky! New Years Selling Season: Dec 20 – Dec 30 10am – 10pm Dec 31 9am – Midnight Jan 1 10am – 8pm This kit offers the most powerful, symmetrical breaks you will find in consumer fireworks. Shots: 12. Each bag contains 12 shells and a launch tube. Each box has 6 shells with 4 breaks per shell for a total of 24 breaks in a box! A great value. 18 Shot Artillery Shell Assortment 3-Pack, Black Knight 20ct Canister Artillery Shell Kit, Bright Star Canister 18 Shell Assortment Pack, Bright Star Whistling Canister Shells 6pk, Brothers Premium 12ct Artillery Shell Kit, Crackling Artillery Canister Shell Kit 6pk, Dragon Artillery Assorted Canister Shells 6pk, Excalibur Platinum 5" Canister Artillery Shells 24ct Kit, Grim Reaper - 60g Canister Artillery Shells 12/Pk. Receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase 5 or more of these items! Effects include white glitter, color peonies, gold willow, crackling, and more! Quick View. Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 6 boxes per case (36 total pieces). (60 shell, 6 mortars), THUNDER EAGLE This flashy package contains unassuming, but ever impressive peanut shells. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Price $99.99. Each canister is loaded with 60 grams of composition - the maximum allowed by law! Phone: 570-646-1181 Out of Stock.

3. crackling x 4. The professional fireworks display is just a trip to the Local Firework Stores near you. 6 pack of assorted effect artillery shells from Legend. Effects include colorful bursts, strobe, and crackle. A fantastic assortment of shells from Brothers with a combination of single ball and canister, smoke-N-Mirror shells, double ball and torpedo shells, triple ball and cylinder shells. Neon Widow 5" Black Widow Canister Shell ... Quick View. "We have known each other many years, but this is the first time you've come to me for your holiday party or for your family gathering. VIP earn $2.20 bonus.

Price $139.99. Launches a new website platform. Artillery Shells.

Red star & blue star. Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces).Maximum load canister shells by Legend.

A great collection of assorted multi-break shells from Brothers. Quick View. Case Quantity: 12 shells per box, 6 boxes per case (72 total pieces).12 assorted artillery shells per box including blue, green, multi-colored, crackle and glitter peonies. Just a little April update... with a little surprise inside! 6 assorted effects per kit. These six 1-3/4" ball shells consist of colorful stars, white flashes and crackling.


Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces). 6 different display shells with comet tails and spectacular bursts will thrill your audience. Goliath by World Class contains 36 all-time favorite reloadable artillery shells, including 12 singles, 6 doubles, 6 triples, and 12 canisters. Artillery shells fireworks such as Excalibur, Nishiki Willow Blast, Demon shells and Grim Reapers... Primarly a ball or cylinder made of cardboard and paper that is filled with pyrotechnic composition.

Case Quantity: 60 shells per kit.A huge box of max-load double break, triple break and quadruple break shells from Firehawk. Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces). Red star & white glitter. Simply unbelievable breaks. Case Quantity: 12 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (144 total pieces). 24 ball shells, 12 canister shells, 12 double-break shells, and 12 triple-break shells.

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Artillery Shells category fireworks supplier by Skysong Fireworks Official for party, wedding, festival, new year, holiday any celebration event.

Receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase 5 or more of these items! Ball shells are loaded with up to 27 grams of powder, however, most fall in the range of 20 grams. Site design and development by

You will get 82 breaks from ball shells, cylinder shells, peanut shells and triple-break shells. COMING 12 pack. Case Quantity: 24 shells per box, 4 boxes per case (96 total pieces). Case Quantity: 60 shells per box, 2 boxes per case (120 total pieces).60 shells, 132 breaks. Nishiki Kamuro Willow 5" Canister Artillery 6pk, Pyro Demon Black Box Artillery Shells 6pk, Quest 60g Canister Shell Reloadable Artillery Kit 12ct, Quest 60g Canister Shell Reloadable Artillery Kit 24ct, Showtime Premium Black Box Artillery Canister Shells 6pk, Sky Bomb Great Whistling Artillery Shells 6pk, Sky Bomb Super Louds 6ct Artillery Shell Kit, Super Nova Canister Artillery Shells 24ct Kit, Tater Cannon Canister Artillery Shell Kit 24/Ct, Whistling Buster Artillery Shells 6 Shots, Whistling Buster Cylinder Artillery Shells 6pk, Wholesale Fireworks Black Box Artillery Shells Case 12/12. Feel the kick from these 12 powerful canister shells. There is no illusion with Smoke and Mirrors. Case Quantity: 8 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (96 pieces total).Step up your pyro game with Two-Run Homer.

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