audi a6 ami port location

Your car has the 3G system which means you will not be able to swap your CD changer for the AMI. Buy AMI (Audi music interface) hardware for 3g MMI systems. Usual sequence: Cd1 upgrade Cd2 uprgade Cd2 uprgade again cd3 uprade Cd1 upgrade again. If it has MMI2G though – then it will work, just plug it in . Just putting together all the bits I need to do the upgrade. Once you fit in the AMI and connect the cables, you need to make some coding. The optical is ok, but the power cable does not match. Is it possible to make this installation? just bought one on ebay, but its without the optical fibre cables, so i have the cd charger in the middle of the dashboard console, witch splitter cable do i need to hook it up togheter with the cd player? The update file is in the article…please read it. I live in Canada and I’m really looking to have this mod done! if i have that i think i just need the update of the ami to have that? Hi, I have an 2010 A6, and I think I have the MMI 3G Basic installed.

i use Samsung Android and spotify.

Anyone know of an 4E0 035 785 a or b for sale? Will the 4E0 035 785 F work (MMI 2G). If you want to keep your CD Changer and don’t feel comfortable cutting your glove box, you can buy a new one with two slots. Any help is would be great! Can you please help me if my car supports the AMI. To diagnose your vehicle yourself, download our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software.

Hi, can anybody tell me if there is a newer version of my A6 mmi 4E0035652A 2010 that has stopped working. Bought AMI of Ebay with USB cable. did you ever find out what the problem was? Use a multimeter to check the fuses and ensure one of them isn't burned out. I even removed the glove box, then I got so desperate that I started hitting the back of the cd changer with a hammer, with the removal keys shoved all the way in. Mine is 2006 a6,i replace cd changer to ami,and it shows cd not installed,no sound ,part number is the same as given, the (Y) power cable slpitter and the (Y) firber optic cable, Will that part number of the Audi A6 4F ( mine is an Avant 12/2007) work : 4E0 057 785 F, I have a 2005 A6, 4F. Bought myself ami mmi 2g for a6 2006, done update plug it in it showing that devise active but can`t see any usb. Any ideas?

Ami #4E0 035 785 D. Car Audi A6 2006 U.S. Any idea? I am not fan of those but you may search the Internet for more info about them.

Hi, as far as I understand the AMI itself doesn’t have component protection, so I can buy second hand one just plug it and should work, or should I get it to Audi dealer to remove component protection? I tried wiring it without any splitters in place of the CD changer, and again, it comes up, but no go. Didnt realise my MMI might need updated is there another way of updating without reinstalling cd changer, Hello, great website very helpful.

so i just bought the audi a4 b8 2008/08 withe the colour display mmi so i think it is the mmi2g high right? Does Ami 4E0 035 785 fits to Audi a6 c6 2006?

Have you found an AMI model that works with your 2011 A6? Nope, it will not work, you need a different device.

Should i update the mmi to the newest verison before i insert the ami? Well, seems that this is sorted out now. Thanks! What’s the difference.

Our Bluetooth Music adapter works with MDI (Volkswagen Media-In interface), AMI (Audi Media Interface) ports only.


Yours specifically says B but I note others have got other letter designations working ok. Please, take a photo and link it here so I can see what’s wrong. One more question: does the AMI from Q7 fits in a6 c6? Does AMI support FAT32? What is the button next to the esp in your top pic for? Hope these will be helpful.

You can do this with the optic and power cables. i have retrofited AMI module that work fine . Any suggestions? Hi I have a A6 2008 all road I am wanting to replace the CD changer with a AMI unit but the CD changer has a fault it’s playing for just 2 seconds then stopping then playing again for 2seconds, I am conserned that the fault will transfer to the AMI if it’s not a problem with the changer, thanks in advance Andy.

I have a 2011 s line special edition. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If the module starts with 8T0 IT WILL NOT WORK ON A6!!! Thanks in advance!

Vin number is WAUDH64F39N000521. Looking for the AMI.

NO! Hi great site you have here! AMI seen immediately connected with the splitter cables, but iPhone NOT working! Actually i think i bought the wrong one, the 8T0 is the CAN version, does my car have the CAN version? the price difference are so high that I’m thinking is there a possibility to change not just a module but module with cables.????

Any advise on that? And now everything is good.

Was trying to update AMI with the AMI_update_080423.bin file downloaded from “The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.” Any ideas what went wrong? For posterity, I wanted to comment about the AMI unit with part no. If you want to keep the CD Changer, the installation is the same but you need to add another device in the MOST optic circle.

Have you resolved your issue? What cables are you using with the AMI?

Hello i have an audi a8 d3 2004 and the car has only one cd changer .

You can install the 3G AMI and keep your CD changer working but this requires special equipment to activate it. Happy if you could piont me in the right direction.

I’ve got the same difficulty.

hi ive got 2004 a6 c6 its 54 reg so newer shape big grill will 8T0 035 785 ami work on my unit got colour screen sat nav etc cd changer in glove don’t want that I want usb or work from usb to mini usb on my htc m8 if not can you tell me unit I need and if I need to code or update or just install/plug in place using changers wires many thanks. I found 4E0 035 785 A,B,C,D,E,F what shows the manufacture dates.

And you wouldnt happen to have a part number for the Nav module I need , would you ?

If you would like to help up add to this page accessible to all, please send us your photos via the app, THE REFERENCE IN AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS, 1 rue Marguerite Perey - 56890 PLESCOP - FRANCE. my mmi is up to date (5570).

: I made some modifications to make the pink kafra connector to fit in the gray plug on the new MIB2.

It has only a CD changer in the glove box compartment. I followed this blog instruction. Hi, I recently bought a 2010 a6 with MMI 3G (DVD/2xSD/6xCD). Allright thank you very much! Where can I find update file for AMI?

It will NOT work.

I have an audi a6 4f with MMI 2G, and the software is really old i guess 11.1.0 or something like this.

I am attaching the connections that I did, any help will be highly appreciated. You can always swap the changer, it’s an optic circle and power – that’s all! What ended up being the solution to this? Keen to find a 2011 A6 that’s had success with this conversion.

so frustrating that audi doesn’t accommodate those who do not use apple.

Should i update the ami to the newest version aswell?

Hi, thanks for the answer, I’m using the Audi iPod lead that came with the unit. Can you give me some advice what do do next to resolve?

Just wondering if the 4E0 057 785 F will work in my 2008 AUDI A6. May you live in good health. Will this work as described above? I would update the iPod rather than downgrading the MMI. I now have the original cd-changer in the glove box. OBD connector is under the steering wheel (door side), OBD connector is located above the footrest, Those pictures were sent by Willy Thank you for your contribution. Hi, I have a 2006 Audi A6 with 2G High MMI running Software Version 1190. Does anybody know if AMI installed has a problem or not. Hello! Then I put the file AMI_update_080423.bin on USB key, connected to the AMI and made starting upgrade. Can you please let me know what could be the problem? OEM 8T0 035 785 B? On eBay all The AMI’s start with 8T0 which does not fit my A6 4f 2010 with 3G MMI.

He still has it. I know Ive to update SW from 27.4.0 to have AMI work. so witch ami part no do i need? the 8T0 one? I got a usb cable from ebay 4F0 051 510 Q, connected AMI to my car. I want to remove the cd multiplayer from the dash and replace with an AMI. Firstly the mmi update. but… not I get an AUX entry that was not there previously, playback from my Iphone works perfectly, but there’s no trackinfo displayed on the screeen – just says Aux- unknown. Hi, looking for some help, I have purchased a used AMI 4E0 035 785 B – My car is a 2007 A6 Avant with 6 Disc changer, I am struggling to get the changer out at the moment but as a test unplugged the cables at the back and plugged into the AMI, when turning on all I get is a screen saying “the device is being initialized please wait. I read all the responses to various problems, but your advice or response never addresses this problem. I’ve installed a 4E0 035 785 B and made sure that AMI is active through the green software menu.

Blind spot warning system in the side mirrors. I have a 2015 A5 no navi system and I’d like to play my music on my Samsung s5. That’s the idea of not having a CP. The fuses that control many of the MMI modules are located in a compartment in the left side of your trunk. Carefuly remove the cables from the CD Changer, Use the stereo removal tool to remove the Changer, Plugi the AMI in the CD Changer spot and connect the cables. Thanks, I figued. You don’t need to code anything, the AMI will start working in the CD Changer’s place. Great thread!

Did I buy a wrong module? Remove the Red 20 pin connector (from the same location behind the glove box), and connect the White cable (on the main wiring loom) to pin 16 on the 20pin ... Connect the Multifunction AV cable to the ‘AV IN/OUT’ port on the interface.

Use Update CD’s that are provided for download in this site. Im confuesed…. !1, Not sure, take the car to an Audi dealership, they’ll be able to help you with that…, Is this going to fit in A6 2006 Dec 3.0 TDI Q ?

hey man, I have an audi a5 10.2007 with the MMI 2G High system. I’m looking for a BT streaming solution and I was hoping to swap out the CD stacker for an AMI unit. is there anyway to downgrade from5770 update, iPod was woking on old firmware, updated and now does not work?? thank you for answer but still ? I upgraded my MMI software to 4610, purchased an AMI (4E0 035 785 B) off ebay, installed it, and tried to use a bluetooth dongle for AMI, which does not appear to be powered. Here’s how the unit looks.

Could it have been replaced by the “Audi music Interface online”? I only have the USB AMI cable and it doesn’t seem to matter if there is a flash drive connected or not. Remove the glove box, there are three screws under it (stars) and three more when you open the glove box. I did update to 5570 as well just to be sure, but discs one and two didn’t need to update anything as the bits for the various updates on there all said no update required, latest installed. Our Bluetooth Music adapter works with MDI (Volkswagen Media-In interface), AMI (Audi Media Interface) ports only.

And I’m not responsible for any damage to your car if something goeas wrong, do it at your own risk. Thank you for the great website its awesome!!

Will I need to update my MMI SW from 1190 to 4610 or higher or will it simply plug/play as it is? Just get the one that fits your needs. HI every one who get message “your decice may not be conected or operating properly” , try some older usb device up to 4gb I get message and after changing 10 diferent usb finaly got the right on, now work everi time, Hi, bought D designated AMI according to the eBay seller but it appears that has no letter designation. If you are simply removing the existing CD changer, and replacing it with the AMI unit, it really is a direct swap. P.S. I see the cable for an Ipod what do I have to do to play music in the car from my s5? hi, i am trying to update my mmi to work with my new ami unt on my 06 a6, i have avery oldversion and the only update cd i can find is to 5570, i have just read that i cant jump straight to 5570 as my software eeds to be 5510 or later to do the update, any ideas ?

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