borka vs fix it sticks

• 0.05″ Hex Housed in a durable, well-organized case, Fix It Sticks’ kits have a permanent place in my range and hunting bags. Be prepared at the Range or in the Field. It is absolutely pocket-sized with largest possible closed dimensions of 5.5″w x 4″t x 1.5″d (above) and open dimensions of 5.5″w x 7.5″t x 0.75″d (below). The new T-Way is very handy and reliable. Borka Tools actually sells a torque limiter kit specifically for the AICS so I ended up ordering one. The “Ultimate Kit” from Fix It Sticks is a top-notch purpose-build, pocketable, modular tool set that should fill a common need shooters of all types of weapons share.

I use Fix It Sticks in one of their 'taco-style' pouches (double).

The color-coding was helpful, especially given that the small labeling could become scratched-off.

I just don’t have the capability or background knowledge to make this type of assessment. • 1/2″ Socket. It has also served me well at home, where I have found myself increasingly reaching for the kit instead of a tool from my tool chest. While the T-Way Wrench and sixteen bits make a nice set by themselves, the real jewels of this kit are the “miniature” inch-pound Torque Limiters manufactured by Sloky. It delivers features that make a difference and leaves off the fluffy ones that only add weight, cost, and take up space. The device must maintain precision over a respectable time period to be successful.

The long bit is necessary to extend through the chassis skin and reach the action screws (particularly the rear action screw above the trigger guard). I have them and they are “ok.”, Making a permanent T stick takes way the compact design & replaced it with a less compact design. They were not perfectly matched but neither was more than an eighth of a turn off from the other. My two complaints are that there is no retention strap for the fourth block of bits in the “Ultimate Kit” and the Malice Clips take more time than desired to detach the kit from a host set of PALS webbing. • T-10 The T-Way Wrench and miniature Torque Limiters are outstanding tools that will impress most. Velcro for adding identification patches – both inside and out. But I say this loosely. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Fixit Sticks are awesome.

• 4mm Hex The “Ultimate Kit” by Fix It Sticks has an excellent wrench, torque limiters, and case. Jonathan Ocab, Shooter: Cameras and Firearms. are shape and size – especially in the case of the two-piece t-wrench. Compact and light weight (under 6 ounces), rugged, highly consistent and accurate torque driver has all metal construction. Real Avid's Gun Tool Amp is dope too.

I am a user of Fix It Sticks portable multi-tool and their torque limiters, particularly for working on firearms.

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Fix it Sticks pack small in compact areas Bits on original fix it Sticks are pressed permanently in place (Not removable) Includes 4, 5, 6mm hex and a #2 Phillips head Fix It Sticks pack small in compact areas Bits on original Fix It Sticks are pressed permanently in place (NOT REMOVABLE) Made in USA Customers who bought this item also bought. • T-30 Over the past two months I have had the opportunity to test an upgraded version of the most diverse of Fix It Sticks’ Combination Kits, the “Ultimate Kit,” which is essentially the 65, 45, 25 & 15 Inch Lbs Kit with an upgraded wrench, housed in their deluxe case. What, no link to where you can purchase the “Ultimate Kit” except to say it’s available through “online retailers”? Fix It Sticks offers two storage options for their kits (above); the Basic Pouch (left) and Deluxe Case (right). Pretty robust kit but pricey. I have a couple of Borka limiters for specific applications. Good question, John.

Just wondering what we are all using in the field for tools for those quick adjustments or repairs. After using both, I believe some of the advantages Fix It Sticks has over F.A.T. The Replaceable Edition T-Wrench (left), original T-Way Wrench (middle), and new version of T-Way Wrench (right). In late October I was scanning the endless sea of imagery on Instagram when a post by Fix It Sticks caught my eye. This shopping … These limiters are impressively compact (1 1/8″ – 1 1/4″ long with a diameter of 1/2″ – 3/4″) and feature both an audible click when torque limit is met, as well as free-spin to prevent further torqueing. I can only assume (and hope) these manufacturers are producing torque tools with enough accuracy and a very small amount of deviation. Fix It Sticks’ website also sells most of the components of the kit individually., Wheeler torque driver kit, torque bits, Allen wrenches, staple gun cleaning supplies, sand bags get yourself a backpack and load it up then leave it in your vehicle and then you to can zero most every deer hunters scope while you are there, but for real I'm up to five in the last 2 months.

Specifications: Fix It Sticks “Ultimate Kit”, Price as reviewed: $162.00 MSRP (Available through online retailers only)

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