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In 1990, Fields ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Republican Clyde Holloway for a U.S. House seat encompassing central Louisiana that included portions of the state capital, Baton Rouge. Fields believed his brief record as a Congressional representative would help him in the election. I've been the underdog all my life." Fields’s slight, youthful build and five–foot, seven–inch frame were dwarfed by the round, tortoiseshell glasses that became his trademark. I'll never forget that day."

"I feel uncomfortable when it's even. It encompassed a large area, stretching east and west of Baton Rouge, north up the Mississippi River to the Arkansas border and west through Shreveport, taking in a wide mix of rural and urban communities, including parts of the state’s five largest cities and Louisiana State University. On October 12, 2019, Cleo Fields was re-elected to serve the 14th Senatorial District of Louisiana, returning him to the Senate for the third time. Not satisfied, the same plaintiffs filed suit again. "Cleo Fields" in Black Americans in Congress, 1870-2007. Fields had underestimated the challenge he faced. His nearest competitor, fellow African–American State Senator Charles (C. D.) Jones, took 14 percent. [1] During this race Fields began a feud with fellow Democrat Mary Landrieu who did not endorse him in the second round. In 1990, Fields ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Republican Clyde Holloway for a U.S. House seat encompassing central Louisiana that included portions of the state capital, Baton Rouge. "When I was elected to the state senate, I was a little kid," he admitted in Salon. [1] "I know I'm going against the odds, but I am an odds-buster," he noted in The Commercial Appeal. John Maginnis, a Baton Rouge political writer who was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, thought that Fields had become "the dominant black politician in the state, which also makes him probably the most important Democrat in the state.". That's when I realized what my mother was going through.". Fields is a member of Mt. Attic, Thomas Jefferson BuildingWashington, D.C. 20515(202) 226-1300, Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives. Fields is a member of Mt. In 1997, he took an appointment in Vice President Al Gore’s office directing a federal program that awarded grants and economic incentives to impoverished communities, classified as “empowerment zones” and “enterprise communities,” each receiving a different level of federal aid.21 Several of these zones were located in Fields’s former Louisiana district. Yet the flames of ambition burned in Fields at an early age. Fields married his high school sweetheart, Debra Horton. 21Joan McKinney, “Fields Set To Begin Fed Work,” 28 March 1997, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA). Fields was soon preoccupied with defending the borders of his district against several lawsuits. Fields won 19 percent of the vote in the open primary, finishing as the runner–up to Republican Mike Foster—whose family had a history of service in the state and who switched party affiliation just weeks before the primary election. A cloud hung over Fields in Edwards' criminal trial and in the end Fields refused to deliver the promised "humorous" explanation, stating that at the time of the cash transfer, he was not an elected official, and therefore under no obligation to explain publicly.[4][5]. He is a 1980 graduate of McKinley High School and a 1984 graduate of Southern University in the field of Mass Communications. He once quipped to a crowd of voters, “I know I don’t look like a man, but I am one.”5 While in the state legislature, Fields focused on environmental issues and economic opportunities for minorities.

The commercials were used during Cleo Fields's campaign for the 1990 U.S. congressional election in District 8 of Louisiana, Democratic Party.

He became the youngest person ever elected to the State Senate in Louisiana’s history and at that time, the youngest in the nation.

For a then–33–year–old candidate like me to get 17 percent of the cross–over vote, I think that says there’s a bright future ahead, a bright future.”19 Fields also was optimistic that the 2000 Census would gain Louisiana an extra House seat, noting that the loss of a seat following the 1990 Census did not account for large numbers of minority and low–income residents. Jesse Jackson ran so Obama could win. They have two sons, Cleo Brandon Fields, 3 years old and their new born, Christopher Justin Fields, born April 28, 1998. At thirty, he was once again the youngest legislator. "When people cry for job opportunities, they're not black or white — they're unemployed."

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