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You may fool the eyes of mere commoners, but *my* discriminating intellect is not so weak. Under the persona of Brennan Ishida, Byakuya believed he was a foreign exchange student in a regular American high school, sent there so he could be humbled by his wealthy parents. I have never needed and will never need to depend on luck to win. He is also one of eleven characters who share their voice actor with another character in the English version (alongside His imposter, Makoto and Nagito, Junko and Mukuro. With that, Byakuya emerged from Hope's Peak Academy as one of the survivors at the end of the game, and would later join the Future Foundation; this in turn would lead him to become one of the three that reappear in Danganronpa 2. I have gone to battle and emerged victorious. Danganronpa His first name is Japanese for "white night", while his last name translates as "Ten Gods". The Togami bloodline does not shy from necessary action. ", Chapter 2: "Amazing. He decided to stage the scene to make the killing game more interesting for himself, as well as to reveal Toko's identity as Genocide Jack.

Come at me like you're trying to rip me open! Super High School Level Heir). End of Chapter Ratings After all, even my own family has recognized my ultimate superiority. I own you like livestock. In his own blunt way, he gave the girl words of encouragement to help her be at ease with her friend's affliction. ", "How many times must I repeat myself? During this time, Byakuya finalized his plans and followed her so that he could make sure everything went according to plan. Byakuya is forced to battle againist his sibings in order to get to be head of family and Byakuya was the last one standing. Byakuya demanded that the players not risk their lives as they were needed to finish the game, but the players worked to save Bailey anyway. Byakuya es un joven arrogante y anti-social que se ve a sí mismo superior a los demás, siendo el heredero del Togami Conglomerate, la mayor multinacional global de este mundo. His dismissive and derogatory attitude towards the others ultimately led to Mondo snapping and attempting to attack Byakuya. Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Read Trial 1: Byakuya Togami (first words) from the story Danganronpa parents scenarios by ArticFoxReads (Cataract) with 2,394 reads. Byakuya Togami (十神 白夜) is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Byakuya suspected that Monaca Towa was behind the killing game, and contacted Toko and Komaru, who are still in Towa City, to go after her, and sent some of his own men to go find her. She hopes to one day assume an affectionate relationship with him, but is content with him constantly insulting her for now, seeing his (rather genuine) dislike of Toko as mere “lovers' quarrels”. She's...on her way to save me right now! He vowed to rebuild his family no matter what opposed him once he entered the outside world. Byakuya normally distanced himself from others by insulting them, but this trait actually attracted Toko even more, openly inviting him to debase and degrade her and perceiving it as simply a "lover's quarrel", which made him unable to shake her off. Byakuya se ve generalmente con los brazos cruzados, un gesto personal en línea con su arrogancia. Who decided that? Anything can happen, so prepare yourselves. These considerate and generous acts at the risk of his reputation - something he holds as an intrinsic core value - would have been out of character for him before the events of the Killing Game, but show how much of an effect the events he has experienced and the people he has met have had on him. "Jeez... You're like a stubborn little cockroach, "Not too many people can say they had their lives saved by, "At this point, I can rely only on myself, on the Togami blood flowing through my veins. Fanon Byakuya, who was not in attendance, learned about the Killing Game after Makoto and Aoi managed to get in contact with him - Byakuya was shocked, because news of the Killing Game had not left the island. In Byakuya's generation there were fifteen candidates in all, both male and female; they fought for the headship, and in the end, he, the youngest male, came out on top. ", "Rejoice, commoners, for today I will show you just how far above you I am. After spending some time in the Dark Place, Byakuya eventually made contact with his real self, bringing him to the Dark Place so the two selves could merge. Free Time Events are also considered somewhat questionably canonical due to the nature of how Free Time Events are accessed (in that some characters' Free Time Events cannot be fully completed during the course of the canon game storyline due to limitations on the number of interactions you can have with them during one playthrough, and thus can only be accessed after they have canonically died either through a second playthrough or via School Mode). Byakuya Togami (十神白夜 Togami Byakuya) es uno de los personajes que aparecen en Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair.Su título es Preparatoriano Super Estupendo Heredero de Alto Nivel de la Escuela (超高校級の「御曹司」Chō Kōkō Kyū no "Onzōshi"). When the students awoke, they found themselves as players in a sick game by an unknown mastermind. I am merely trying to follow through with something I once said.

I did promise to kill the mastermind, didn't I?”, “Furthermore, the Togami family is not destroyed. But it is a little strange... Why haven't you killed yourself yet, pig? It seems there's some semblance of a brain knocking around that skull of, "Each piece isn't much by itself, but start putting them together and the picture gets very ugly indeed. Stop running your mouths and start moving your legs. Far beyond even my expectations... Alright, I've decided.

Character He also has a crown on his head.

Byakuya became a member of the 14th Branch of the Future Foundation, 14th Division, which was tasked with public relations; spreading news of Future Foundation's activities to the public. It's never explicitly stated nor implied that Byakuya is interested in the same gender or other genders.

Which is to say, I am the Ultimate Perfection. ", "You know...only a chosen few, perhaps 1% of us, are able to succeed in life. I, who have everything. Because it made things more interesting. ", "It seems I am unwelcome here. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License,, Cool and Collected - Decreases Crosshair drift, “My self introduction is over. Along with Hiro, Byakuya and his men managed to rescue Makoto and Aoi, and ordered his men to restrain a group of soldiers that had been brainwashed by Ryota Mitarai. However, Byakuya, along with Bailey, Deanna Dean, and Simon Black were told the Dark Presence still had some hold on them.

", "Friends? Byakuya had been taken into ODMA's custody, where he eventually was made a member of the group, though this outcome was made a secret to both Kyoko and Makoto. I would never stoop to the level of a childish criminal like, "To be kept waiting by the likes of you. Byakuya was shocked when Junko illustrated his family's current situation - or, lack of a situation, given that his family had apparently been completely wiped out - and was rendered completely speechless for the first time since the start of the murders. Byakuya's butler, Aloysius, was captured by Ultimate Despair for this motive.

With his name not on the report and considering the serious matters discussed in the report, Byakuya knew he had to keep the matter a secret. Cause Despair (succeded)Kill the survivors (failed) Ultimate Affluent ProgenyUltimate Despair ", "No problem is solved by running away. Comunidad para todos aquellos fans del anime Danganronpa. ", "Everything comes down to this moment. While attempting to rescue Komaru Naegi, the younger sister of Makoto, the two of them were ambushed and nearly killed by a group of Monokuma Units, and he quickly deduced that he and his group had been lured to Komaru's location as a trap. As Byakuya and his men investigated the lobby, they found the robot Miaya Gekkogahara, who triggered an alarm which caused the building to explode and be destroyed.

That is your purpose. My pig." At the game's conclusion, the non-players of the school grew unhappy with the players, for all of their bad behavior and ineptitude began to pile up.

This sense of superiority and black-and-white worldview comes as a result of his upbringing; Byakuya had to prove his worth in battle against his siblings in order to earn his role in the family as heir-apparent, whereas all his other siblings who lost the battle were effectively ex-communicated from the family and cut off financially, deemed "unfit for the name of Togami". Even if we're apart, my feelings of disgust towards you will never change". He assisted the survivors in escaping Junko Enoshima's clutches and returned with them to the real world, where he reunited with Kyoko Kirigiri. ", "New clues won't magically appear by standing around here. BrainwashingKilling people in The Tragedy Suspicion quickly turned to Byakuya due to the extension cord the students had seen him using in the library, however, it was then revealed that Chihiro had actually been killed in the boy's locker room, and was actually born male; both facts Byakuya did not know, which determined Byakuya wasn't the killer. Listen up! He returned in the second game as the Future Foundation member, along with Makoto and Kyoko.

After initially being drawn towards Despair when Junko told him of the whole Togami family and corporation being destroyed, he seemed particularly effected by Makoto's relentless pursuit of hope and a brighter future for everyone, though he denied it to Makoto's face. Tears can't restore a person's vitality. I guess you've earned some praise, for now. "Those who are "chosen" from birth have no concept of what that truly means. ", "We've come this far, we can't back down now.

Byakuya Togami Right foot...", "Don't worry. *That* is why I am the chosen. I'll partner with you.

After Makoto Naegi went missing, Kyoko Kirigiri received a mysterious invitation from Wanda Maximoff. ", "I mean, what a waste of time to have the answer revealed right at the beginning. Rumor has it that he already held several management positions at a company, and managed to acquire a considerable amount of fortune on his own. How long are you planning to stand here? The Togami family has a system which a male head of the family does not have a wife, but instead takes couples with some woman from around the world, in order to have many children as possible.

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