can you drink creme de menthe straight

There’s a hint of chocolate and vanilla here that give Gaetano’s expression more a dessert-like quality, and with the sweeter elements lingering on the finish (above and beyond the mint) give it a specific, cocoa-infused bent. Peppermint Crisp10. The recipe combines RumChata Cream Liqueur with your favorite chocolate vodka. A- / $30 (1 liter), Tempus Fugit Creme de Menthe – This pot-distilled liqueur has that immediate funk of pot distillate, giving it a nose of white whiskey rather than mint. Reviews are ranked from top to bottom. These two could be the exact same spirit, otherwise. You can capture more aroma from the flowers and the flowers work best in infusions and syrups, but not so well muddled in drinks, though they make a great garnish. Experimentation is the key. Peppermint Penguin11. Required fields are marked *. With just a few ingredients you can make homemade Crème de Menthe tonight! Surprisingly complex, and it holds its own in a grasshopper.

Girl Scout Thin Mint C...6.

At a price that is typically less than $10, it is an affordable addition that creates delicious, minty drinks. Terminology Reviews, recipes, and industry insight for educated imbibing. Grasshopper – equal parts of green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and light cream. It is also a primary component of the popular South African shooter known as the Springbokkie. Dead Grasshopper2.

While most cocktails will not be affected by choosing either white or green Crème de Menthe when it comes to taste, often the color is important to determine the look of the drink. I’ve separated the reviews based on color; a properly stocked bar arguably needs to have a bottle of each. Come winter, take your peppermint patty to the warm side and mix up a steaming cup of mint-chocolate cocoa. The sweet, mint liqueur is commercially available in a colorless, or white, variety and a vibrant green variety colored by the mint leaves, or the addition of coloring if mint extract rather than mint leaves have been used. It is much more common for the liqueur to be combined with other beverages to create cocktails with a hint of mint.

The taste is fascinating and worth trying. One common use is to mix the liqueur with ice cream to create a mint flavor shake which is often topped with nuts or pecans. Crème de menthe (pronounced [kʁɛm də mɑ̃t], French for "mint cream") is a sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage.It is available commercially in a colorless version (called "white") and a green version (colored by the mint leaves or by added coloring if made from extract instead of leaves). Well yes you can! When it comes to drinking Crème de Menthe, serving it straight up is an acquired taste. You'll need just three ingredients for the base, though a dollop of whipped cream should be considered essential as well. B / $14 (1 liter), Arrow White Creme de Menthe – Slightly fruitier than Bols version, with a hint of applesauce, but again it’s quite harmless and innocuous on the whole. The ultimate crème de menthe cocktail, it's hard to resist the yummy grasshopper.

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