chino xl mensa

Chino XL starred in the films Barrio Wars, Vatos, The Beat, Crime Partners, Alex & Emma, Playas Ball, Gang Warz, and Young Cesar.
|  Chino's has built a loyal following since his 1996 debut Here to Save You All from stacking oft-referential multisyllabic rhymes (“travelin' through my abdomen/unravelin' at the speed of a javelin” from 2001's “Nunca”) and his gift for vivid storytelling with a pitch-black sense of humor (“I roll with killers who spent more time in the pen than ink” from 2001's “That Would Be Me”).

Along the way came comedic improv and dramatic guest stars on network TV.Returning to his music roots, Chino and his manager, Stacey Castro worked for two years to create his third and longest awaited release, "Poison Pen", which followed the cult status of his previous two records (copies of 1996's "Here To Save You All" still sell to this day). ... metaphors, and word play and is a member of the intellectual collective MENSA. Follow us on Twitter @LAWeeklyMusic, and like us at LAWeeklyMusic.
As far as punchlines go, I do remember Aceyalone took me to [West Coast hip-hop underground mecca] the Good Life Cafe on one of my first trips to L.A. and said if I could get respect there, then I really got chops. There are records on there that you can only make once. TIL of ablaut reduplication, an unwritten English rule that makes "tick-tock" sound normal, but not "tock-tick". Whenever Jesus was tempted or looking for clarity, He went to the desert.

I feel like there's more space, metaphorically, because there's space physically.

You identify as a Los Angeles MC, but you're originally from New Jersey.

If you make a reference of something “here today, gone tomorrow,” it really dates your work. I'll get to the set, and the other actors are fully aware of [my] work, and I'm like, OK. © 2020 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved, © 2015 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved, How Tech N9ne Became One Of The Highest Paid People In Hip-Hop. Sometimes I feel in hip-hop, and in music in general, the value of the writing is so underappreciated, and in movies and TV, everyone knows that it all starts with the writing. Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it. The results are fact checked and confirmed by a team of editors and industry insiders. He was raised in New Jersey (although he was born in the Bronx, NY) and has been rapping since the late 80's. I heard it a few times and I felt, eh, nobody really knows who this guy is, but sometimes you'll still go with it.

On this album, I had a reference to [serial-killing pig farmer] Robert “Willie” Pickton. Chino XL has also released the albums I Told You So in 2001, Poison Pen in 2006, Something Sacred in 2008 (with Playalitical), and Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary in 2012.

His mother is African-American; his father, with whom he is estranged, is Puerto Rican.

How different has it been being based in L.A.?

The one thing where they intersect, for me, is they both start with literature.

Frequently listed among the top-five hip-hop lyricists of all time. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro.

Everyone sits around and reads a script.

As I get better, I start everything with the end.

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