daily briefing with dana perino today

paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. >> what's that?

according to kayleigh they gave the green light. he is the president in the united states. what are your initial thoughts today? if they deem not then clearly it does not go forward. i agree larry, i don't know that this will move the race much.

>> that attack put pence on the defensive saying that a biden a administration would not have done anything differently. in october, if you're over 70 years of age f you're overweight. i respect the process, i understand that there has been a conversation as you know several years ago there was a bill introduced, i think was hr 1987 by jamie raskin who is on the oversight committee calling for a bipartisan group of individuals, doctors, scientists, et cetera to evaluate the health of all of.

were you there, we were tested.

things were way more civil last night and then it was in cleveland, but that plexiglass put in place because of covid precautions did not stop the punches from being thrown at all last night. one way or another i doubt that both the debates or even one of them will get blown up. rogue states like iran, north korea, china, russia, that national command authority is absolutely intact, our nuclear forces which he leads are always on alert to defend the nation. the focus is on the economy, donald trump has a 3 or 4 point advantage. and when it comes to prescriptions, in 2019 human's medicare advantage prescription drug plan members saved an estimated 7,800 dollars on average on their prescription costs. >> jon: the president saying he will not meet joe biden in the virtual debate, what is the signal that sends to voters? yet the president managed to dodge them. two-thirds say that they believe the american dream is accessible for them. >> dana: donna brazil we were in cleveland together, the cleveland clinic, statement is a little strange, i'm not sure how the protocols work for the campaigns. 32 days from an election, president trump has tested positive for the coronavirus. and through pandemics, and depressions, wars that split a nation, and fractured the world. >> jon: peter doocy. now in question leaving the afghan government vulnerable and confused.

up next we check in with a the biden campaign and what could this mean for the showdown over the supreme court?

that's a key issue here.

though i think there is a necessary part of it, there needs to be some sort of neutral observer or some one to verify that both candidates aren't using teleprompters or notes or things like that, where republicans have accused biden. one of the senators with whom she met says that he has tested, positive, sorry to mix it up. we've been tracking this and tracking this, virtually everyone has made up their minds.

no matter where you are or what you're doing. corey lewandowski awaiting results as we speak, he was with the president on wednesday. Sean Hannity joins Dana Perino to preview tonight’s results. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. virtual fundraiser and mobilization event no longer listed, that mobilization event was notable. >> martha: thank you, dana. Daily Briefing With just weeks to go until election day, Judge Amy Coney Barrett made her case for serving on our nation’s highest court today. i think they're going to be debates, if the president is recovered enough to do that.

if you have not figured it out, the street answer is they will pack the supreme court if they do not win the election. >> if the doctors tell us that we should take it, i will be the first in line to take it.

president trump supreme court nominee tested positive for coronavirus -- negative, negative, for coronavirus this morning.

i think what kamala harris is saying is what a lot of american people are thinking. moving on to the world health organization the president is withdrawing the united states from the w.h.o. those are the headlines.

his success is our success and the country's success.

this all unfolded this morning as we waited for the unemployment report, the last one before the election.

that is so false! if donald trump has to postpone or they lose the debates because he's ill, he's going to be in real trouble from an electoral, basis. we have never had a debate that close to an election. hurricane delta taking aim at the gulf coast with most of louisiana and its likely path. everything continuing to move in the right direction.

apps except work.rywhere... why is that? well, start here with me, karen. it's hard to see him passing one up. if you have medicare you may be able to get more benefits without paying more through a medicare advantage plan. loans can close in as little as 30 days. based on audio recordings of the groups meetings and encrypted messages that they sent to that were obtained by the fbi, the suspects planned to kidnap her at her vacation home. rich has been tracking what the rest of the world is saying about that. she fell ill, had to be isolated.

so i would not put it past him. they both tested negative this morning, he's going to continue on the campaign trail. >> now they are not following the science, they are saying we are going to go virtual, biden did not ask for that, the, president did not ask for that. you have the upper hands! do you have an opinion on what the commission on presidential debates should do?

we will have to see. if he's not feeling that great and he doesn't want to be on video, it depends.

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