danish oil on birch

I learned the technique about 30 years ago in a class from a woodworker (can’t remember his name) I took in San Diego. There are no industry standards on the ingredients and formulations for so-called “Danish Oil.” Danish Oil is geschikt voor alle houtsoorten. Other types of oil, varnish, and thinner may be used with comercially produced Danish oil, but the ingredients I listed above are what I’ve found to be the most common, while researching many different methods of creating your own Danish oil.

So feel free to shop around. Danish oil will re-disolve the binder and you'll be taking what little color you managed to get to stick on the stock off with your rubbing pad. Alleen voor eventuele feedback.

or Try Generals Endurovar water bourne finish if you want to spray . Now take a rag and wipe the oil off the wood. It should feel completely dry to the touch, and rubbing it with your finger should not leave a smear. I used walnut Danish oil on my BB workbench top just because I didn't like the Danish oil for the project I had bought it for. Van oudsher is Danish oil een mix van olie, om het hout te impregneren en een hars om een glans achter te laten op het hout. I want to seal it with something that won’t add/change the color of it. To avoid changing the color of the wood, you want to avoid oil-based finishes altogether. U kunt maximaal 3 producten vergelijken. Give this coat another hour or 2 to really dry. That means it shouldn’t be put on painted wood, or wood that is sealed with a varnish, lacquer, or poly finish.

Verbeterde Deense olie, Danish oil. With the lack of time, space, and proper tools, he always finds ways to get great results without over-complicating or over-thinking the process. Hi Cristy – I would suggest not using any harsh, all-purpose cleaners.   You cannot paste images directly. The varnish component can be an exterior varnish, or polyurethane. Very bad idea ! Any old cheap brush will work.

If you use turpentine, get the kind that is made from pine. Related:Basic Wood Finishes ExplainedHow To Apply Wipe On PolyurethaneShould You Wax That?Beginning Woodworking?

Test de olie eerst op een proefstuk voor gebruik op het daadwerkelijke oppervlak. Use a dye if you must color the table, then a wiping varnish like General Finishes Arm-r-Seal . Just stained butcher block with Danish oil for a laundry room countertop. . WARNING – PROPERLY DISCARD YOUR OIL RAGS.

Of course, I sanded it down to 220 grit, and then used Tack Cloth to remove dust. On large surfaces and plywood there are so many better choices. Once all the sanding dust is removed, you can apply the finish. I use only this type of finish technique for all jewelry boxes and even applied it to a antique dresser that I still own. Danish Oil is een houtolie gemaakt van meerdere speciale ingrediënten, waaronder tung olie. I then used a pleasant smelling paste wax like Briwax. Related: Basic Overview Of Finishing Types. Would not use Danish oil at all (garbage finish).

It doesn't look anything like walnut obviously. Gemiddeld kan na 3 uur een nieuwe laag worden aangebracht. Basically you’re buffing the finish while removing excess, and you’re left only with oil that has fully penetrated the wood. If it is a good idea, great, but if it is not, why is that? Keep watching and applying more as needed for 10 minutes or so. Op dit moment hebben veel van onze leveranciers een lagere bezetting en productie. This adds more moisture protection, as well as some wear and chemical protection. It's very bronze. It would take a very powerful sprayer to atomize Danish Oil. Lees voor gebruik de instructies op de verpakking. If you don’t need quite the protection, use 1/2 oil, 1/4 thinner, and 1/4 poly.

* Het email adres wordt niet getoond! It comes in two shades, medium and dark, but on birch I don’t think you will notice much difference if you follow the instructions. They provide some protection as well as a rich, beautiful appearance. Great tips Gary, thanks. Ook transparant of kleurloos geeft een andere tint aan het hout. He considers himself a 'Small Shop Woodworker' and practices his hobby in his garage. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to sign up below so I can send you blog post updates, plus some free plans and templates. De volgende lagen onverdund. If you rub with the grain, you’ll pull the slurry out of the pores. Then it’s ready for use. The thinner makes it easy to apply, and helps the finish soak into the wood better, as opposed to a film finish that sits on top of the wood. I was just looking for advice/suggestions on what to finish baltic birch shop cabinets and tool stands in. Maar ook met alleen Danish Oil is het hout mooi afgewerkt! This is still more protective than a straight oil finish, but really produces a rich, deep, natural look because the dominant ingredient is the oil. Dan heeft u de mooiste glans, het gladste oppervlak en zal uw object (binnen of buiten) er lang goed uitzien. I suppose you could spray it on, but you'd still have to wipe all the excess off after waiting for it to soak in to the wood. Then let the oil sit and continue soaking for another 20 minutes. I will not spray the oil.

Note: Watco Danish oil, a popular brand, contains RAW LINSEED OIL not boiled linseed oil. . If you need extra wear and tear protection, use 1/2 poly, 1/4 oil, and 1/4 thinner. God has blessed him with a beautiful family, as well as a passion for teaching others about woodworking. WOOD SHOP ESSENTIALS Table Saw Sled Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence Thin-Rip Push Stick Drill Press Caddy Benchtop Mortising Jig Tapering Sled And more…. Simply put, think of the spray gun as a pan filled with stain. Display as a link instead, ×

After the second coat has been applied like this, let it dry overnight, possibly a day or 2. And often a single slurry coat or 2 is not enough, so using different grits sounds like a great time saver.

Its fairly grippy so the work doesn't slide around too easily & glue drips pop right off. Met Danish Oil wordt een mix bedoeld van verschillende ingrediënten die van fabrikant tot fabrikant kan verschillen.. Onze verre voorvaderen gebruikten voornamelijk lijnolie om hun houten werkstukken mee af te werken waarbij het doel vooral het beschermen tegen houtrot was. If this is an out feed/assembly area type bench I would consider putting a clear finish as Eric mentioned and then a coat or two of paste wax. I’ll try your method out, I too have little patience when it comes to finishing. Wanneer de olie droog is, is het hard en duurzaam, en is het overschilderbaar. I don’t care for the amber/orange/gold tones that some finish products add to wood.

On small solid wood pieces it's a quick easy finish. For the second coat, to really flatten the surface and leave a super-professional look, apply a slurry coat.

You don’t want any shiny, sticky oil left on the surface. Hello, I want to use a butcher block counter for a sewing table top.   Your previous content has been restored. Houd de website in de gaten voor de beschikbaarheid.

Upload or insert images from URL. This thinner can be mineral spirits (paint thinner), or turpentine. The more poly you add, the less it will look like an oil finish, and more like a poly finish which doesn’t quite look like natural wood. Paste as plain text instead, ×

January 10, 2017 in Finishing. My last steps are to finish the carcass and top of the workstation, trim with a white hardwood (poplar most likely) and build some drawers. On large surface areas I will spray the stain and work with a pad. What should I use to clean the counter?

Danish oil is a popular wood finish, and it’s basically a mixture of an oil, a varnish, and a thinner. By If you wanted walnut color you should have used walnut ply. I just like finishing everything and making it nice even if I will drive several chisels and such into it... A workbench top is one place where an oil finish is a good choice.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. While the Danish Oil wiki page claims that most variations use polymerized linseed oil, and lack a thinner, everything I found online about making your own is a bit different, which I’ll lay out here.

But don’t build up much more than that, if any. Doordat de olie diep in het hout trekt beschermt het het hout erg goed. Or, if you just want additional protection on top of the regular Danish oil finish, you can add a layer or 2 of wipe on poly after the oil has completely dried (give it a few days to a week first). It looks Beautiful. Hierdoor is Danish Oil zowel voor binnen als buiten te gebruiken.

This slurry fills in the grain and the open pores, flattening the surface.

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