divinity 2 vault

(you can learn that by talking to a rat if you have Pet Pal), There is another statue that will teleport you to the Hall of Echoes, where you will learn. At first it will just be illusions, but eventually the real one will appear. Ito me it also gets highlighted along other books/items. Speak to Paladin DeSelby about Lord Kemm.

Head forward into the Madman's Enclave where you will be ambushed by Trompdoy once again, only harder this time. You can tell which is real because he won't turn blue after getting hit. I cannot find her anywhere, dead or alive, and the Mercy is Power quest is still active. Will you uncover them? If you pass her speech check, the kids and the trolls will remain.

You can complete the quest by smashing Trompdoy's Soul Jar.

Divinity: Original Sin 2. Left across the invisible bridge you will get in a fight. A CONNNONNNDRUMMM.... AAA WHOTS'IT YOU'LL HAVE TO SOLVE".

Once he's is dead loot his corpse to find the, Head into the treasure room where you can find a, Gratiana's Soul Jar is here as well, and you will update the quest. The next area is a large fight against Trompdoy.
Use the lever to reveal the hatch to Kemm's vault. If you sold the painting "Second Passion of Lucian" and are unable to retrieve it, you can use the replica in the Cathedral instead to open the secret chamber in Kemm's vault.

The correct answers are 1, then 2. i can't wait to be done with this game it started off so amazing and just progressively became one of the worst i've ever played.

The quest is found in the Fort Joy region. Kill the illusions and continue exploring until you reach a room with a statue. The Dragon Knight can enter the vault after solving a puzzle in the Champion Academy to unlock the door.

19,400 Exploration XP for entering Kemm's mansion.
Now interact with a book in the right bookshelf, as shown in the picture below, to open the wall door.

Head inside, and you will find several automatons patrolling around. As you enter inside the mansion itself, you will gain 19,400 Exploration XP. If he is alive, speak to him and the quests will advance in the same way as above, with one difference - you will be rewarded with a choice of Divine-quality loot at the end. This could be a helpful tip for players looking to earn more experience by triggering a large confrontation with all of the paladins in the barracks, but who also want to collect the shield.

Find the Unusual Painting in the Thieves Guild, located in the sewers. ... You need spirit vision for all three vaults and two silver levers as well for the other 2.

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