elddis avante problems

All connections are made on the offside, so there’ll be no untidy hook-up cable trail or services emptying into the awning. Indeed it is a design fault as the fridge door opens against the end of the o/s bench end panel and the door needs to open passed 90 degrees. as I've only met people who have serious  problems with their recent Elddis 'vans. Hi, looking for some advice. Well that is what this page is about to explore and find out about this company. Visited the retailer today and they were questioning If the service engineer is fully qualified . Join us inside... Be wowed by the spacious, flexible and family-friendly 2017 Elddis Avanté 866, a twin-axle caravan that's... Can Elddis meet the demands of modern caravan families? Called dealer and told them.

The bedroom’s two windows have curtains that run on a metal rail, and there’s a rooflight for further illumination. I can only agree with richard perrins, though I conceade that other makes are not a lot better.

All rights reserved. The Avtex bracket-mounted TV/DVD player is generous in a van with this price. Hobby caravan for those weekend get-a-ways.

Clear editor.

Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Richard Newton Always pay at least £100 or more deposit on a credit card for any major purchase.

I bought a new Avante 840 Caravan in March 2017, 8’ wide and exactly what we were after.

The all-LED lighting impresses, especially the bright, indirect illumination above the lockers. In the nineties Elddis caravans introduced to the market to the XL and GTS models followed by the Avante models in two thousand. You will notice that the best manufacturers who become leaders in the market take huge risks in order to win big and this is how it has been for Elddis caravans.   You cannot paste images directly. As it is you will have to take the caravan to them and probably have to pay them to do their own damp check before they consider doing any warranty work. With 8ft of width to exploit, the lounge also feels very inviting. This reduces paths for water ingress and weight by up to 40kg leaving you more flexibility to take the kit you need.

× Display as a link instead, × It is during this time and as two thousand came around that the lightweight Avante range hit the market by storm. The decent amount of work surface can be boosted via the tip-up flap at the end of the kitchen unit – add the lowered cooker lid for even more. This can be sorted easily so not sure why the dealer has not done so. © Copyright 2019. doing this would allow Elbbis caravans to dominate the market because no other caravan manufacturer at the time had this amount of specifications. Entering the washroom through the domestic-style door, you’re greeted with a spacious shower cubicle on the nearside, with a bi-fold door. 90% so not far off running water. Some will miss having a sunroof, but a large Heki rooflight and spacious roof lockers are adequate compensation. Look back over the past few months of water ingress on the forum and you will find it's mainly Germany van, so don't get to cocky. This season's most fashionable floorplan in an 8ft-wide caravan – the perfect combination? They have done this due to breakdowns in manufacturing techniques which caused them some grief.

Of course this kind of innovation does not come cheap but regardless of this the Elddis caravans are well priced and hard to beat when it comes to specifications that are added in. ''SOLID warranty of 10 years did not cover the front or rear panels''. Pelmet electrical unit fell from ceiling within 3 weeks. The worktop is boosted by a wing that extends over the seat and a removable drainer. If the dealer is only 15 minutes away why are you not using them to do the servicing ? The range has had a big make-over and now has a new transverse-bed layout – so... Elddis is launching a new layout for the Avanté 454, comprising a transverse fixed bed and... Be wowed by the spacious, flexible and family-friendly 2017 Elddis Avanté 866, a twin-axle caravan that's... Can Elddis meet the demands of modern caravan families? It looks like Elddis do turn out some perfectly good examples, but every now and then they produce one almighty horror. This was a step into concentrating on the luxury market a bold move at the time. Does the caravan have any sort of finance on it like HP. If there is what are they? Our caravan was from Glossop Caravans. The washroom uses the other 10cm of extra length, but with less benefit than in the kitchen.

We spoke to our independent Started Tuesday at 21:15, By Have you put in writing to the dealer your complaints regarding the damp and the blotches? Wanting an image of the damage so that we have “ a strong  claim “ I’m thinking that they are trying all ways to get out of repairing the dampness. Phone Elddis customer services and state that the front panel water leak is a manufacturing defect and needs a proper investigation. The latest problem is a major issue in that I have damp/ water ingress into the van from the front. He started his business just outside of  Consett, County Durham in the UK where he built handmade caravans to order. Thanks, I have called ‘Which’ . Two people will be challenged to use all the storage space here. This lead to steady growth over time where new models plus new acquisitions were added to the stable and the name Elddis was adopted as the main name for the company. You will notice that the best manufacturers who become leaders in the market take huge risks in order to win big and this is how it has been for Elddis caravans. In the nineteen eighties the caravans had gas lights which were phased out for electric lights. Find out why we use cookies and how to manage your settings. The main draw of the Elddis Avanté 860 is, of course, its rear island bed, designed to allow both occupants to visit the washroom in the night without having to disturb each other. Started Yesterday at 10:01, By We have an Elddis 840 which we bought in July 2018 . There are other Elddis dealers not quite as far away but the time saved in travelling would not be enough to use them. The stainless-steel sink is a generous 390mm in diameter.

Shows the level of their customer service. The toilet damp would not normally be flagged up - only above 20% to be monitored. Full-length front flaps provide easy access. but to date all is well. Elddis avante 524 Przyczepa Elddis Avante 4 osobowa z duzym namiotem. Whether this is honoured is another thing of course, so do your due diligence. Have been rectified and no further issue, 6 - 8. Join us inside the new Elddis Avanté 860 to see if it's a hit. Daylight streams in through no fewer than seven windows, including a front skylight and rooflight. After this came the next step which was the beginning of a partnership with Henkel adhesives in 2012. Were any of these issues reported in writing to the dealer? Equally the couple of niggles we did have were all sorted out by our excellent supplying dealer. Trim peeling off from kitchen unit. 7. Other innervation's followed like the sandwich construction technique  and cabinet and counter top veneers. There are two plug sockets well placed by the kitchen work top.

The exterior is smart and shapely. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It still went to the dealer for servicing and warranty work with a 3 hour round trip to take it and the same to collect it. As Leonardo da Vinci once said: 'If you find from your own experience that something is a fact & it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority & base your reasoning on your own findings' ie: use your common sense! We only had one issue since the caravan was new - an internal panel became unstuck on our first journey,

Larger items will find good homes in the lounge seat boxes or in the gaping space under the island bed, which can also be accessed from outside the van.

As a result of resistance to change is probably the reason that their caravans have so many problems. 2 replies; 130 views; KnausCol; Wednesday at 12:00; 2017 ... Elddis 840 - Damp problems By sjmayley, April 28, 2019. The next thing to happen was in the nineties when size and specification became important to the future of the company. A lot of them minor, but some are bigger issues. 1 - 4. https://www.yourdreamrv.com, RV Tires Is There Any Difference From other Tires. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Perhaps I’m in the minority then..., but believe me if I had cause to moan then I would so am no more tolerant than the next man. The short single beds are a disadvantage, but the Avanté’s spacious storage in roof lockers, wardrobe and the dresser unit make up for this. Up front, the parallel seats can be used as 6ft 2in-long single beds, or a 6ft 11in x 4ft 8in double.

Any damp around the toilet access cover on the wall either side? With a 159kg user payload to distribute, the Elddis Avanté 860 offers a wide range of locations in which to deploy it. State in the letter that you expect the repairs to be carried out within a reasonable time and by reasonable I think a month would be more then ample. Another course of action for advice is to join Which Legal Services and they will supply you with the correct advice for consumer issues.   Your previous content has been restored. Full-width midships washrooms are such a wonderful thing, it’s surprising that no-one thought of bringing them to caravans before now. There are less screws and bolts being used which reduce the caravans over all weight so it can be towed by a medium sized two litre car. 2018 Volvo XC60  D4 AWD + Penshurst Premier Plus (AKA Elddis Affinity 550). Caravan (obviously), family, relaxing, and am an avid petrol head!! You can post now and register later. 1. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. An 860 model has been introduced in two of EHG UK’s mid-market ranges this season, including the Elddis Avanté, on test here. But like everything it is not always perfect and leaks do happen due to pressure on staff to create as many caravans as possible in a day. Water ingress and damp through front rail and window causing internal damage after 1 year old. The microwave is fitted over the dresser at eye level. Rectified. Deployed for sleeping, the bed measures 1.9 x 1.35m (6ft 3in x 4ft 5in). The 1st replacement cracked similar to the original. Like other beds of its type on the market, the 860’s island bed is retractable, to enable daytime access to the wardrobe or corner vanity unit on the rear wall. Restore formatting, ×

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