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When they spread their beautiful train and again quiver it back to position, they do it for attracting the peahens for courtship. Shailja is one of those who is lucky to have turned her passion into her profession. Peacock was declared national bird of India in the year 1963.

They are blessed with hypnotic appearance.

The sight of peacock dancing is simply mesmerizing. They do not build nests. Thanks for reading. Peacocks are the largest flying birds on earth. This can be done through leucism and it is due to a genetic mutation which causes their pigment to lose. The average time through which they live is around 15-20 years. The Peacock is popular for its spectacular beauty. Some peacocks are white in colour. By knowing these words, it is easier to describe them properly.

The peacock … They look their best when they spread their feathers to dance and make merry during the rainy season. _taboola.push({ Where there is a will there is a way essay. (4) This beautiful bird is also a significant part of Indian History. They do this in order to keep predators at bay. Its long feathers are used to make many beautiful and decorative things. It is also said that as a result of a curse, Lord Indra was transformed into a peacock with thousand eyes. The colourful and bright feathers that add to the beauty of peacock also serve as an item to beautify various things and places. Many prominent kings and leaders in the past have shown their fondness for this beautiful creature.

Mostly, they remain on a tall tree’s outer branches to avoid predators.

Peacock has been associated with various Indian Gods and Goddesses.

They don’t start growing them unless they reach the age of 3. Peacock is a bird of national importance for the Indians. The length of a peacock, from their beak to the end of their train is 195-225 cm.

Peacock loves to live in the forest or some other dense places like on a compact tree. It is common to see peacocks run away and hide in bushes at the sight of people. The feathers are also a vital part of the huge upper tail.

Both Indian and Green peacock look extremely beautiful whereas the Congo peacock appears rather dull. Peacock is a huge bird that is of utmost importance in countries like India. It is the national bird of India.

Many prominent kings and leaders in the past have shown their fondness for this beautiful creature.

Here are the physical features of peacock that distinguish it from other birds: Peacocks are said to be quite shy in nature. They shy away from the humans and are scared of animals. A group of peafowl is either called a bevy or ‘ostentation or ‘muster’ or even a ‘party’ of peafowl.

These peacocks have a white coloured body and white feathers. It is loved for its blue and green coloured body, its turquoise, green, blue and brown coloured feathers and its beautiful crest. Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on earth. Its length from either the tip of the beak to an end of the platform is also 195 to 225 centimeters. Green Peacock: They are also known as Javanese Peacock. It has rightly been chosen as the national bird of our country. Peacock finds many references in the Indian history. As already mentioned above, a peacock is extremely popular for its striking display of features. If you have to choose the most remarkable feature of a peacock, you can’t choose anything apart from its beautiful tail. The absence of bright-colored trains and blue color makes them distinguishable from the other two species. As he can adapt to any weather conditions, he can live in hot desert areas and also in cold regions. However, they’re not too fast on foot. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; It is the national bird of India. The tail is so big that it is named a ‘train’. It is having a long neck, beautiful feathers blue in color, and proud of its tail. When a peacock dances, it spreads its wings out like a fan. Peahens are female, extremely plain looking, unlike the peacocks that look splendid. Once they are of 6months age, the males start changing color. Peacock is known worldwide for its mesmerizing beauty.

The ancient Indian and Sri Lankan literature has a mention of the same. Essay on Peacock – National Bird of India The term peacock is used as an umbrella to term all birds that come under peafowl. Together, a peacock and a peahen are called peafowl. In a flock, there is one male and few females known as “Peahens” and a few adults. Peacocks are very shy as they avoid people and try to hide in the bushes. A post graduate in English Literature, writing comes naturally to her and she is doing what she does best - writing and editing. It is a kind of bird and upon seeing them everyone becomes delightful. The display features start growing from the back portion of the bird.

The feathers of the train don’t have barbs to hold them and hence they’re fitted loosely. Peacock is a bird that carries huge national importance in India.

Peacock is also a significant part of Indian history. Though mainly found in the Asian countries, peacocks are popular for their beauty worldwide. Your email address will not be published. People hang peacock feathers at home to bring in good luck and prosperity.

As the peachicks look exactly similar to their mother, it is hard to determine their sex while they’re born.

They look for a place with water body nearby. Peacocks shed the feathers of their train every year post mating season. Its use it quite popular in Vastu Shastra. They open up their vibrant and colourful plumes and look their best as they dance during the monsoon season. Hunting was a popular activity during the earlier times and the kings indulged in the same quite often. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});