eternal love episode recap

I have to say watching him woo her again, with his present-day duds and no smooth moves had me giddy with joy. She goes to the bathing pond at the same time as Yuan Zhen and let Dijun assumes that she has committed adultery with his own son. The Celestial Tribe is making preparations for it although Dijun seems unperturbed. Lian Song notices Cheng Yu’s interactions with Zhe Yan and gets a little jealous. A phoenix with a demonic essence is in the cave. Ye Hua seeks advice from his third uncle regarding his feelings for Bai Qian.

Ling Xiang tails Feng Jiu to the underground tomb. So, he tells Xuan Nu to go and look for Yan Zhi in the mortal realm and kill her as well.

She tells Xuan Ren that the man she loves is Ye Qing Ti. But Dijun does not care about Feng Jiu’s wish to repay him for saving her life. It is revenge against Li Yuan for killing Li Jing’s mother. Feng Jiu takes the sweet potatoes she roasted, and says, “Even if I have to cut our connections, I’ll always remember how you cared for me these days. He manages to subdue the beasts to get the grass. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 7. Jie Lu gets Yan Chi Wu to try to stop Meng from saving Feng Jiu. Ye Qing Ti rushes into the tomb to protect Feng Jiu. Gu Chou visits Feng Jiu, and tells her that Dong Hua’s shadow appears. But Si Yin gives Xuan Nu’s mother the idea that her senior disciple is a man of status and is a potential suitor for her daughter. Chu Yin takes Feng Jiu’s fur and thinks it’s gorgeous. In a few more words: I have been completely devoted to it, the original soundtrack has been on repeat for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been re-watching my favourite moments on the regular. When the handkerchief comes loose during the fight, Dong Hua saves her from falling and encircles her with a shield to protect her.

Zhe Yan finds his illness to be strange and asks for some time to think over the cure.

But Bai Qian is unsure if she could do it. This causes Princess Zhi He to be jealous.

Si Ming advises Feng Jiu that it is not for her to choose to stop Dijun from suffering.

Xuan Ren drags Feng Jiu away as the tomb collapses.

But he is cold towards her. He could tell then that Feng Jiu is not Aranya. But Xuan Nu has always been envious of Si Yin because of her good looks even while she had known her as Bai Qian. But Feng Jiu falls sleep and the fish ends up burnt. Xuan Nu is defeated. He gets Ye Qing Ti and Feng Jiu to investigate. Xuan Ren presses a button to re-lock the Lingbi Stone. Zhe Yan could feel that the magic powers Nie Chu Yin practices is different from his last confrontation with him. Dong Hua also keeps quiet to avoid alarming Feng Jiu. Nie Chu Yin defeats Feng Jiu. Dong Hua takes the fish with the hairpin, and thinks it’s not bad. But Feng Jiu claims ignorance. Si Yin and her 9th disciple brother plead with their senior to let Li Jing go as he had saved them earlier. Mo Yuan appears distracted especially when the topic of Bai Qian’s marriage is brought up. But he is only pretending. Ye Hua returns to the Celestial Palace to find out that Bai Qian has recovered her memories as Su Su. The Heavenly Lord agrees to her request. Shen Ye is Dong Hua’s shadow’s reincarnation. Su Su ends up unconscious and injured at Peach Tree Woods. On the other hand, Ye Hua feels Bai Qian does not care for A Li enough as he is just like a stepson to her.

This covering will block out intense rays for her when needed. He takes a liking for Si Yin but tells Yan Zhi to continue keeping her as a hostage for the time being. He wants to marry her and quietly brings her back to the celestial realm. Dijun informs Su Ming that he will seclude himself after this and move to the mortal realm to give a chance to Feng Jiu to stay with him.

The heavenly sword points at Chi Wu, and Dong Hua shows up. Ye Hua’s mother tries to convince him to take an amnesia potion to forget Su Su to relieve his heartache but he refuses. A Li keeps insisting that Bai Qian follows him and his father back to Celestial Palace as he sees Bai Qian as his mother. Mo Yuan’s corpse remains preserved in Yan Hua Cave in Qing Qiu. Ye Qing Ti is stabbed when he saves Feng Jiu from Xuan Ying’s attack.

A phoenix beast appears and injures Feng Jiu.

She has a history with Lian Song, the Heavenly Lord’s third son. The combination of their blood purifies all the dark energy and the ward breaks.

The Heavenly Lord is angry over the ruckus.

Lian Song says that the cake brought his lips and teeth the taste of sorrowless flower’s fragrance with the sweetness of Zijin honeydew. Kdrama Jen: I am a fan of shirtless scenes and cuddles, so bring it on!

Bai Qian is not impressed when she learns what Feng Jiu has done. An auspicious sign appears in the sky.

Ye Hua also announces that he will take Su Su as his consort. Chu Wan also tries to get close to Xuan Ren but elicits little response from him. Dijun asks Mo Yuan to be summoned to seal up the bell but changes his mind and asks for Bai Qian instead as Qing Qiu to nearer to Ruoshui Riverbank. But Li Jing knows it is not his place to meddle into their affairs. Feng Jiu learns that Ye Hua has another woman when he is supposed to be married to her aunt. Zhi He cries and asks Dong Hua to show mercy. He uses half of his cultivation and the cauldron to create the elixir for Yan Zhi. Feng Jiu manages to defeat the formation. When senior disciple, Die Feng, finds out about Li Jing’s presence in Kunlun Mountain, he fights him off.

Li Jing catches a glimpse of Si Yin at the market but lost sight of her in a blink of an eye. Dong Hua retrieves it back and puts her on top of an incense burner back at his palace.

Dong Hua helps Feng Jiu to bandage her paw and develops a soft spot for her as a fox.

Dong Hua is preparing to sacrifice himself to defeat Miao Luo.

Bai Zhen tells Zhe Yan that Feng Jiu rejected many men, and the elders are angry. Chun Yin summons Miao Luo and tells her that he wants to serve her. The Empress Dowager is still wary of Feng Jiu as her background remains vague. Feng Jiu picks Mu Yun to be her personal maid.

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