f136 engine reliability

Note that the engine nozzle is common to both the F135 and F136 engines, as part of their designed interchangeability. It’s underrated, inexpensive, and reliably built. The letter goes beyond simple support for the F136, and proposes a new agreement for both engines – while revealing that GE/RR is willing to offer a fixed price deal for remaining F136 development and production: “The shortsightedness of the budgetary requests by the DOD fail to recognize the long-term benefits and cost savings that are widely projected with the development of a competitive propulsion system… It would be prudent for the DOD to revisit the current contract for the JSF propulsion system to address questions of operational risk, cost savings, responsible government action, and relations with key allies… Unlike other recent attempts to renegotiate defense contracts, it is proposed that a new agreement be settled to develop and then fund engines for the JSF by both Pratt and Whitney and the General Electric/Rolls-Royce team…”. Comments by key committee members reveal a growing skepticism bordering on hostility, noting that the USAF hasn’t contracted for the 30 fighters approved last year, calling the program’s progress “disturbing,” and even going so far as to say that the committee considered cutting off funds altogether. Reuters. Rolls Royce release. Senate Appropriation Committee says Pentagon should reconsider the F136’s termination, Pentagon unwilling to do so; Background improved; Article reorganized & reformatted; Additional Readings sections updated and upgraded.

Ask yourself all these questions before jumping into a complicated swap job! Be careful and do your homework. It includes a section covering the F135 engine, and it’s clear that the members aren’t happy: “F135 Engine. The release also reminds readers that Pratt & Whitney’s F135 contract is reimbursed as “cost plus” an agreed percentage, while citing House Armed Service Committee figures that place F135 development $1.9 billion over plan since 2002, with a 47% rise in per-engine costs. Plan on spending weekend and a few hundred dollars to pull the engine, take it apart, and have a look at what’s inside. The other $800 million was down to Pratt’s performance – “That’s 10% on execution, not a 50% gross overrun,” he argued.”. See Feb 25/10 and Feb 16/10 entries, below, for the debate about that analysis. The SAC-D report called the F136 a “near model program,” and we have offered a unique fixed-price offer for early production engines which shifts the risk for early production to the contractors.”. Damaged components included the integrally bladed rotors of the 1st and 2nd fan stages, and the compressor. GovTrack on H.Amdt.16 | THOMAS covers the floor debate that begins with the amendment | Rep. Rooney statement | Bloomberg | libertarian Cato Institute | DoD Buzz | The Hill | Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Sky Talk | Washington Post || Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-OH] reaction. He’ll be joined by House Appropriation Committee chair Jack Murtha [D-PA], whose amendment stripped F-22 funding from the final House defense bill: “Inouye’s refusal to back down from his support of a two-engine program is noteworthy, given that he relented in his support of the F-22 fighter jet under circumstances similar to those at play on the F-35 engines.”. The approach covers initial F136 engine production, beginning with the F136 second production lot, shifting significant cost risk from taxpayers to the Fighter Engine Team until head-to-head competition begins between the F136 and the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine in 2013… The financial risk for early production engine lots would be shared between the government (which manages the engine configuration) and the GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team (which is responsible for the engine program execution).

This could cause your engine to come from a state you weren’t prepared to pay shipping from. F-16C Block 50) have GE’s F110 engines; Block x2 F-16s (i.e. And competition has also been demonstrated to motivate contractor responsiveness, technical innovation, and improve engine maintainability, reliability, and durability.”.

Under those circumstances, a spin-off and sale of its fighter engine assets to focus on helicopter and commercial engines would not be unthinkable. That markup has teeth, too. In the cases of the F-15, F-16, and AV-8, none represented a large fraction of the existing fighter force. Rep. Thomas Rooney [R-FL-16] offers an amendment to H.R. In a letter to colleagues, the chairman (Rep. Robert Andrews, D-NJ) and and ranking member (Rep. Michael Conaway R-TX) of the House Armed Services Committee’s defense acquisition reform panel urge their fellow members of the House Appropriations Committee to fund the F136 engine. Since that time, the F135 engine has experienced numerous problems, including the failure of an oil flow management valve and a pre-take-off fire in the past few weeks, both of which grounded the entire fleet of over 100 aircraft. A vintage example is the perfect pairing for a 22RE. Congress re-inserted funding, and F136 development has continued on schedule. Aviation Week (June 1/10) – The Great Engine Misinformation War [dead link]. A subsequent Sept 18/09 report from Military.com questions subsequent characterizations of the problems as minor: “The investigation found that a worn bushing is the “potential cause, which tells us this issue can be addressed with little or no impact on cost or schedule.” But a congressional aide, told of Pratt’s comments, dismissed them, saying that… a Sept. 14 Pentagon fact sheet about the incident says that the engine damage was “significant.”… [The] aide also noted that this is the third failure the F135 has experienced, adding that caution is warranted given that significant problems with the F100 engine that powers most F-15s and F-16s “didn’t really show themselves until two years after initial operational capability.” The OSD document says that “an approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inch piece separated from a blade on Rotor 1 of the fan. Some of you might not consider this to be an upgrade from a Stanza. Buying used motors should be no different. Aug 3/09: Aviation Week DTI reports that the F-35’s Joint Project Office raised its estimate total program costs, because Pratt & Whitney is not achieving the projected learning curve for F135 engine production. The builder says “getting sideways in third or fourth gear is no problem” – we’re not surprised. When you shop for a vehicle, do you purchase the first one you see or do you research pricing first? The same methodology that Pratt & Whitney and the U.S. Government used to achieve a 30 percent cost reduction on the F119 engine is being employed on the F135 engine.”. Simply take that baby out, build it to your heart’s desire, and swap it into any project where engine bay space is on short supply. Unlike last year’s offer, this one includes lower fixed prices in 2013 and 2014 as well, and assumes the entire risk of cost overruns rather than sharing overages under a set formula as is common. The House Defense Appropriations subcommittee approves its version of the FY 2011 defense budget, and votes 11-5 to spend $450 million on the F136 fighter engine. On the other hand, as part of the F-35 development replan (vid. The secretary should follow current law and not pre-empt the congressional deliberation process by yanking funding after a single amendment vote… canceling the engine competition and awarding a sole-source, never-competed contract constitutes the largest earmark in the history of the Department of Defense… The Department’s decision is especially troubling when you consider their preferred engine has experienced development delays and a cost to complete increase of 445 percent over the last three years.”. Engine #008 was shut down in a controlled manner. Dec 10/09: F136 delay & funding. Smart cars, MGs, Minis, Miatas – every small car in the world would be a lot crazier with a redline of 15,000 RPM. Replacement engines, transmissions and other heavy duty partsare cheaper than entirely new vehicles.

Rick Kennedy, GE spokesman, in an email to DoD Buzz: “He claimed the F136 engine program would cost $3 billion to complete – a figure already discredited by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Sept 23/10: UK. Flight testing is scheduled to begin late in 2012. defpro | q.v. April 23/09: Politics. Even if you do a total rebuild at great expense, some used engines have inherent weaknesses or parts are hard to come by. White House | Cincinnati Business Courier. In fact, DoD has experimented with producing the exact same engine (F404) from two different manufacturers (GE, P&W) and found that there was no saving. 5) Verify the mileage through a CarFax report. Cost risk: One obvious consequence of a single-engine program would be a major win for United Technologies, as it would be the engine supplier for the backbone of the US tactical fighter fleet and a potential export star. Readers may note that while Gates’ rationale revolves around immediate costs, it does not address the issues of long-term costs, fleet readiness, and allied participation that have been raised elsewhere. In early December 2010, GE ran a complete propulsion system for the first time with the common hardware for F-35B STOVL operatio, including the Rolls-Royce LiftFan. Nearly 200 horsepower, or over three times stock, in a car that weighs about 1500 pounds. GE could still exit the fighter engine business, but it won’t happen soon.

This includes an $800 million contract cost overrun in 2008. With over 370,000 produced, a Fiero today can be a great platform for one of those shitty Ferrari kits or better yet, a 3800 V6 swap.

Verdict as of 2014: Hasn’t happened yet.

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