fashion nova sizing reddit

So be careful! I don't know if I'm way behind but I just recently bought a matching set (skirt, top) from Fashion Nova and I just felt I needed to make a PSA: it is sooooo cheap, you really get what you pay for. They're really good for curvy frames (see models- they usually have enhanced hour glass figures). I would fit into a size 7 for one pair but be okay in a size 5 in another... some pairs I was a size 9 too. Do you carry Plus Sizes? They were a little more than I wanted to spend on this site at $40 (about $50 CAD) which is the most expensive thing I ordered. Odd numbers are juniors sizes which tend to fit a little smaller, in my experience. I had my eye on this hoodie and pant combo. I’m thinking down to 7 because they’re stretchy? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Safiya Nygaard's video where she wore Fashion Nova outfits for a week. The thing that makes them so figure friendly is that they're mostly spandex, while higher quality pants are stiffer because they contain less spandex. I feel bad for people when I see these bad reviews, I really love my item. Do you shop anywhere else that's comparable? I mostly picked up cheap jeans but I decided to "splurge" on the jeans that Kylie Jenner was the model for. They came with flaws in the fabric (it seemed to easily come apart between the weave, showing the lighter elastic through) which was paper thin to begin with. Have your experiences ordering from them been good? Heads up: I went to a fashion nova store in person and their jeans are from several different companies/factories so the numerical sizing is VERYYYY different.. Ex.

I am worried that an S may be to small for her, can any provide some insight is the S will be alright?

I actually like zaful. I don't have her measurements so I can't be sure, so I just was wondering if anyone has bought from FN and tried their small, and what their experiences were.

I kept the dress with the intention of trying to fix. -That is true and its annoying. I would suggest watching "Fashion Nova Hauls" on youtube, find a girl that has a similar body type and see what size they order. I bought a bunch of stuff from them, everything was cool but one dress had a hole in the unfortunate area of the boob. In my 10 years with the same CC company I've never been hacked.

Completely American apparel. I’ve ordered from fashion nova before, and I’m quite content with their items, but it does seem like a hit or a miss. I've only ordered once and I ordered an adorable jumpsuit. Is the quality acceptable? I only bought stuff from the clearance section so I didn't feel too bad about the cost. I took a look at the fashion nova site because the stuff looks nice, albeit low quality. I couldn't even donate them they were so bad. Hey ladies. However I use amazon and with their AtoZ guarantee I have filed claims for this situation and gotten my money back. Yes I know they are out of business, but it's really easy to find them on postmark and stuff. I've purchased a lot of things and only didn't like/felt mislead by pictures of one shirt. I measured and went by those to determine size and they were way off in most cases. I was fine with eating the cost of those "jeans" though I was disappointed. about how I didn't like them and they never made it on the website. I will start by saying I am a guy, and shopping for my girlfriend. I have a pretty straight frame and these things fit like a glove. I didn't buy anything from any other website around that time so I'm positive it's from SHELN.

I have a pair of American Apparel riding pants that fit just how I would imagine Fashion Nova jeans fit (super tight, tiny waist, very high waist), but they're not denim and I don't think they're currently selling them. :\. It fits well and is nice material, my only issue is I need to get it hemmed and to put a panel of lace in the front because I'm not about all that cleavage LOL. I’m usually an 8 and since there sizes are odd numbers should I go up to 9 or down to 7. I've watched a couple hauls on Youtube from Fashion Nova and it seems really hit or miss. I may have ordered again since some of the jeans were OK for the cost but knowing that they purposely filter out bad reviews is absolutely shady.

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