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The range of the Professional is between 15 and 36 Stars and you collected exactly 15 Stars, then you're a Professional. In addition, there are more mini quest series activated by dolls, which can then be found in the built-in mini-game. Click "spin" to try your hand at the prizes currently on the wheel, or "refresh & spin" to clear the wheel for a new set of prizes! There are awesome prizes to be won, and if you didn't have a chance to participate in our previous events, now you have an opportunity to compete with your neighbours to claim some of those old event items, as well as brand new Summer items. One spin costs one Doubloon, and results in one prize. When using your next upgade kit, you're presented with the option of transforming your Hanami Bridge in to an Mikawa Bridge or Mikoto Bridge. To upgrade your Hanami bridge, you will need its Upgrade Kit (). The rewards will only be given at the end of the Fall Event. You can collect Ingredients by completing quests in the Fall Event questline. Vítejte na Forge of Empires wiki: Tyto stránky jsou předmětem neustálé práce a vývoje a mají pomoci hráčům poskytnout veškeré dostupné informace o hře, o jejích mechanismech a statistikách. You will also receive some lanterns for logging in every day. És természetesen látogasd meg a többi Forge of Empires témájú oldalt is! The map will then be reset and you will be able to start once more on an epic new voyage.

Vedle toho doporučujeme navštívit i naše fórum, kde najdete spoustu dalších informací a rad od ostatních hráčů - členů komunity. As more players earn more Stars, then the amount will go up. Your citizens all flock to the parks, to witness the joy of Cherry Blossoms blooming! Use this compass to make your way across the map. Once you've completed them, you will receive one additional quest per day, for the remainder of the event. It's up to you!

Each animal that you collect will offer you a different selection of rewards. This goes on until all the prizes in the wheel run out, at which point the wheel is automatically refreshed with a new set of prizes. This means that an element of strategy must be employed! Once you have filled the table with tasty treats, you will win a Grand Prize. Each Grand Prize you receive for your baking skills will increase your experience and will be added to the Baking League. See the full set and info on the set page titled: Harvest Farm Set. How can I participate in the Spring Event?

As mentioned above, The Governor's villa is the new Grand Prize. This page was last edited on 31 March 2020, at 16:53. But how do you navigate the perilous seas, you ask?

The daily quests will stack, so you will probably have a few of them waiting for you when you're done with the initial quests. Depending on how many Grand Prizes you achieved, you will also advance in the League. This also means when you grab a prize, it is gone for everyone! The Governors Villa Upgrade Kit and also the Selection Kits we offered last year will be available on some wheels. You also have the chance to win the Cider Mill, the Mill of Fall and the September Cottage from previous years as well!

This year's main prize is the "Governor's Villa", an upgradable residential building with 9 levels!

That's not all, of course! To board the Wheel of Fortune, click the bar in the top left corner of your screen: Upon opening the event window, you will see the wheel, as well as the buttons to "spin" or "refresh & spin". In order to snag yourself the grand prize, you must set sail on a fantastic voyage! Complete quests in the Fall Event questline to win more ingredients and additional prizes along the way! This page was last edited on 6 September 2020, at 18:37. You can also use Diamonds if you just can't resist waiting for the next spin! A Level 1 Governor's Villa can be found as one of the first rewards of the questline and can then be upgraded using Governor's Villa Upgrade Kit which can be won in the questline and the main event window. Stars will be added to your Grand Prize progress bar, where you can also admire the goods you have already baked. Do you go for the origami animals with the individual rewards you seek, or for the one which progresses you across the pond? Governor's Villa. Sometime later, you will find more than 5% of the whole player base of the same world also reached at least 15 Stars.

Use the Spring Lanterns to guide the Frog across the pond by selecting one of three lily pads to jump to. Give it a whirl and see what rewards it has in store for you! With the exception of the Hobby League, every other league has a certain limit of players. Every rank in the League offers you different rewards in the Spring Event. The higher it is upgraded, the more and better bonuses it delivers. Each completed quest contributes to the counter at the bottom of the quest window, and you will unlock new prizes at 6, 22, 41, 50 & 62 quests! But be aware, other players may want to also get into the higher ranks, but only a certain amount of players can stay there. With the Spring Event of 2020 The Hanami Bridge is the new Grand Prize to win.

From levels 1 to 7, this building provides Happiness, Population, Coins, Medals, Forge Points and Goods. This includes: These Avatars are available during the Summer Event. Foe (Coetzee novel), a 1986 novel by J. foe wiki events Overview. With each jump, you move closer to the coveted Grand Prize: Cross ponds to move up in the League Table. You move up the league for every full pond crossed. You will probably have a few of them stacked when you get to them, as they start stacking up on day one. Starting mid of October, we will have the ever popular Halloween event again this year. Like in our usual chest events, upgrade kits for the main event reward building will not be available in the daily special, so be sure to upgrade it to the max before the event is over. Win upgrade kits to upgrade your Hanami Bridge to a Beautiful garden for your citizens to enjoy'. Once you open the event overview, select one item to bake. The more difficult the bake, the more ingredients a cake needs, resulting in better rewards and more stars awarded for your efforts. The second questline will begin after you have completed some of the first quests. There will be an origami animal sitting on top of each lily pad. At the end of the event, the top players will be rewarded with extra special prizes! Every rank in the League System offers you different rewards in the Fall Event. Much like last year's event, you take part in a baking contest. The most special prizes can be won by just one lucky spinner - these are surrounded by a golden circle.

It was later released for the iPhone and iPad in 2014, as well as Android in 2015. Check out Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 to see details of these! When motivated, the Governor's Villa will also generate Goods of your current age and additional units every day (please keep in mind that this building can be plundered, if not motivated). In order to view your progress in the League, open the League overview in the top left of the event window: Your player portrait will be displayed underneath your current rank along with the amount of Stars you already collected. In the Fall Event, you have a total of 75 quests, which may seem like a lot, however, they are divided into two almost parallel questlines and a daily questline. The 2020 Summer Event is a seasonal event that will run from 28th July 2020 to 17th August 2020. Example: In the Fall Event, you have a total of 75 quests, which may seem like a lot, however, they are divided into two almost parallel questlines and a daily questline. With the Spring Event of 2020 The Hanami Bridge is the new Grand Prize to win. You can earn additional Ingredients from logging in daily, and also have the chance to earn even more Ingredients in your Daily Challenge and from Incidents around your city. This year's main prize is the "Governor's Villa", an upgradable residential building with 9 levels! If you're close to the edge of a league, you may slip down a league if you are not keeping up with your baking! You can get them for solving quests. In addition to some older event items, we of course also have a brand-new reward: The Governor's Villa (an upgradable building with 9 levels as well as some special new summer avatars. The prizes displayed in the wheel are available for every player in your neighbourhood to claim.

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