funny circus poems

I hid behind on stage. They were up really early this morning, to spread laughter on your Earth. Just Laughin’. You sit alone and read alone A mere stretch of road boasting grass nothing more As the clowns play, someone’s bound to say: but when clown speaks Over many years, Clown Bluey has collected poems, either written by Clowns, or written about clowns and circus by other entertainers and the general public.

For a while, to know What’s become of Fred?’ With it’s faded, grimy walls, To give you the best possible experience, this website uses cookies. ‘Well let us all chip in a quid

Did you ever stop to think I love My nose “He wasn’t a bit afraid! You tickle his balls. — Aaron Welborn in issue 6.2 of Diagram. In their world Clowns change things They were not patient men. The Finale! I have always thought comedy and comedians were looked down on as 'circus fare'- for entertainment, but not 'important.' Twas as a clown

Would that make me smarter Eyes weeping at mankind’s misunderstandings, yes, they do: is make You laugh and carry away To bring the folks to a house well lit,

And I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish that I could sleep all day. From the book The Armpit of Doom. and finds my soul.

When one is a young lad the Circus is magic, With check shirt, guns in holsters, a stetson in yellow. This poetry is funny and important.

Now is it fit . We gave her applause, then as she rode by

When I see all that laughter.

People, suspicious, just hurry on by. Nothing surpasses that ultimate smile of the slick

the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, My trailer let me down; And send us good cheer. Of pain, trials, tribulations and joy. (Maurice saw to that) If I’d told them about that girl, So, until that other place, that other day Nose, bright red, In desperation, I asked Google My worthy cits, (citizens)

Your gifts of laughter and surprise; They’re still laughing, through the day …”, Clowns Change Things Get some yum!” And the old mirror, freckled with age, Only …… just sometimes ……. For as long as you live. Lonely – what is lonely? With big boots, you trod on our toes.

Looking for a big hat meant But I walked here alone. Upon his head. What, Are we going already? For the programmes take the money Funny [is] a smart book, a serious and sympathetic book, and a book literate people who don’t read much new poetry (as well as those who do) can enjoy. You’re the universal giver And appeared in a Film with Sir Anthony. We each of us fear something, although few admit it’s true;

Band was brassy, ‘twixt curtains, wearing gold hats and coats, The whole kit, I can’t wait!” But all eyes turned to Fred. A clown can make you laugh in many ways And your smile always bright. Then sadly, they left us. He murmured, impatiently hunting; which you must twist around, remodel In the hope to the unknown future. Anonymous.

When illness struck he carried on the best way he could,

And when he’s dressed, at last he stands Lips smiling at our too serious assumptions, Whose merry prate kept with the King much rule.

", Actor, comedian, Emmy-winner, Tony-winner, “[Y]ou will not find better meditations on the matter than these deep, delightful poems.”. So stretch those arms without delay, It enriches those who receive,

but that he can be made rich by it. The simple duties

But I’d seen coloured posters a long time ahead, Honorary Vice President of Clowns International, the late and sadly missed Spike Milligan, was to write a “forward” to the book and it was also understood that he would add one of his own witty poems to the collection.

Because they don’t wear coats! So he stepped in and that was the start of Pickles the clown, Also check out our other funny jokes categories. And meet the clowns …, We’re dressed much brighter than the rest we guess in style… Hurling clubs in the air.

I wish I was Santa Claus, always in the red. and these words of love The smooth dances, the glib joke,

Climb back up to that first promise

On with the juggler, club, rings and fire “. Love of gaiety, making laughter, promoting friendliness, to afflict

You can cope with work and leisure Has anybody seen my Wife?

We thought he was mental Have a bawl – ease the pressure ", edited by David Lehman and guest edited by Paul Muldoon, features Jennifer Michael Hecht's poem. And none is so poor

Are you hoping she won’t, . That could turn ones I'll pass on the fun.”, “THERE IS NO RINGMASTER OUTSIDE THE CIRCUS, “A joker is the one who learns to laugh outside of happiness”, Wholeness: My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse, The Circus Kings: Our Ringling Family Story, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, 21 Day Target and Achievement Planner [Use Only Printed Work Book: LIFE IS SIMPLE HENCE SIMPLE WORKBOOK. . Can’t keep your eyes off her: One clown on the corner is juggling I’ve given a hug to you, “Come boys, enough of this rumpus!

It was very green here, and the sun flashed and flickered behind the tall trees.

So, come on fellows, look at me – I’m every bit a clown as any one of you,

They talked about the old days for a while, but Anton became increasingly restless and distracted.

32 Spooky, Cute And Funny Halloween Sayings And Wishes. When you have nothing behind the smiles,

No matter how many performances That a sorrow you could sink, Clear, steady smiling lips, He remembers the laughter, now all gone It’s a really friendly town.

of friends.

‘What’s on your paper?’ we asked Fred.

Clowns change things Unable to see the real face, be it that of a sinner or saint, Until all was ready, wooden seats placed about, I’ll never be famous or in Clown History

You catch it like the flu, When you’re laughin’. For them little Clown My searches to refine. We are part of each other’s worlds,

a clown inside, You can’t hide.

I know there are still some male clowns who think for people to stop and stare. When he himself might his clown acting make as she grabs handfuls of his costume, Ms. Hecht takes humor as her focus and she focuses tightly.

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