gaelic girls names

Vevila: Gaelic name meaning “Sweet Lady”. Bard: Gaelic name meaning “Poet” (Baird is the modified and common version). It’s probably originally Greek, but is pretty international in various forms and if anything would be more considered a French name today. Others are commonly encountered Irish versions of well known English names. Cathrine isn’t an Irish name. Vychan: Another variant of “Vincent”. Betrys: Gaelic name meaning “Voyager through life”. Firstly I live on the border in Ireland so I teach in northern Ireland but live in the republic of Ireland and what I’ve found is that the names Shannon, Saoirse and Caitlin are extremely popular kids names. 2. Check it out! Just because a name that maybe a lot of Irish people have, doesn’t mean it’s Irish. Giving your daughter an Irish name is a great way to show pride in your, and her, Irish heritage. 54.

Daimhin: Gaelic name meaning “Little deer”. 82. , TY for such neat info and ideas! Geileis – (GAY-leesh) Old Irish=name Gelgeis: gel “shining, bright” + geis “swan.”Name of several early Irish princesses. Lol My Maiden name’s O’Malley.. Dad Irish but lots of German. 2. Think of all the effort and hard work put into making this website. I dont know anyone else who spells there name in this way. Padraigin: Gaelic name meaning “Noble Birth” (Female versions of Padraig and Patrick).


People these days struggle with spelling Mary for heavens sake.

That’s all i can actually be bothered to correct, so forgive me. 68. One of her miracles was to overcome an army by unleashing her bees on them.

59. I like this list, there are alot more traditional names out there but you’ve collected a nit bunch (especially Bronagh, I’m the only person I know that has this name) Good job.

85. 34. Hieretha: Gaelic name meaning “Holy and upright”. It is also sometimes used for girls whose fathers are called Aidan – the -een ending is a diminutive. The female version of Brian meaning ‘hill’ though often said to be indicative of ‘noble or virtuous’.

Ceri: Gaelic name meaning “Love OR beautiful as a poem”. Heilyn: Gaelic name meaning “Cup bearer”. Here Is The Answer You Never Knew, 100 Old Man Names That Have Survived Many Generations, 90 Best Swahili Names You Would Ever Come Across, Would You Rather Questions to Ask Someone, Best Happy Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes, Funny Best Friend Quotes for Girls and Boys, 130 Good Questions To Ask A Girl You Like If You Want To Make Her Your Girlfriend, 70 Genji Quotes For Serious Fans Of Overwatch, 80 Best Egyptian Names And What They Really Mean, 50 Common Italian Last Names And Their Meanings, 105 Unique Irish Boy Names You Can Consider For New Born, 100 Sweet African Names And Their Meanings, How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – Tricks You Never Knew, 100 Funny Happy Birthday Meme, Images, Pictures, Messages, Words Of Condolence: 100 Comforting Words of Condolence For a Loss, 100+ Deep Personal Questions To Ask A Guy or Boyfriend, 100+ Belated Birthday Wishes For Daughter or Son, 100+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Loved Ones, 100 Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family, 122 Best Truth Or Dare Questions – The Most Challenging, 100 Brilliant Truth or Dare Questions For Kids, 20 Best Happy Anniversary Images, Pictures and Photos, 200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female, 100+ Words of Sympathy – Message for Condolences, 160+ Best I love You So Much Quotes For Him or Her, 300+ Funny Best Friend Quotes For Girls and Boys, 150 Greatest Quotes About Being Happy – Happiness Quotes, 80+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes, Wishes, Messages, 100 Best Happy Anniversary Messages and Wishes, 70 Weird Questions To Ask Siri For Hilarious Response, 70 Funny WiFi Names That Are The Most Clever, 200+ Motivational Teamwork Quotes – Quotes About Teamwork, 100 Best Would You Rather Questions You Can Ever Ask Someone. 53. Hi my name is Aifric,

Cillian: Gaelic name meaning “Associated with the church”.

77. 78. (Fee=oh-na)/(Finn-ew-la) It means god is gracious and is a derivative of joan.


Other Irish girls names you might like: Glenna – from a Gaelic word meaning “glen” or “valley.”Glynis.

This is why we’ve selected 100 Gaelic names with their meanings for your male and female babies reflecting the beauty and cultural heritage of Scotland.

Tamsin: Gaelic name meaning “Female Twin”. This site is not stupid because it didn’t include one name.

108. In Irish it is Cailín which is pronounced colleen and means “girl”.

Elath: Gaelic name related to “Skill or learning”. These are just some of some very common but old irish names. Deaglan: Gaelic name believed to mean “full of goodness” (Declan is a derivative). Can anyone tell me if the Irish prefer Ann or Anne? Luimneach V94 PR9K

Denis and Donnchadh – and vice versa; this has been done for centuries, for simple convenience, phonetic similarity etc. An early Irish name, used for both boys and girls, meaning ‘all good’. Annie is a popular girls name in Ireland, so is Àine. Colleen is an Irish name, your wrong on that one, In Ulster they say Row-sheen, I grew up with a Rosein. 4. Niamh is ‘Knee-yav’ in Munster but in Ulster it’s ‘Kneev’.


Athol: Gaelic name meaning “New Irish land”. In Irish legend Aoife was the second wife of King Lir, and was so jealous of his love for the four children of his first marriage (to her sister) that she lured them to a lakeside and turned them into swans.

nice list of names….

But we’re here to help! Findabair: Gaelic name meaning “Fair portion” (in stories this is often the name of the heroine who is fated to only love once).

Rosmerta: Gaelic name meaning “Supplier of food”. To put in the fáda press Alt Gr and the letter you wish to put the fáda on. 110. 93. Anne is more of an English name, so is Ann and Anna. And when I was in New York on a working visa for a summer in 2001, my workmates used to think it was hillarious the way I pronounced my name, as they all would say “eyhnnee” phonetically, to my “Ahhnne” Maudlin name to give a child one would think! The River Clody flows through Bunclody in Co. Wexford

But I’ve only ever met one Cróna but lots of Bronaghs! 67.

Ahern:  Gaelic name meaning “Lord of the Horses”. It’s not THERE because Caitriona is the Irish version for Catherine. For example in Munster they say ‘Row-sheen’ for Roisin but in Ulster they say ‘Raw-sheen’. Lastly, the reason I came on this site is to try and find my name. 83.

61. Elemar: Gaelic name related to “the word for noble”. Fflur: Gaelic name meaning “Flower”. 107. Heulwen: Gaelic name meaning “Sunshine”. Where’s Anne on this list? Waylon: Gaelic name meaning “Son of a wolf”. 60. In irish it is Caolifhoinn. Judwara: Gaelic name meaning “Ruler or lord”.

Grainne = most well known as a woman in an irish legend (graw-nya) Not church.

I respect you, Yeah not an Irish name so before you start giving out think you’re the one who needs to get your facts straight!

There are lots of Claires in Ireland but it’s not an Irish name.

Berneen: Gaelic name meaning “hardy little bear”. In republic of ireland, where I have lived all my life I have never met a Shannon, Saoirse (meaning free….hense why lots of northern irish people choose the name in my opinion).

26. Aidan comes from the old Irish aed which means ‘fire’ with the -een meaning small, so ‘little fire’. It’s a nice name! Yann: Breton and Cornish form of the name “John”. 1. I want to rename HIM right now with all the morning sickness!

It is not an Irish name. You can give your new baby girl an even more precious link to her heritage by learning something of the Irish language yourself! Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. 122.

Aoife. Other varients of the spelling include Afric(which is mentioned) and Afraic..The actual meaning behind the name is “pleasant”. I like the name Bray for a girl. ( The wife sees this as a problem).

The irish translation is Bre (fada over e) meaning hill. (Kelsey is not an Irish name..). 22.

I read that it meant “rock” too. My mother was born there. One of several variants of Kathleen/Katherine. 32. 100. Also used as the Irish equivalent of Anne.

I’d like to ask a question. Unlike a lot of unique baby names, however, Irish girls’ names are also deeply traditional, calling to mind the centuries of proud Irish women who have born them: warriors, saints, queens — even a pirate! 25. That’s why we’ve included pronunciation, both here and on our Irish Names for Your Baby Main Page. Findabair: Gaelic name meaning “Fair portion” (in stories this is often the name of the heroine who is fated to only love once). They’re unique, which is something a lot of parents look for when naming a baby girl. 21. 8. Is it an Irish name or not? 12. Hayley: Gaelic name meaning “Escape”. There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names. my name is Claire which is Irish and it was not on there. Orchil: Gaelic name meaning “Prayer or dark haired”. I was able to find the right one for the main caracter. Why do americans use this name as an irish girl name if its not even used in ireland? P.S I think people would prefer Anne. And can be traced back to scitland, the isle of man and ireland (mainly Galway). My grandmother and particularly my great grandmother would call us a leanbh (Alana) or a chuisle mo chroí (a chusla ma Cree – meaning my heart beat). 49. There are lots of Caitlins but they are pronounced ‘catch-lyn’ here in ROI. 58. Blaithin: Gaelic name meaning “Flower or blossom”. We’re trying to come up with names for Our 4th Irish Baby.

Also: I understand Kelsey is often related to “Casey” (much as many Gaelic names in common practice are anglicised to others in Ireland,  even if they are not strictly identical – e.g. 64. 90. On this website you’ll find information so that you can discover the full wonders of Scottish female names including: Comprehensive list of names and their meaning; The most popular girls’ names; Help and tips choosing a Scottish baby name

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