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… GR: We’ve really been talking about some of these lesser-known regions in Spain.

Drinking a nice bottle of wine you like shouldn't be so complicated, as long as it's not a Pinot grigio which shouldn't be considered wine at all.This advice comes from Sommelier Grant Reynolds. If you’re getting a good vibe that they seem to know what they’re talking about, I always like to say I want something similar to that but different. Red wine is light or big. It means nothing, but it’s probably the most common word people (parents) cling on to. The book offers plenty of “if you like this, then try this” guidance — and plenty of disdain for poor pinot grigio. When he first opened Parcelle, adjacent to Legacy Records in Hell’s Kitchen, he designed the wineshop to have more of a gallery approach.

In 2013, Jillian announced her separation from Grant. There’s some fairly valid reasons to drink a glass of Burgundy or Bordeaux out of a different glass.

Recipe request: Baked Eggs from Double Shot café in Taupo. Grant Reynolds became more famous after his marriage with Jillian Barberie. They’re lighter in body. I tore through the book. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! • Be able to navigate a wine list and/or store.

We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions. We’re trying to encourage people to think beyond pinot grigio. The wines you drink need to reflect that.” He also notes that whatever you’re drinking on the beach is probably going to be served very cold, and that’s important to keep in mind when making choices. GR: I think people feel like they need to have seven different types of glassware in order to properly enjoy their wines. • Find answers to questions you might be embarrassed to ask, like exactly how is rosé made? You like what you like. GR: We had a really blowout dinner in Paris one night at Tour d’Argent, where you can drink 30-year-old bottles of wine that are actually pretty inexpensive. We want normal people to learn what they like about wine, and break down some of the barriers. All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. Drinking a nice bottle of wine you like shouldn't be so complicated, as long as it's not a  Pinot grigio which shouldn't  be considered wine at all.This advice comes from Sommelier Grant Reynolds. Is there anything great you recommend?”. (Clarkson Potter), New York City sommelier Grant Reynolds is the co-author of the new “How to Drink Wine,” an irreverent, educational guide to the world of pinot, cab and more. What are some words to avoid when describing wine? Anything too nuanced will just disappear with the chill.”. All rights reserved.

Dry is cringeworthy.

But there’s an entertaining new guide that will make it much less so. I just think the wines are interesting and the price points are pretty reasonable. Have you ever wondered what you drank during the summer before there was such a resurgence of rosé? People seem to move the goalposts when they define what natural wine is. Published in May by award-winning sommelier Grant Reynolds (New York’s Charlie Bird and other restaurants) and The Infatuation co-founder Chris Stang, “How to Drink Wine: The Easiest Way to Learn What You Like” (Clarkson Potter, $17) demystifies how to taste wine — just pay attention to three things, they say — and how to pair it with your life, not your dish.

If you get purple lips, you simply need a glass of water, my friend. “We don’t have 35 types of rosé. For me that’s a nice $24 bottle of Gamay (light, refreshing) to have on the couch at home.

He's on a mission to make the world of wine relatable without having to memorize 63 grape varietals. Or, contact our editors by emailing What’s one wine myth you’d like to debunk? I used my newfound knowledge and sent my sister a box of wine for her birthday in early March, when her husband was quarantined with a 100-degree fever and she was teaching her students remotely and taking care of two toddlers (she polished off the box of crispy Txakolina already). The Infatuation co-founder Chris Stang is the co-author of the new “How to Drink Wine,” an irreverent, educational guide to the world of pinot, cab and more. May 12, 2020

There’s some fairly valid reasons to drink a glass of Burgundy or Bordeaux out of a different glass. We started to use Spanish wines in the restaurants a lot, because the wines offer a lot of good value and are really versatile food-pairing wines.

When someone is describing a normal table wine as sweet, just say fruity.

It’s like the Gianni Agnelli of rosé except it’s made by a really really old woman.”, “If you maybe are interested in natural wine, still eat Pop-Tarts, but are really excited about all the cooking you’re now doing at home.”, “You likely saw Bon Iver perform in a coffee shop. Whether you’re at a (50-percent capacity) restaurant or pondering the BevMo home delivery app, venturing outside your comfort zone into the depths of the wine world can be daunting.

But I’ll take a shot at it here too. Grant, it turns out, was Grant Reynolds, an award-winning sommelier and owner of New York City–based wine shop Parcelle and a partner at the restaurants Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records. I’ve been, shall we say, drinking more regularly given our current stay-at-home orders. Crimes NZ: What happened to Cynthia Grierson-Jackson in 1960?

How to Drink Wine by Grant Reynolds and Chris Strang. From grape to glass, this highly readable, charmingly illustrated guide will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy wine. “How to Drink Wine demystifies this topic, taking out the BS and replacing it with fun.”—Mike D, the Beastie Boys Everybody knows that the world of wine can be vast and intimidating and complex.

All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents. And you like to mix those things together and shoot them quickly.

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“There’s more seafood and definitely olive oil, more than butter, in dishes. Nonetheless, you can have one all-purpose glass and your experience won’t change much. [Ed note: During social distancing and quarantine, most wine shops have user-friendly tasting notes online.].

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