gunslinger cowboy names

Medicine Crow

Later that year he was deputized during the Lincoln County War and joined lawmen searching for a group of men who had murdered a rancher. Zitkala-sa, | Legends & Horses

Stoudenmire got involved in a feud with members of the Manning family, which ended when he and three of the Manning brothers got into a gunfight. Little Licking Kitty� Howling Wolf� Monte Hale One of the most famous eras in American history is the Wild West. Chief He Dog Raging Bull� Jesse James Think of "Tex," a character in every cowboy movie ever made, right? Bass himself was shot, but he escaped and was found lying in a field west of Round Rock. Running Bull� Dances With Wolves We had to have at least a couple of bad guys on this list, since the legends of the Wild West are filled with them. He started out by getting caught stealing food, clothing, and guns in 1875, but he escaped his captors and made his way to Arizona. Duke It’s the diminutive name of Joshua, which is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Yehoshua’ meaning salvation. The Phantom Hopping Frog� Falling Rock� General Ulysses S. Grant Pete is definitely a genuine guy with an easy smile who is one of the most popular cowpokes around. Princess of the Water�

Pawnee Bill Prairie Falcon� King Arthur Starbrite� While some people think of the bright lights and fun atmosphere of the hotels, others think of the large fields and the horses that roam there. Running Bunny� Chief Two Hatchet Rowdy Yates We haven't met a lot of Wades but we can think of a few that we have loved on television, including the charming bartender on "Hart of Dixie."

Princess Glowing Moon� It's also great for any sports fans who love the Broncos or the Rockies. Chief Bear That Scatters Chief Gall Rushing River� Ten Bears Dancing Rainbow� Little Rabbit� All Rights Reserved. This name comes from the name Schuyler which means a scholar in the Dutch language. It is still the largest robbery of any train on the Union Pacific Railroad. Little Wolverine Slim Sherman Pardner Two Whistles� Kachina� Shining Dove�

And while it definitely has a masculine edge, there are girls that hold the name as well. This name reminds us of Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino. It's time for another place name on our list. Wild Bill Hickok Gentle Dove� Red Ryder

It's also the name of a gun brand, which harkens us back to the days of the Old West gunslinger.

Buffalo Bill.

He's sturdy and dependable and also ruggedly handsome. Tex Ritter� Buck Garrett El Loaner Dancing Swan� He was the sheriff of two different counties in New Mexico. Buckshot White Dust

Sitting Buck� We imagine a Morgan is more of a soft-spoken, sentimental type. After three months, Sheriff Pat Garrett and two deputies shot and killed the Kid at Fort Sumner on July 14, 1881. Wild Flower� This name is the short form of the name Peter, derived from the Greek word Petros which means stone. Cloud Dancing� Hunting Hawk�

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