helor 101 uk

I’ve no experience with the Nanopresso, but about to order one. I must have missed that. While we may be satisfied, it’s never fully satisfied, is it? Thinking of getting a gift for a friend. The mill is heavy enough to prevent it from lifting when grinding with one hand. The latter is optimized for espresso and Turkish coffees. The container is screwed. If you reduce the weight down and the grind is not too fine and it’s still hard to pump and dribbling, then I’d guess there is some issue with the pump.

There was, (about 1mm of travel) The water was also making its way through the device.

Then if you count how many pumps it takes to drain the rear it should be back to around 7 pumps. thanks! P.S. I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch, but trust me when I say it’s practically flawless in its design and build quality. My kettle is terrible for limescale, I use a tea strainer most of the time, but it still makes its way through. The main body of the grinder is all one piece of metal crafted from 6000 Series aluminium block. Like the BPlus Apollo, it has an adjustment knob on the top of the grinder.

It is sold with accessories to clean and disassemble. You opinion could be help me a lot in my choice. Thanks, The container is screwed. Simply.

Weight may not be a huge factor for most people, but if you’re into hiking as I am, every gram counts. Anyway, this got me hunting for a new device which lead me to this site. After three attempts, together with the Barista, we made such a decent espresso, which makes the machine for 10 thousand dollars, standing aside. If you’re using the scoop, it’s pretty much level with the top. It is made of BPA free plastic of a bronze color.

The adjustment wheel is located at the crank (as with the Kinu M47).

I’ve tried it a few times with a couple hours in between and it’s the exact same. I’d say 80% of all the coffee I drink is extracted from a portable coffee maker. It includes a detailed step-by-step guide, tips for getting the best results, a troubleshooting section along with details on the cleaning process. We are beginning work as coffee roasters and want a device we can use during demonstrations, so it is not important to have the “lightest”. Seems to be great quality. Using Gaggia Classic 2015 EU version with Helor 101 (tested from 18 to 22 dots) Beans - roasted within a week and ground on the spot (tested from 12g to 18g with 0.1g digital scale) Portafilter - stock with pressurised stock double basket with pin At 17 dose - choked. Do you have any suggestions? The burr (47mm) is offered for sale individually. In a perfect scenario, you’ll have a freshly roasted bag of beans at hand along with a suitable grinder. The Nanopresso is a better-made product out of the two, but it’s a little more expensive to buy than the Staresso. Sometimes I even change hands! Have used it, on average, about 3-4 times a week for a month (I like espresso, but not everyday) and have been meticulous about cleaning it of grounds between extractions and regular cleaning each week. Unfortunately, the espresso that came out was everytime too bitter and had a bad taste, although I tried différend grind. The mill has a grinding wheel of 55 mm. The adjustment wheel is positioned at the top of the mill and the mill remains open during use (it does not have a lid). Its selling price is 495 $, the glass is optional for 12 $. I have absolutely no doubt that you could bash coffee pucks out of the basket all day long without damaging it. Best To you and yours! Hi Micheal, when you remove the black silicone part it makes the portafilter nozzle unpressurized. I know it’s a little more expensive than the Staresso, but I think it’s well worth it. I know, this will sound nuts to coffee ‘ayatollahs’. How would you say the nanopresso compares to handpresso and staresso in terms of the results? The Apex is a coffee grinder designed to grind thick grinds. Have you tried the small Cafflano espresso maker? Sorry to ask the same thing you’ve been asked a couple of times, but was wondering if it’s happened to yourself where it’s taken a while to fix.

But it does match our Gaggia kitchen machine for quality of espresso and makes a double shot fine.

Would you be so kind to elaborate a bit on « quality of the burr output is not the same »?

If you do choose the Handpresso Auto, make sure you check that output on your compressor as it does require a significant amount of watts. Hope that helps. Love it, thank you. With the double shot adapter, it’s important to tighten it up more than you would normally. The crank is secured to the lid and the container is screwed. However, he ranked #29 as of episode 11 and waseliminated. Your email address will not be published. Sorry for the slow reply. El comandante is a German manufacturer of coffee grinders. Looking for something that something versatile and compatible with coffee capsules. The difference between using it with the pressurised portafilter is that it will resist extracting until sufficient pressure is reached. Later on they probably have changed lido 2 burrs to match lido 3. The downside is, that the Crema is far more bubbly, Purest will say it’s a fake crema, but it really doesn’t have much of an effect on the quality of the espresso. The manual suggests a hard tamp, this will be dependant on how fine your grind is. The manufacturer does not communicate the diameter of the burr. Over the last few days, I’ve been experimenting with the grind and I’ve taken it from one extreme to the other. Apollo is a premium manual coffee grinder manufactured by BPlus (with the appreciation and permission of La Pavoni). 25g Dimensions (W×H×D):55 × 187 × 172.5 mm Net weight: 575g © 2017 Matthew De Angelis. The only changes are: LWW is a German company that manufactures manual and electric coffee grinders. I have a question about what size of ground coffe you can have the nanopreso. The grinder is heavy enough not to move during its operation. However, after 3 months/30 espresso pulls, it started spewing water out the pump handle. So the big question…which one should I buy and why? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So, my advice is to take a look at the small orange cross on the underside (while it’s under the tap) and make sure that it’s moving during pumping, if it is, just keep pumping the water through and hopefully your unit will flush whatever is in there though.

Thank you for the review, I subbed to your YouTube channel, the video was great. The Contemporary Burr uses a special type of metal alloy rated 64 HRC, which is designed for espresso and not washable.

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