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[6] The media and newspapers of 16 January 2013 led with the story, focusing on the one burger which tested positive for 29% equine DNA. [31], On 7 February 2013, Findus announced that in a sample of 18 beef lasagne products that it tested, 11 contained between 60% and 100% horse meat. [94] Silvercrest, a subsidiary of ABP Foods has claimed that there is no risk to the public upon eating the foreign meat. Irish authorities become aware of the adulteration in ABP Food Group burgers with 29% horse meat content. [107], In December 2013 consignments of horse meat were seized and arrests made. [2] Tesco dropped Silvercrest as a supplier of processed meat, but ABP said that it "welcomed their decision to continue sourcing fresh beef from other ABP companies". [71], Phenylbutazone is used therapeutically in humans as a treatment for ankylosing spondylitis[75] when other treatments are not suitable. [32] It was also revealed that some of the products sold had minced meat declared as beef that was 60–100% horse meat. The price cut means customers who have a dietary requirement or buy these lines for lifestyle reasons will not have to pay more than the equivalent non free from option. ", "Horsemeat scandal: Findus leak reveals horse in 'beef' for six months", "Compass and Whitbread caught up in horse meat scandal", "Compass, Whitbread drawn into horsemeat scandal", "Horsemeat: Compass and Whitbread find horse DNA in products", "Horsemeat scandal: Supermarkets 'share anger and outrage, "Horsemeat scandal: FSA raid three new premises", "Analyzing Horse Meat Scandal, Its Effects, and How it Progressed", "Horsemeat scandal: Dutch meat trader could be central figure", "First legal suits are filed over horse-meat fraud", "ABP sourced contaminated Polish horse meat from Irish trader", "Horse meat health risks 'not a concern', 21 February 2013", "Horse meat scandal: 'More contaminated food likely to be found, "Horsemeat scandal: Bute found in eight horse carcasses", "UK vets have 'repeatedly raised concerns' over bute in food", "Horse meat burger scandal: 'Carcinogen phenylbutazone found in meat' | Metro News", "Horse meat: health officials reassure as bute carcasses sent to France – again", "Horsemeat scandal deepens as minister says bute may be in food chain |, "Veterinary drug found in Asda budget corned beef", "Food Standards Agency – Very low levels of bute found in Asda 'Smart Price Corned Beef, "Tesco says some of its value spaghetti bolognese contains 60% horsemeat", NHS: Drugs used in Rheumatic Diseases and Gout, 2012, "Phenylbutazone – National Library of Medicine HSDB Database", "The horsemeat scandal shows the true extent of Europe's power in Britain", "Racetrack Drugs Put Europe Off U.S. It is owned by a British Virgin Islands holding company, and Jan Fasen is a director. [13] Of the 37% of beef products tested positive for horse DNA, Tesco's inexpensive Everyday Value Beef Burgers tested at 29.1%. The 2013 horse meat scandal was a food industry scandal in parts of Europe in which foods advertised as containing beef were found to contain undeclared or improperly declared horse meat – as much as 100% of the meat content in some cases.

[91], Observant Muslims and Jews consider it sinful to eat certain types of meat, pork for both groups and also horse and many other animals for Jews, due to religious prohibitions. This product was manufactured by Silvercrest on behalf of Tesco. [39] Findus Sverige AB also announced a recall of its 375 gram packs of ready-made single-portion lasagne (code 63957), and published a contact number for customers who had already purchased the products. Waitrose, part of John Lewis, said it would be creating a new facility to supply its own beef products. [72][73], However, one problem raised was over documentation; all of the UK animals with phenylbutazone contamination tested in early 2013 possessed a "horse passport" that allowed the carcasses to be sold for human consumption.

Adulteration may have started, according to a leaked document.

But now, Asda has announced that it is slicing the prices from many of its 'Free From' products, which is brilliant news. On 8 February 2013, Findus announced that it would no longer accept meat from Comigel, and stopped further deliveries of the product in question. Next Post Next benefits milkfish [54], Tesco's market value dropped by €360 million. Asda has made sweeping changes to its 'Free From' food range. [33] The source of the horse meat was third party supplier Comigel, a French-headquartered frozen ready meal producer, from its subsidiary Tavola factory in Capellen, Luxembourg. [52][53][54][55][56][57], Whitbread, which was at the time Britain's biggest hotel group, also discovered through tests that it had unknowingly sold concealed horse meat in food products. Asda has made sweeping changes to its 'Free From' food range. A smaller number of products also contained other undeclared meats, such as pork. For shoppers with specific dietary requirements - like gluten and dairy free - prices can quickly rack up, with those products often costing more than non 'free-from' items, reports the MEN. Very Poor. ", "Findus Sverige AB – Findus återkallar 1-portion Lasagne, 375 gram, artikelnummer 63957", "Nestle removes beef pasta meals after finding horsemeat", "Horsemeat scandal: Birds Eye withdraws UK ready meals", "Horsemeat scandal: schools caterer suspends all frozen beef products", "Arklienos rasta "Turistų pusryčiuose" ir kituose konservuose", "Horsemeat scandal: Dutch uncover large-scale meat fraud", "Aimez-vous les lasagnes au cheval roumain?

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