how old is valeria blofeld

A disastrous financial venture in the Nineties meant he had to sell all his beloved P G Wodehouse first editions. I know I have had a number of false starts, but Valeria is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. He has never saved in his life – probably a reaction to his land-rich, cash-poor upbringing on a Norfolk estate. I always think it’s polite to ask.

Henry’s wife is Italian national Valeria De Bruyn Chianale. He does one-man shows stuffed with cricket anecdotes and is in huge demand as an after-dinner speaker. When you get to the medium and slow bits when there is nothing happening, you’ve got to make it live for the listener. She is the bravest woman in the world for taking me on and she needs your deepest sympathy. Affectionately dubbed "Blowers", his hilariously off-topic observations regularly ranged from local wildlife to whatever he was eating, endearing him to aficionados and casual fans of the sport alike. It does seem extraordinary that with so many helpers of every sort, they didn’t see this coming.”. Henry retired a few years ago, enjoying retirement life with his new wife Valeria.

Were the fondness between them not so obvious, this would seem like a dreadful lapse of chivalry. Do people give in a bit too early? He refers to the episode as “falling out of bed” – Blowers-speak for losing a lot of money. WITH his plummy, aristocratic accent and occasionally surreal observations, Henry Blofeld became one of the nation's most beloved sports broadcasters. Valeria is a mother to two daughters named Tanya and Nahila. His idiosyncratic ramblings in the commentary box, sweeping well beyond the boundary, have endeared him to millions. I’m Henry, for God’s sake. When she’s not busy creating entertainment news content she loves spending time in nature, reading non-fiction books, eating comfort food and travelling. Blowers is a big, genial man whose long lived-in face would look very good in a mitre. Popular Tags: ITV,Channel 4,BBC,Love Island,Netflix. “I’m working harder now than ever. I'm A Celebrity full line-up revealed as Radio 1 DJ becomes final contestant, Fed-up mum-of-8 gives squabbling girls space with bunk beds & Wilkos bargains, Mum fumes as Hull school excludes daughter, 13, in row 'over Primark trousers', I bought all my Xmas gifts in 5 hours pre-lockdown…staff had to carry my bags, Cornish medic says it's 'all lies' NHS is overrun & 'I had no work for 3 weeks', ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Meet Henry Blofeld’s wife Henry’s wife is Italian national Valeria De Bruyn Chianale. I’m sorry if that is silly or old-fashioned.”. Valeria, a Rhodesian-born Italian, has become his tour manager, dealing with theatres and hotels, promoting his latest autobiography, Squeezing the Orange, and his own wine label. Speaking to the Telegraph shortly after they tied the knot, he said: "Valeria is the only girl I’ve met who loves what I do. “I feel sorry for Trott, but there are questions. Cricket has become “less attractive” and less principled, he feels. There is a smaller one on his keyring.

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