isaaq clan family tree

However, this tribe is also famous its trade links with Arabia and India through the history. [1] It is one of the major Somali clans in the horn of Africa, with a large and densely populated traditional territory. Sheikh Ishaaq's tomb is in Maydh, and is the scene of frequent pilgrimages. They live in all 6 regions of Somaliland such as Awdal, Woqooyi Galbeed, Togdheer, Sahil, Sanaag and Sool. Official history of the operations in Somaliland, 1901–04 by Great Britain. 5). Other articles where Isaaq is discussed: Djibouti: Ethnic groups: …members of the Gadaboursi and Isaaq clans that migrated from northern Somalia during the 20th century to work on the construction of the Djibouti–Addis Ababa railway and Djibouti city’s port expansion. After the collapse of the Somali Democratic Republic in 1991 the Isaaq-dominated Somaliland declared independence from Somalia as a separate nation.

Sun, Sand and Somals – Leaves from the Note-Book of a District Commissioner.By H. Rayne. [13] The Isaaq also have a large presence in the western and northern parts of Sool region as well,[14] with Habr Je'lo sub-clan of Isaaq living in the Aynabo district whilst the Habr Yunis subclan of Garhajis lives in the eastern part of Xudun district and the very western part of Las Anod district. The tomb of Sheikh Isaaq, the father of the Isaaq clan, in Maydh.According to tradition, the Isaaq clan was founded in the 12th or 13th century with the arrival of Shaykh Ishaq ibn Ahmad al- Hashimi from Arabia, one of the Prophet Muhammad's early followers.

They have large settlements in the Somali region of Ethiopia, mainly on the eastern side of Somali region also known as the Hawd and formerly Reserve Area which is mainly inhabited by the Isaaq sub-clan members. [41][42], One tradition maintains that Isaaq had twin sons: Ahmed or Arap, and Ismail or Gerhajis. [19][20], The Isaaq clan played a prominent role in the Abyssinian-Adal war (1529–1543, referred to as the "Conquest of Abyssinia") in the army of Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi,[21] I. M. Lewis noted that only the Habr Magadle division (Ayoub, Garhajis, Habr Awal and Arap) of the Isaaq were mentioned in chronicles of that war written by Shihab Al-Din Ahmad Al-Gizany known as Futuh Al Habash. Hence the Shiekh belonged to the Ashraf or Sada (titles given the descendents of the prophet). (Der Name Habar Tol Jaʿlo ist von Ahmed, einem der Söhne Habuushs, abgeleitet, der den Spitznamen Tol Jeʿele – „der seine Vorväter liebt“ – erhielt.) [25] The Habr Magādle clan were highly appreciated and praised by the leader Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi for their bravery and loyalty. The Journal of The anthropological institute of Great Britain and Ireland| Vol.21 p. 161, Journal of the East Africa Natural History Society: Official Publication of the Coryndon Memorial Museum Vol.17 p. 76. These two sub-clans were able to purchase advanced weapons and successfully resist both British Empire and Ethiopian Empire for many years.[36]. In the Isaaq clan-family, component clans are divided into two uterine divisions as shown in genealogy. The Somalis in general have a great inclination to poetry; a particular passion for the stories, the stories and songs of love.

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