karlsruhe passenger ship

Karlsruhe was a light cruiser, the second member of the Königsberg class, and was operated between 1929 and April 1940, including service in World War II.

In May 1930, she departed on her first overseas training cruise, to Africa and South America. Passenger Lists; Browse by Ship; Karlsruhe; SS Karlsruhe Passenger Lists. The report concluded that since the ship was still afloat after two hours, and two torpedoes were required to sink her, it might have been possible to take her under tow back to Kristiansand or another port. She was found in the Norwegian trench, 20 km (11 nm) southeast of Kristiansand in June 2020 at a depth of 490 m (1,610 ft). RMS Franconia Passenger Lists. Prices and download plans . The well preserved wreck was located and inspected by Polish divers in July 2020. [5] In 1935, she had more modifications made, including the installation of a pole mast aft of the funnels, along with an aircraft catapult amidships with a crane to handle floatplanes. Passenger ship Karlsruhe. [9], Karlsruhe then left Kristiansand with three of the torpedo boats as escorts. The British submarine HMS Truant was positioned outside the fjord, and when her crew spotted the German ships, she fired a spread of torpedoes.

She had two sister ships, Königsberg and Köln. The other 933 passengers perished. [1], The ship was armed with nine 15 cm SK C/25 guns mounted in three triple gun turrets. Vous trouverez ci-dessous d'autres informations techniques, photos, données AIS et les 5 derniers ports détectés via AIS pour le navire KARLSRUHE. In 1918 Thomas Kier, formerly captain of the SS Imperator, became captain of the Karlsruhe. [7] On 4 January, Karlsruhe and the minelayer Schiff 23 were sent to intercept the Swedish steamer Konung Oscar, which was transporting Polish refugees from Riga to Sweden. In addition, the forward pumps still had power, and so the flooding could have been slowed enough to permit a return to a safe harbor. The overloaded Karlsruhe was not able to keep up with the required speed of the convoy of 9 knots, and could only run a good 7 knots, and fell behind. The SS Karlsruhe was a German cargo ship from 1905 of the Hamburg America Line, which was sunk on 13 April 1945 with great loss of life by Soviet airplanes, during Operation Hannibal. From August to December 1993 she was active in the Adriatic Sea as part of NATO's Operation Sharp Guard, the maritime blockade of the former Yugoslavia during the Yugoslav Wars. [3], The new cruiser was ordered as "Cruiser C" and given the temporary name Ersatz Medusa as a replacement for the old cruiser Medusa. [6] Karlsruhe returned to Wilhelmshaven on 16 December 2016, having spent 183 days on mission.[7]. During the Spanish Civil War, she joined the non-intervention patrols off the Spanish coast. During her later career she was based at Wilhelmshaven as part of 4. The flooding disabled her engines and electricity generators, which cut off power to the pumps that were trying to keep pace with the progressively worsening flooding. Karlsruhe was built by the Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel; she was laid down in July 1926, launched in August 1927, and commissioned into the Reichsmarine in November 1929. A sonar survey in April 2017 located the wreck but did not identify it. The ships— SMS Karlsruhe and Rostock —were very similar to the previous Magdeburg -class cruisers, mounting the same armament and similar armor protection, though they were larger and faster than the earlier ships. There, a convoy was formed with the steamers SS Santander, SS Karlsruhe and three minesweepers, which departed at around 9 a.m for Copenhagen. La position actuelle du navire KARLSRUHE et l'historique des ports abordés sont connus via l'AIS.

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