kindergarten daily schedule template

Now, in most years I’d save packing up until the end of the day. Here’s everything I have on alternative seating. You can download this Preschool Daily Schedule Format in PDF and get the opportunity to customize information in your way, so you can create the perfect daily schedule for your children. We do this on the day that we do not have guided math scheduled. Here’s something I wrote on that topic:. Then they work on one of these three activities that I have selected for the day. But this year we had to try something different. Hi Jodie, Thanks for your kind compliments! Students get busy at their literacy centers and I prep quickly for my first reading group – reminding myself of what the first lesson is gonna look like, set out our guided reading mats and grab my materials close by. hey thanks Jennie! made time to read about them during our read alouds, wrote about them during our whole group writing-introduction time as an interactive writing activity, checked on a zoo’s live streaming cam to observe them during a transition time, made a kinder-gorgeous hallway display with our learning using both artwork and writing during our guided drawing project time. I call student names in a group to come meet me at my guided reading table. As a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience, I'm committed to helping you teach better, save time, stress less, and live more. Organize your daily activities and in short time too! You can now leave it to us. I usually have a to-do list somewhere that helps me keep track of what was leftover from yesterday or I work ahead. – Leslie.

Are you looking for a template for a useful daily schedule? Hi Gina, Thanks for asking. (And this fb thread has more photos of my room in the comments. So, I use my strengths and use routine to help keep track of our day. Or… I wheel around and use my large teacher table to plan out more of my guided reading plans or guided math plans. We also use this word work time often to work through a nursery rhyme to build reading fluency and do more phonics or word work. Sometimes I laugh at the amount of sheer “stuff” all over the place, but learning to read can take a lot of “stuff.” And it all gets cleaned up in 20-30 minutes again anyways. I mentioned above that we just pause whatever and pick up where we left off. We begin a story discussion and read aloud. There is power in working together – that’s for sure. They pick the content. Ready? Thanks for sticking in there with me. I was wondering if you could go into a little more detail (or link to posts) about your literacy center activities. I wish I was down the hall from you!

I explain our math prompt, highlight great examples of work, go over a practice zone game or review a skill once our newly combined group is ready. If you can, include images and picture cards for the kids to see and remember. or When id the recess? Take your time to observe whether your set schedule worked for them or not. All the rest of my kinders are working at their first literacy center until they hear the cleanup song coming from the computer. I wish students a good afternoon by reminding them that…. Well, here is a look at our weekly schedule at a glance.

Students return to their rightful classroom (if they switched) and we grab our belongings that we had packed up ahead of time to go home. I am super interested in doing guided math and guided reading in my classroom. This preschool lesson plan will help you to cater to the needs of your children and make an efficient plan for them. Leslie is the teacher behind KindergartenWorks.

Phew! We had ours tucked away in cupboards, but my room honestly wasn’t lacking for storage. We work on the skills they need… sound familiar? Hope that helps give you more insight! I take a few minutes to have an adult conversation with my favorite teacher down the hall. My work has been featured in Scholastic Teacher magazine and on NBC 5 DFW. We break for lunch and recess. When do they go outside? Grab this Simple Preschool Daily Schedule Template for your ease. We follow our morning routine for putting items away and get started working. We turn on the cleanup song and switch (without meeting whole group which is different from our literacy centers) to our second zone. Where they keep their stuff? If you’re ready to jump in right at the beginning of the school year and you don’t want to have a desk for everyone later in the year, I’d say that you should also start out that way. We use this whole group time for phonics and word work to practice reading skills. Hurry and download now! My day is 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily with specials scheduled every day for 45 minutes. I did manage to salvage a couple of tables. I’m big into using classics, different versions and well-loved authors to teach students how to think/engage when reading… so we talk and read and talk and read… I mention how they can practice the skill in their centers.

Many pre-school class schedules are also available if you are interested in some more designs and interfaces. – Leslie. I'm Vanessa, I help busy Pre-K and Preschool teachers plan effective and engaging lessons, create fun, playful learning centers, and gain confidence in the classroom. Do you need an active daily schedule for your children?

If you plan for them to go out then schedule a task of wearing shoes. I usually used them as a center during literacy centers-but I did find that no one really wanted to work with me in small groups or with others who came into co-teach(ESL,reading ect) BUT I don’t want to give up the play based aspect of kindergarten either-so I am stuck. This is my second year teaching kindergarten and my 17th year teaching. I teach K4 and have 2 classes for 2 1/2 hours a day with no specials. This will be easier for the children to remember and answer whenever you ask them. My problem would be again space-where do I store housekeeping and blocks ect if I am only using them for a short part of the day? Sometimes I play a quick youtube math video to make the transition waiting time go more smoothly.

There are quite a few posts here already about our open-ended literacy centers. I try to make my teacher space as neat and as minimalistic as I can – just to make the next day start out on a calm note for myself.

If you use the search function or use the “teaching” tab in the top menu, you’ll find literacy centers listed as a main category to read more from. Preparing daily schedules is a tiring task since you need to improvise everyday. It may be in a bit different order than what you see … Well, I’m not super big on crafts… but we incorporate guided drawing and/or art into a more involved project once a week. Then we head off to our first literacy center. I take it you have freedom to “teach.” I have to follow a precise curriculum frameworks down to the minute.

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