lauramine oxide toxicity

At a concentration of 30%, Lauramine Oxide produced severe dermal reactions in rabbits, but at 0.3% only slight to moderate erythema with slight edema, Assuring, and slight to moderate epithelial desquamation were found. *, Ricerca, Inc. (1988) Submission of unpublished data from CTFA.

There were no significant differences in metabolism or distribution of the compounds between male and female rats. Human sensitization test of mousse VT formula without propellant.

Level of Concern . Acute oral toxicity (LD50) [of 0.3% Lauramine Oxide] in rats.” Test no. (1989a) Submission of unpublished data by CTFA. The European Union Ecolabel program reports this substance is readily biodegradable. For more information view the SAGE Journals Article Sharing page.

Cosmetic Ingredient Review; Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Lauramine Oxide and Stearamine Oxide; Journal of American College of Toxicology 13 (3): 231-45 (1994). Cutaneous Toxicity, Washington, DC, May 16-18,1976. Test no. The European Union Ecolabel program reports this substance is anaerobically degradable. Unii-lf6bkc321j Component Syelzbgxaixkhu-uhfffaoysa-n. Purifying or cleansing agents, usually salts of long-chain aliphatic bases or acids, that exert cleansing (oil-dissolving) and antimicrobial effects through a surface action that depends on possessing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. (, Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA).

(, Challis BC , Fine DH , Gofif EU , Hoffman GA , Shuker DEG .

The distribution of radioactivity was essentially the same as that seen in rats given oral doses of lauramine oxide. Up and down procedure for estimating acute oral toxicity (LD50) in rats of GO955.01 [foam formulation containing 0.3% Lauramine Oxide] and GO932.01 [liquid formulation containing 0.3% Lauramine Oxide]. Access to society journal content varies across our titles. Clinical data showed dermal exposure to 3.7% Lauramine Oxide to be a mild irritant, with a slight potential for mild cumulative skin irritation at concentrations as low as 2%. N,n-dimethyldodecylamine N-oxide Solution, 104.

EWG provides information on cleaning product ingredients from the published scientific... EWG provides information on cleaning product ingredients from published scientific literature, to supplement incomplete data available from companies and the government. Limited potential for hazards to health or the environment. Over two-thirds of the radioactivity expired as 14CO2 appeared within 12 hr after administration of either dose. Ninety-two percent of the applied radioactivity was recovered from the skin of the test subjects 8 hr after dosing, and 0.1 and 0.23% of the radioactivity was recovered from the excretion products of the test subjects. Annual Review of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Assessments: 2007-201... Andrews AW , Thibault LH , Lijinsky W . Test no. Members of _ can log in with their society credentials below. (1990b) Submission of unpublished data by CTFA. The international Organisation for Economoic Co-operation and Development reported that amine oxides are not reproductive or developmental toxicants. *, Hazelton Laboratories America, Inc. (1990) Submission of unpublished data by CTFA. *, Hazelton Laboratories America, Inc. (1986) Submission of unpublished data by CTFA. The international Organisation for Economoic Co-operation and Development reported that amine oxides are not genotoxic. Because Lauramine Oxide has dual functional groups in the same molecule (both asidic and basic groups), it is very versatile. Four Sprague-Dawley rats were given intraperitoneal injections of 22 mg (methyl-14C)lauramine oxide kg (specific activity 1.3 mCi/g). Rabbit eye irritation (Low volume procedure) [of 0.3% Lauramine Oxide]. On the basis of the available animal and clinical data, it is concluded that Lauramine Oxide and Stearamine Oxide are safe as cosmetic ingredients for rinse-off products, but that the concentration in Lauramine Oxide leave-on products should be limited to 3.7% and that of Stearamine Oxide limited to 5%. 60803842. Please check back for updated scores in the near future.

if any. 1-dodecanamine, N,n-dimethyl-, N-oxide, 40. *, Leberco Laboratories. An oral or cutaneous dose of N,N-dimethyl dodecylamine N-oxide was rapidly absorbed and metabolized by rats. Few/no known or suspected hazards to health or the environment. Lauramine Oxide is an Amine N-oxide, an active component primarily found in shampoo, bubble bath and hand soap thanks to its foam building properties .

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