lcc acronym military

CSS central security service OFABR oil filter actual bypass right CSSR cost/schedule status report LRAAS long range air asw system TWG technical working group PDS program design spec udi-e-21268b/mod O&MN operations and maintenance, navy Lansing Community College exists so that all people have educational and enrichment opportunities to improve their quality of life and standard of living. FCDSSA fleet combat directorate systems support activity DMSD depot maintenance study directorate TEWDS tactical electronic warfare deception system FADIGAL fault diagnostics, channel a, left engine CICPP central integrated checkout program plan A temporary, secured operational position that supports strategic goals and tactical objectives. MDTS mcdonnell doughlas training systems FER field engineering rep

PCB printed circuit board NATOPS naval air training and operational procedures standardization

SHSC safety hazard severity code

TPI threads per inch TFCC navy command and control system afloat SCAS stability control augmentation system ISI information spectrum inc HOR horizontal

DMEA damage modes and effects analysis RTSP II real time signal processor CNTR control RV relief valve MSG message SL short landing PP&C program planning and control

XTRAN cross transfer GLS glide slope NOR notice of revision PMAL permanent magnetic alternator left SPDL standardized page discriptor language INBD inboard MT mission trainer PDSR power demand signal right

ENDR endurance PMIC precious metal indicator code I/I inboard/inboard RNG range FS final speed PFN pulse forming network CLAMS countermeasures launcher modular system INCOMPLT incomplete STA station BRS: Blended Retirement System. ESS environmental stress screening SPAWARS space & naval warfare systems command AFTA advanced first term avionics IDS interface design specification udi-e-21403/mod VX best angle of climb speed PROFILE project MB marker beacon LUSC lightweight undersea sensor components MPD multipurpose display RJAG reuse joint activities group IEEE institute of electrical and electronic engineers EPAD entry pad TD technical documentation Find programs and services at your local installation. AIC anti-ice command CGM computer graphics metafile NATTC naval air technical training center I/O inboard/outboard AIMD aircraft intermediate maintenance dept

CVGR compressor variable geometry right engine ENV envelope EB electric boat div of gen dynamics SOMM system organizational maintenance manuals RAASP reusable ada avionics software package CO: Commanding Officer.

GPS ground processing system The person you contact about a specific program or assignment. SEPG software engineering process group IX unclassified miscellaneous ships, J&A justification & approval Hop on to get the meaning of LCC. PMDB project master data base (trw ir&d project name)

GVIB gearbox vibration NAVMACS naval modular automated communications systems (an/syq-7(v)3) RTB remote test basetmtreturn to base MBTUMA mean time between unscheduled maintenance actions ACTR actuator AOT transport oiler HBS hardware breakdown structure AFSC air force speciality code HPDU hydraulic power drive unit SECAS ship equipment configuration accounting system SOF safety of flight PSD power demand signal HNG hanging TDC technical directive code ECS environmental control system MSSS model 901 simulation support software LS logistics support PCR program change request ADL authorized data list

PP program package udi-s-21273b RH relative humidity SSB single side band TCP trainer change proposal (tpecp) UDI unique data item FPS feet per second EMCON emission control NRR navy research requirements TQR torque rotor HNDLG handling DTRC david taylor research center

PSL problem statement language CTRLRS controllers CMO configuration management officer CMRS calibration/measurement requirements summary CFI contractor final inspection COMTHIRDFLT commander of third fleet

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