learn to meow remix lyrics romanized

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Wǒ xiǎngyào dāng nǐ de xiǎo māo māo. měi tiān dōu tān liàn zhe nǐ de hǎo  We should listen more to the popular songs of the young people in China, and you will be surprised to find that the former is better. Female: 我 的 心  脏   砰   砰   跳   

One meow, meow, meow, meow 一 起 喵   喵   喵   喵   喵    I played a little catcall piano melody and entered the library for 15 years to replace the music named it too hot to pour dirty water on me, then you think I really copied their song, why didn't the company Sue me? He likes to pull my face, say comfortable; He likes to go to haunted houses and walk behind me and say if I'm scared I'll turn around. Your email address will not be published. Get Weekly Update For Chinese Songs, Lyrics, and BestChineseLearning Resources! It’ll make me more beautiful, Yes, I have that beauty 闻  你 身   上    的 味  道   女 :  Tender centers satisfies completely

[3][4], Travisano then came up with the idea of adding English subtitles, along with a bouncing ball pointing out the words.[5].

", Listener 4:"On the afternoon of graduation, at a KTV reunion, I couldn't drink but got so drunk that my mother called me several times. 1.