legend of dragoon walkthrough

Go back out and up the stairs. Walk to the left side of the island you end up at and take the next rock. If you answered all the test questions correctly, you will receive the Psych Bomb X, an awesome multi-use item. Now head back to the platform where the Poison Guard was and take the next teleporter. Kamuy uses a LOT of magic and Kongol will quite frankly get the crap beaten out of him. *Of course, get revenge! Enjoy the cutscene. You'll get a set number of chances to input a code, which is composed of three of the four numbers you were given. Shops: Weapons, Items. Head back up the right fork of the "Y." Or, you can hit them one at a time until he curses at you and becomes one form again. This boss is a wuss.

Follow the two horseshoe curves, and then go up the spike and head left. My Dragoon Levels and Experience Levels at this point are as follows: Once you're done leveling up, head to Donau. Check the rubble pile at the right of the Throne Room (behind Luanna) for another Stardust. Boss: Ghost Commander (Dark) and 4 Ghost Knights (Dark) (I tend to master my Additions in order, lowest to highest, because that way it's easier for me to keep track. He is the son of Zieg Feld and Claire Feld, and was one of the few survivors of the tragedy that befell his home town of Neet, in which a mysterious "Black Monster" attacked and almost obliterated the town, killing everyone he knew. If you do get hit, there's a Dark Mist and Trans Light below you. He's not that difficult. The chest to your left contains a Detonate Rock. The next tower was Zieg's; again, it's just a ruin now. Now head right, up, right, down down for the Gladius weapon. You will, in technical terms, "faw down go boom." Take the elevator at the right, and then head left. (Recall her conversation with Haschel a few minutes ago!) If he uses his confuse/fear attack, just transform into a Dragoon to counteract it. You need to head back to Donau to get to the Queen Fury, but you may want to level up first. Using the 'Dragoon' option changes the character into a Dragoon for a li'l while.

Go back to Lidiera.

Boss: Death Rose (Void) After the cinema scene, enter the first house on the right and speak to Kate. Having concluded your business with him, head upward. Go up the stairs to your left. Leave by the south door and go to the palace. You will meet Savan. Go to the teleporter. She'll trade you a Physical Ring and an Amulet for your Stardust. Do NOT become a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff effects you as well as the Divine Dragon. Take Haschel to see Kongol. His attacks work the same as before, but more powerful now. It contains a Stardust. Stardust: 5. Once outside the cave, look for the chest containing the Dragon Helm, which you'll want to equip to Dart. In the box of weapons you'll find another Stardust. You get a Night Raid for defeating them. In the box of weapons you'll find another Stardust. Leave and head back to the area where the roses were. This battle isn't too hard. Take Mappi out first; he has an instant-death attack that can really hurt you.

Albert's Twister Glaive will be invaluable in this battle. The first door in the spiral leads to nothing. Hop across the stones for yet another empty chest? If you have any fire-elemental items, use them! Items Won: Down Burst.

Head for your guard post. Take the top left teleporter to a new platform, then take the next teleporter to reach the Dancer's Shoes. Head right from the entrance. Hmmm, I wonder what they were up to after the lights went out? The sparkle in the next screen is, once again, another fruit. Go all the way left, then down. This is the last chapter of the Legend of Dragoon. After the little scare over the birth of the Virage Embryo, head right for a Frozen Jet. From there, you can move on to Fueno. If you see this walkthrough posted anywhere else, please let me know! You and he are evenly matched as far as power and speed go. After you finish this battle, you're immediately flung into a boss battle with the Giganto Kongol. At the bottom of the screen (after the bend in the path) is another Recovery Ball. Give Shana the Physical Ring accessory (and the Legend Casque if you have it) and give Rose the Therapy Ring. Use Burn Out to kick his ass, and be VERY careful not to miss your additions. This walkthrough is nearly complete. Items: Thunderbolt, Heat Blade, Meteor Fall, Heavy Mace, Gushing Magma, Dancing Ray, Phoenix Plume, Brass Knuckle, Fatal Blizzard, Black Rain, Spirit Ring, Mage Ring It would be a good idea to level up here if you wish. Albert is in Princess Emille's tower.

While you're there, you may wish to fight the 00Parts enemies in the area for quite a bit of extra cash - 600G apiece. Hit it with Additions and use Wind-elemental items if you have them. When you are next, move forward and press X at the ! On the right, the upper pool leads to the Item Shop. The puddle is a recovery point, so you may want to level up. They all have some nasty attacks; Selebus can turn Vector into a damage-dealing giant. Items Found: Lavitz' Portrait (key), 50G, Sparkle Arrow, 50G, 100G, Active Ring, Bottle of Spirits (key, costs 100G), 20G (x3), Healing Breeze Before you leave the village, check the tombstones. After you damage the Caterpillar enough, it becomes the Pupa and subsequently the Imago. Have Shana attack him with those, because her physical attacks are laughably weak. www.rpgplace.net. Here, you will find 200 G. Go back outside and up the steps, then into the Inn (it has a blue door) to rest or save. Dart: "I will save Shana no matter what!" If you wish, and if you can afford it, go to Lohan and pick up some Legendary Armor and Legend Casques. If you are going to become a Dragoon, make sure your characters have between 100-200 SP when you transform, because if you remain a Dragoon for more than one turn, he'll get you with a one-hit kill which accessories will not prevent. (I had 13 Healing Potions when I started this battle, so it wasn't a problem.) Go back there and head "north" on the screen to get to the harbour. Take the north one to get to a platform with a Sun Rhapsody and another teleporter, which will return you to the platform with four. Go back into the main part of the palace and MAKE SURE TO SAVE. You should have 30 Stardust by now.

Use your three stones as follows in the triangle: Red, top; Yellow, left; blue, right. When you're ready, head onwards. The weapon shop is to your right, the Inn to your left, and the Item Shop is below you. In the left-hand room is 50G. Examine the cradle. Dart was Level 18, Haschel level 16 and Dragoon level 1, Albert was level 17 and Dragoon Level 3. The sword uses a one-hit kill on whoever killed it, so revive them and just attack.

Just keep hitting them with Additions.

He'll teach you some of the basics of the game. Try to open it. Do not equip Miranda with the Detonate Arrow, as this will hinder you rather than help you. Head back and across the stone, then step on the large spider web. All original work on this site, however--guides, reviews, fanfiction, etc--is copyright its author and may not be posted without the author's permission; refer to the recent Supreme Court decision about electronic publishing of news articles without the journalist's consent. This boss fight is fairly easy. Jump into the sandfall at your left to get a Moon Serenade. Second Round: Serfius (Fire) Then speak to Kaiser and Lavitz. In the next screen, take the teleporter. Head up to the save point and save. Enter the bottom-left house (with a green door.) Lavitz uses lots of additions, including Flower Storm. Chest to the right of them is a Gushing Magma. The codes are random.

Check the carving in the middle of the first tower (Rose's tower) for a Stardust. Head right again. Go through it to find an area filled with moving blocks.

The treasures are as follows: poor thing. Examine the golden statue and turn it to the front. Part V: The Valley of Corrupted Gravity The treasure chest contains a Destone Amulet. After the battle and a short scene, involving rescue from a highly unexpected quarter, you'll acquire a new party member. When you arrive, climb the ladder to your right. After he has taken sufficient damage, he'll switch forms again. Go out the upper left exit (near Spino). Haschel should get a Giganto's Ring.

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