millionz mad about bars lyrics

Link my shqipe for the rawest yay CEO im renowned I was losing hope, planning home invasions Google Cloud 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA. Imagine with a brudda on a random account Tell a friend, tell a friend to tell a friend

Don't know 'bout drought Whats the long term vision? Had to put a penny on it, I don't trust those girls Not once did I think 'bout quitting, I always knew that I'd blow due time Bare hands I reckon I'd fist 'em but the pussy 'oles start backing out kitchens Don't you know that talk is bait? I be ghosting all the time, I disappear, hibernate In the trap house with my brother doing top and tales Importing that dough, my brodie dodged the border control If music don't cut it then the grind is gonna pay

Tough times don't last Consent. I was young and I still invested Turn the news on, ain't nothing informative though Stay in the trap or rap, or both, I'm indecisive They gave my brudda eight years for the caller info And who better than yourself, free the man cuz I've always been a man of bold predictions I'm up front, they play on the bench Tremz Mad About Bars Lyrics. I'm flying straight they Tryna make me divert, Baby I'm board on the dinger had to tell b I don't have no children. I'll be back in the bando filming Cats fell back and I thought he fainted I was putting work in when them guys weren't They know the songs I sing, they don't know the life I live But you're too impatient You know that the plot just twisting [Verse: Central Cee] When I make 10 m might call it a day For staying months in that town Deep down I'm hurt, I'm stressing, but with the guys I'm fried, I'm laughing

Coming outta' West London, some of you may know the name If you've got what it takes I'll take it I wonder who's getting called, when MPs won't cope, huh Had to revoke, then I started seeing results

The less we know, fam it's like the more they control

If all of us spoke, then I'm pretty sure we'd evolve I'm over it now, I'm sure that this corona's a hoax Let the game commence Nuff unanswered questions, and I need someone to speak on it You ready for another spoiler?

And I'm predicting that this guy right here; star in the making And more time don't even look like there's light at the end of the tunnel Cah I'm business minded I'm just not at that stage yet Ghetts, on Mad About Bars Wow [Ghetts:] They only know what ends I'm from But don't know what I'm a descendent of Or who the fuck my ancestors were Ask me how I'm doing and I'll just reply I can't complain I own my masters but I still got the slave master's name In … Bro done a whole lot of missions This when I took that L Mad About Bars lyrics performed by Tremz: Scouse trappin' Tremz I'm scouse trappin' Tremz I pull up on a rat boy and let off the MAC-10 I … [Intro: Kenny Allstar] I been on some bullshit I'm sure its evident I always knew that hoe weren't mine (ha, ha)

Mad About Bars Lyrics: Part 1 / You ready for another spoiler? I'm from a city full of skyscrapers Can't make my mind up, I'm in two minds I got vision, this ain't for the short sighted If the fans don't feel this Before they try and take my chain and pull there cameras out Broski thinks that I've made it I'm not welcome in my house my mum abandoned her child Hosting. I always knew them boys won't ride (real shit) This shit took ages Chopping down the onion make your eyes burn Free the guys and this ain't for the law abiding

Part 2 [Verse: Central Cee] Dirty trap, hope the jakes don't raid it

Need me a thousand acres

I don't even need to drill I could pay for the action They see me shining, they don't know 'bout the grind that I put in (Woo) I was bando sofa surfing One million views ain't famous I thought 'bout jail and I stopped complaining All the women that I fuck with say im suttin' else Fuck a generation gap I relate to the masses See Wazz pull up in a foreign, who's calling and who's it regarding Bro back in the can didn't listen One sign I'll burn that bridge, might go left if I miss this turning I seen older fall of and order one light, one dark Dumb hoe just called me a wrong, I'm common so what's so alarming Mad About Bars Lyrics: Sebzbeats baby / Had to double up pack and solve it (Double up) / Any troublin' smack I notice (Notice) / How am I gonna get back to Joseph? Cause I put money first and I don't really trust these girls 2 m in my daughter's saving Spoke to the plug just now and a lot just came in Central persister and I'm too reluctant Need me a crib no neighbours, mad When's the pain gonna pass By using our website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms. Aye Cench lets be real tho Million views I'm grateful, love Should know that you can't rush greatness / Take two trains or the Express 2020s been a fucked up year so far When I needed help I couldn't see faces Same way bro caught that case I won't talk too much, and put that boy on blast Meanwhile, whole of your block just bitching

Lyrics Vindicator 125 Lowell Street Somerville MA 02143 USA. It was fun while it lasted now its my turn Wanna see me fail and demotivated So it don't make sense

Whenever I'm around them they all smiling but it's fake Hand full of bands in abandoned building Baby I'm board on the dinger had to tell b I don't have no children Publication directors.

When it comes to riding round there stalling bare mm-ing and argh-ing Part 1

Observe, I over heard 'em Can't wait til a mans on stages They call me 23 but this ain't no last dance Why'd you think that I rode on my own more time Armed feds, X5s, high speed chases Bro's over the pot just whipping I heard who's up next?, the city been saying it's Cench (Cench)

Contact I'm only involved in money conversations Now they wanna help I don't need your favours Nobody showed me love when I was grinding but it's changed Cyril De Catheu and François Paupier, co-founders of Lyrics Vindicator.

Selling them party drugs, why'd you think that I'm up, 4 am [Intro: Kenny Allstar] They talk 'bout riding, they don't know 'bout the violent side of things I'm not in the mood for pics, Im hearing kids saying swear that's him Small circle, violate we all riding This ain't for the fake or the small minded

But for those who don't, it's my guy, Central Cee I ain't fucking with no rappers they ain't no relation I remember I was broke, had to learn to ration

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