minecraft earth adventure puzzles

: A stone brick dungeon with vines and four blocks of gold ore in the center. Solution: The chest is just in the center of the cave under the wooden platform. Be careful not to damage the rails, or have any mobs collide, as that can trap them in an unreachable area and you can’t complete the adventure. This is helpful if you want to share a specific adventure on this list with someone so they can go straight to it in the list. There is also four gold, three iron, and five coal. There are also two diamonds, three redstone, four gold, five iron, and seven coal buried around the edge of the portal. : Push the levers, stand back and blast mine your way through the level. Pro tip: You can place a bucket of lava inside the top of the fort next to the middle skeleton and burn the entire wood fort down without much of a fight, then just take out the last four skeletons one at a time. It is heavily based on the co-op mode from Valve’s Portal 2. : Redstone lamp with four buttons on the sides, : Three redstone lamps with buttons on them in a small room with an iron gate. Above ground: Ice spike tower with a skeleton inside. Other Resources: Crafters Guide, Discord post, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Above ground: A jungle tree with vines hanging down and a stairway leading to a treehouse. : Push the button to swap to the sandstone dimensions to get the light gray glazed terracotta. In the lower cave, press the two buttons next to the two redstone lamps. Below ground: Lots of blocks to remove. : There are also two diamonds, five gold, one iron and twelve coal scattered throughout.

: A sheep, pig, some flowers (white, red and blue), and a grassy hill. It is 10 blocks deep so mining will be required. Loot: Six gold, and three iron straight below in the middle of the adventure. : An oak tree growing up in the corner of a cobblestone house with a pig.

Organize the yellow and red flowers on each corner so that all of the red flowers are together, and the yellow flowers are together to reveal the chest, two diamonds, four iron, and ten coal. Below ground: More redstone torches, repeaters and dust over a large cave with ore. Pro tip: There is a stone pressure plate with some TNT around it that will explode if a skeleton steps on it which spawns all of the skeletons at once and can be quite deadly and destroy some of the bone blocks. Above ground: Cobwebbed Oak tree with two chickens, Below ground: Cobwebbed dungeon with two bone spiders and skeletons.

Wait about fifteen seconds for the game to make sure the chickens don't get burned by the lava. Killing these three will spawn six more skeletons and two zombies on the ground level. You don’t have to kill the two bone spiders that will spawn in the cage area below where you start. The chest and two diamonds will be revealed when you defeat all the skeletons. Solution: Just dig down until you find the chest. Be very careful with this level, the waves of mobs can be deadly. : Just dig down to the bottom to find the chest.

: Stairs leading down to a room with a melon, hay & trap. Carcharias' Decaying Prison. : Just mine through the floor of the house, and dig down and to the right for the chest near the bottom of the level.

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