my wife left me for another man will she regret it

Well as time goes the woman decided to go back to the guy coz the guy wanted her so much, I let her go but I dont think I can take her back, though I still love her. I sucked it up like nothing happened and went home with him. But, I didn't. What kind of moral callousness flows through another human being’s blood to actually want to put someone else through such tortuous pain? If I fought for my freedom to be out of the house three times a week, we could have saved the relationship. I shall highlight a few marriage do's and don't s below. My ex is still with the new guy, even though she seems to be hiding her relationship. Best of luck to you. It didn't make me feel good, the guilt was killing me. Yes!!! There is no need to dwell on the mistake that has already been made. All this is still very raw to me as the start of the afair until today has only taken 8 weeks. I’m very confused and wish I could turn back the clock, but understand I can’t. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it's too late and time runs out- Click Here. I did cry Bc of my kids but I begged him to go and be with her and set me free. Sure, I could have left him and not told him I was cheating. she's no good man.....don't let the beauty keep u from leaving her...there plenty of pretty women out there.... Join in and write your own page! Now that she is gone I feel scared and alone as my husband and I don’t communicate well (and we haven’t had sex in at least two years). She was a single mother.. i gave her this and that... i've been working hard on my business to meet her demands and bills..etc. Maybe that will be the time I end up in the hospital. Staying committed to the process……I honestly do feel, and our author stated it well we never enter into a marriage to someday abandone our partners…but I suppose the pursuit of happiness trumps that….making marriage a total farce…we should just be honest enough to own up to it and stop trying to justify pulling the trigger….. Minakelly, I have to respectfully disagree. I never felt like my opinion on what to do and buy with the money mattered as it mostly was not my money. Before any of that I had felt the same. I recently heard from a wife who said: “I am the one who initiated the separation, but my husband doesn’t know the true reasons why. I made more money. I promise!!!!!!

Obviously I have work to do on myself, I am not perfect. I just wanted to leave.

I'd really like to know. Remember that your wife loved you enough to marry you and build a life with you. The picture of a happy family with another woman being called mom instead of her will be in place. Otherwise every relationship is a starter marriage, or a non-starter. Always ensure that you give your spouse the opportunity to air his/her opinion, do not always see yourself as smarter thus always trying to be more dominating.

I plan was for me and my boss to start a new relationship. You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. Of course my parents are old-fashioned and my mom is still hoping that my husband and I will reconcile.

There's a lot to this journey (positive and negative), and while I don't have regrets of leaving my partner for someone else, I will always think of my past partner and wish him positive thoughts. My relationship with my ex started to crumble. Thank you for posting.

I came across this article as I am considering leaving my husband. The first guy I really trusted. Understanding what to do when your wife leaves you for another man starts with recognizing the power in staying calm.

I have been married for 19 years, together with my husband for 23 years total.

I know what happiness waits for me on the other side. Hey, I'm Ariel Meadow Stallings, the Seattle-based author of books like Offbeat Bride and From Shitshow To Afterglow. Do you ever think about other people's feelings? I was dropped on the high... Hey, friends. They didn't make those vows thinking they were anything other than a "forever thing" and they went through the same pain and guilt and grief you have. My husband was not a bad person, but we have been through so much financially over the last 10 years, I just never felt secure and anything he said or did. Couples who implemented the strategies found on these guides literally added fuel to the fire burning in their marriages rather than dousing the fire. I am left all alone in a home I purchased for my family and I wake up every morning fighting through tears just to get myself out of bed because of the emotional condition my wife left me in. All you need to do is to approach your marriage problems resolution strategically and tactically so that within a short period your heart desires will be fully accomplished. To be honest, at the time I was devastated and vowed to get her back, but now I’m starting to feel like he’s welcome to her, any woman who can do that doesn’t deserve me to be honest. There are many more do's and don'ts but I most certainly can not list them in this write up, however I want to urge you not to give up on your marriage because out there also are many guides which are spot on what and what not to do in order to effectively transform your almost moribund marriage into a marriage filled with marital bliss.

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