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Neil began his training at the internationally acclaimed National Youth Theatre, he went on to study Method Acting, the work of Yat Malmgren and many other craft techniques with the renowned Giles Foreman Centre of Acting. Official site Actor, Voice Over/ Performance Capture Artist and Performance Consultant. Christina Batman | Hi Neil, thanks for chatting with us. Dana Gourrier |, Neil Newbon |

Matt Vladimery | Tercelin Kirtley | Connor: Started off doing ‘How to’ videos where he actually tells you how to do the things. I was helped early on through all the fields in my career I have worked in and I feel it is only karma to help and support those who show an interest too. The team and I had a lot of fun weaving what I hope is a convincing dramatisation of the Nazi Leader. Boom. Some of you will have already enjoyed two awesome videos showcasing an actor performing motion capture at Audiomotion studios for Zombie Army Trilogy and our April Fools’ Zombie Army “Thrillogy” trailer. David Coburn | SOCIAL MEDIA *loads shotgun*, Thanks to all at Rebellion, Audiomotion and especially the Players for continuing their support of the games we get to play in. This is my way of giving that back into the Industry and brings me immense satisfaction. :D, 19. Gavin: Elijah’s cousin. It was however enormous fun to do- we shot the whole thing in ONE take, no rehearsals for the routine, all of which improvised with shout outs from the team – the only initial note was of course ‘think Thriller’, I am amazed frankly it looks so great and I will happily acknowledge that is more to do with the Team’s skill than my own! 2,643 Likes, 14 Comments - Neil Newbon (@neilnewbon) on Instagram: “Happy Diwali y’all x peace to everyone celebrating. For more of my work and screaming into the void you can find me on twitter @ inkytortoise, Kamski is definetly the type of guy who collects expensive bottles of arctica water and have them on his shelf, Everyone, spam me with Kamski’s picture while I’m sleeping I need to wake up to all these messages with his face, My friend @ts-queen-of-my-heart​ and I are huge shadowhunters fans, so we made up our dream casting in case The Dark Artifices ever gets made into a series. Based on the stream where Neil Newborn and Christopher Trindade played DBH together. I love what I do – it’s basically playtime – this project was no exception! Markus: Claims he is a art channel, just talks about conspiracies and unsolved cases. Height

We got to use a lot of background material for the character of Zombie Hitler through stock footage and picture references. David Atrakchi | I’d say I have a background in method acting and movement but I’m also a highly experienced martial arts expert, incorporating motion capture dramatic performance with stunts, combat and weapon work into his roles. Bryan Dechart | Akil Wingate |

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