shogun 2 best clan

© Valve Corporation. There’s a +2% chance of success for all monk action and you can recruit superior warrior monks for less money and lower upkeep costs. It’s too close to the mainland for you to protect it with a navy and this is not the best way to defend. Remember that minor clans that are not playable can still be powerful allies or enemies. Ikko Ikki is pretty much as like Oda except only loansword is op. Best clan for a Shogun 2 beginner; User Info: kyuthanaye.

Thanks all of you guys i consider all of this in my next campagin!!

The other bonus is increased trade income and you’ll need it because they start in a vulnerable position and really require some good armored units to back the warrior monks up.

All rights reserved. The Chosokabe enjoy increased income from farms and their military strength lies in superior bowmen who are also cheaper to recruit and maintain. but only you can now what the problem is as it is you that are playing. Im wondering which the best clan is ... so ? Note: The Hattori clan are only available as a playable faction in the Limited Edition of Shogun 2: Total War. This obviously doesn’t apply quite so much to the more specialist units like siege units or kisho ninja. They enjoy improved morale for all cavalry, they can recruit superior cavalry and they cost less to recruit and maintain.

just look at the Tokugawa Sh*t start point, you are a vassal and can be easily overrun by the Oda or your controling clan but they are one of the best clans to play late in the game as they are close to most of the resources, Kyoto isnt to far away and you can bottleneck the advancing armys in south shinto and the tokugawa or oda capital. They are surrounded so you’ll need to move fast to push the advantage and the siege units are still expensive and don’t have loads of ammunition, so don’t focus on them too much.

Equipped with spears or pikes they are especially useful against cavalry. (Just make sure you have enough armies once you pass by the point of no return... which is ridiculous). The kisho ninja are very useful for taking cities but you’ll have to take opposing clans down fast or use your diplomatic bonus to broker peace after a victory to prevent crushing counter-attacks from sweeping you away.

If you want to be a naval power then the Mori are the most obvious choice. In the next part of our Shogun 2: Total War guide we’ll take a look at some general strategy that should help in any Shogun 2: Total War campaign. The reason for Otomo is because they can access the portuguese terco, with this unit your castle is impregnable. They also enjoy a +2% chance for successful ninja actions. This is just a brief overview of the clans, if you have any tips please post a comment.

FOTS: Easiest is Satsuma or Choshu and if you want challenge, then Aizu or Nagaoka. You might want to look at a few guides. Take your time and build a good army and secure the island the Chosokabe province is on and then from that secure position you can decide what path to follow. The game rates the Oda's Initial Challenge as hard because they do start out in a two front war against three other clans.

It is probably what type of strategy you are using in battle that is the problem. Re: Best faction for each campaign. The bonus to Castle building is also very nice.

It’s probably a good idea to build “nanban” ports and trade with the Europeans to get access to new weaponry, though this means converting to Christianity which will cause serious unrest when you move on and conquer Buddhist territories. I've played all the previous total wars, so game experience isn't an issue, and id like to know what the best clan to use is. :D, This Game is based off of your play style, if your a nub try the Shimazu or Chosokabe if not and your Good Oda or Tokugawa, Remember each Clan has it advantages and disadvantages and there own Traits.

This has probably already been asked many times but I just cant seem to win. The Uesugi clan have a powerful Buddhist faith and so you get bonuses for monks. Oda will give you a really solid mid game because of the clan bonus and nor a bad choice for legendary because pretty much the only way to counter ai spam other than agents is through aghigaru spam, The Otomo clan is definitely the strongest, Ikko ikki is the worse (weakest) and people should not buy it. The Hattori clan start close to Kyoto.

They’re well placed to grab the trade route spots early on and rake in the cash. The Tokugawa clan presents a real challenge. That's why you should take over the two islands and don't make allies with them, because they will eventually turn on you and you don't want to be fighting on multiple fronts.

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