soldier boy book summary

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Flash forward twenty years, and an eleven-year-old boy named Samuel is plotting his next moves and how he can escape from the peaceful area to which he has been taken.

but 13 year olds think it is terrible. One of the aspects that was very well done in this book was the alternating narrators/perspectives. Soldier’s Heart: Being the Story of the Enlistment and Due Service of the Boy Charley Goddard in the First Minnesota Volunteers is a young adult military history novel by acclaimed young adult author, Gary Paulsen.First published in 2000 by Laurel Leaf, the plot centers on a young boy who craves the excitement of warfare, but who soon discovers being a soldier is anything but exciting. There are two stories running simultaneously with one story being the true story of Ricky Anywar, who in 1989 at the age of 14, was abducted from his home and thrown into the rebel army of Kony in the Ugandan Civil War. Keely Hutton captures the human element of such atrocity in a poignant, graceful manner; through Ricky's and Samuel's stories, the reader is able to travel the roads of war-torn and ravaged Uganda, and experience the stark, sometimes horrifying realities inflicted by Joseph Kony and his LRA.

The soldiers were still keen to get into the action. The other narrative begins with Samuel who is recovering from war wounds and will soon be returning home but is dealing with the horrors of war. I also enjoyed that the author (who is white) relied on the true story of a child soldier. Both young men are eventually given positions of leadership, and when the time is right, they make their separate ways home. by Keely Hutton

So very young! The story in itself is sad, but quite good, but the writing style was, to me, really disjointed, and very poor. TEEN FICTION, by Over the two and a half years that he lives with these rebels, Ricky becomes very good at what they ask him to do, sometimes scouting and sometimes fighting on the battlefield, and he and Patrick barely acknowledge one another in order to allay any doubts their leaders have. I sobbed multiple times as I read the book.

—Publishers Weekly, “A visceral indictment of man’s inhumanity to man while also celebrating human beings’ ability to empathize and to rescue those who desperately need saving.” The trip on the Southland towards battle, being torpedoed, lifeboats were faulty and  many were lost,  they all thought they would be drowned but then they were rescued  from the ocean by ships in the area.

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