steins;gate true ending flags

Most emails don't matter since there are no wallpapers or ringtones like the original game. - Answer whatever you want, Email - Sub: Today's worry - Answer whatever you want, SAVE 3 *Make sure you save before making the D-mail decision*, (Can skip credits with X second time onwards), FARIS ENDING Trophy Unlocked Isolated Jamais Vu, Email - Sub: They had a fight - Answer whatever you want, SAVE 4 *Make sure you save before making the D-mail decision*, LUKA ENDING Trophy Unlocked Link of Corruption and Rebirth, Email - Sub: Are you coming back? When I start chapter 8, I got Kurisu's email with the subject "Explain yourself" and looked at it. The west only got the game on PC back in 2014, which I have never played since I'm not really a PC gamer. All rights reserved. I will simply have the guide divided into chapters, then all interactions listed in the sequence they occur. However, I was very happy when it came out for PS3/ Vita in 2015. Any help? However, the second email never shows up by the time I get to the end of the chapter. You need to avoid getting too friendly with Mayuri to stay on the right path. So much so I played it on both systems haha. I feel like that some of the game was cut out to make the story quicker as well, especially once you get to chapters 6-8 with the alternate endings. Due to the anime-style, the original unique watercolor art style of the series has been lost. - Answer "bad scientist", Email - Sub: Bad Scientist - Answer "do better", *Extra scenes with Kurisu after Faris talks about the time machine*, Email - Sub: Home Alone - Answer "outsider", Email - Sub: Staring at my hand - Answer "why am I still here? I was looking around for a Steins;Gate ELITE guide and well realized there wasn't one. soyeahstuff. Possible spoilers, LOAD SAVE 1 This will be a replay to get the flags we need for the final two endings. There are over 500 posts...These were the ones I deemed important for those of the impatient sort: post# 294, 318, 343, 355, 452, 476, 523, 689, 701, 707, 709, 711, 758, 780, 786, 789, 807 (if there are any others I missed let me know! ELITE has a couple plus a weird thing where lines will repeat themselves. I've already completed these routes, I've seen people talking about the true end flags but I don't know what they are . I would highly suggest "locking" your saves with a simple press of triangle to save you the headache of replaying from the last usable save if you accidently overwrite it. - Answer "cup noodles", Email - Sub: About Luka - chan - Only one option; answer if you want, Email - Sub: Oneself - Only one option; answer if you want, Email - Sub: What made me happ... - Answer "cosplay", Email - Sub: ComiMa - Answer whatever you want, Email - Sub: Summer plans - Answer whatever you want, SAVE 2 *Make sure you save before making the D-mail decision*, Dmail - Don't send; press L2 and R2 to toggle between sending and not sending, SUZUHA ENDINGTrophy Unlocked Irreversible Reboot, Email - Sub: Where are you going?

I must have gotten 0 flags because my first ending was Mayuri's. Just do a normal save to make it simple. Another thing to keep in mind is the game was published in English on console originally by PQube, a European publishing company. If you just want the guide head to the walkthrough section... First of all: Differences between this and the original (PS3/ Vita)? Credit will be given. When Faris emails you about "the final battle," reply with "Red Southern Cross" then open the attachment from the reply she sends you to make progress on the "Princesses of Chaos" achievement.

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