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Relive the race from behind the wheel with BoostedGT and Dominator! But, with little experience building cars on a schedule, both teams start to feel like they might not be able to finish in time. This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 00:43.

The Gamestop TikTok Employee Challenge Is Even More Terrible Than You Think, Who Is Alexander Ludwig's New Girlfriend? AZN and Farmtruck build a Volkswagen bug race car to go out fishing with, but have a run-in with the local authorities. Wait, what? Murder Nova, Chief, Chuck, Shane, Kamikaze and Boosted are in for a shock, when the ricer cars prove to be faster than anyone imagined. When race day comes, tensions run high and fights break out that leave shockwaves throughout this racing community. And after a devastating loss, the 405 plan to prove their claim of being the "nation's fastest" by hosting the biggest Cash Days event in history. [1][2] The show was renewed for a thirteenth season which premiered on Monday, April 1, 2019. Birdman's whip is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and you can see him race it on Street Outlaws. Street Outlaws carries on the wonderful tradition of speed, gas, and high stakes action where anything can go wrong, with the added benefit of getting to know the people behind some of the most successful drag racing cars in America.

Farmtruck and AZN enter a 24 hour "Lemons Race" with an old Dodge Neon. The show's currently on its 15th season and you can catch Episode 3 … Farmtruck decides to add some new decor to the shop! Farmtruck and AZN race their daily drivers, and Chief tries extreme measures to fix his old, faithful motor. Big Chief decides to hold the largest round robin in 405 history to determine who is worthy. The show's currently on its 15th season and you can catch Episode 3 on Monday, Jan. 27, at 8 p.m. EST. When the guys get to race night, they learn that the Memphis racers are some of the loudest and mouthiest racers they've ever met, and with everyone struggling to get down a junky asphalt road, everything comes down to the last race. Even though he knew very early on that he'd be able to make a living for himself on the track, he's still surprised at just how big his name has become in the racing world, and how many fans he's managed to accumulate over the years. Doc takes on Big Chief for the top spot. Track racers from Tulsa, OKC’s northern neighbor, call out the 405 with hopes of taking down the "fastest street-raced cars in the country." "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". While fishing for street races and fast cash, Farmtruck and AZN meet their match. Big Chief gets a callout via an online video from a Texas race club who think they can take on the 405’s best. Street racing will never be the same after this 2-hour special. [3] Episodes . Dave faces off against Jackie in the Sonoma for the #8 spot, while Shane and Derek battle for #6. Kamikaze and Farmtruck both make their triumphant returns to list racing, and an old favorite makes it back on the list. With the popularity of the Shark Pool, Chief must host 2 race nights! Big Chief strikes a deal with loudmouth racer Freakin’ Rican, allowing him to call out (#10) Farmtruck in exchange for bootleg fireworks. Farm truck and AZN prank Big Chief and Shawn. Jackie wants on the list and must race #10 Chuck while #2 Chief and #3 Doc square off in a battle for second position. #3 Shawn pushes the Nova to its limits against #2 Monza in his Sinister Split Bumper Camaro. Chief, Shawn, and Jeff Lutz all work to get their cars in perfect shape, hoping to end the season in the top spot. I agree to receive information from Discovery Communications in accordance with the following. Varley’s son/driver Tony quits, leaving the team high and dry.

Big Chief and his wife prepare the Crow for race night. Hop in the driver's seat with Dominator and Brian and experience the race from their point of view! Hop in the driver's seat with Dominator and Doc and experience the race from their point of view! Ideal conditions? Freakin’ Rican finally gets his shot when he calls out (#10) Farmtruck, but an AZN joyride jeopardizes the Farmtruck’s gatekeeper standing. With Dave down for repairs, Chuck, Ryan, Shawn, & Monza battle to try to take the top spot, while Doc tries to get himself out of the bottom. The 405 travels to Kansas City to accept a challenge of some smacktalking racers who think they have what it takes to claim \"fastest in the country.\" Farmtruck and AZN take on an elderly couple in a Hotrod with the Dung Beetle.

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