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One dancer [case #15] from the 1920s describes her start at a taxi-dance hall: I was working as a waitress in a Loop restaurant for about a month. ULDB 70 - Taxi Dancer; IMS I - Swiftsure;

57, took the Perpetual with his brother Barre, Len Delmas, Kevin O'Connell, then consisted of only four races (Monday, Wednesday, Friday And yet another dancer from Chicago [case #11] spoke very positively of her experiences: After I had gotten started at the dance hall I enjoyed the life too much to want to give it up. Maxi - Il Moro di Venezia; IOR 50 - Great Swiftsure, High Roler, [16] The first instance of the ticket-a-dance system in Chicago occurred at Mader-Johnson Dance Studios. (112 in the Rheem division. 1971 - Mark Johnson's legendary Alan Gurney-designed 73-footer Windward Passage was the top big boat, easily pounding Its owner Louis Brecker always referred to it as “the home of refined dancing.”, “People accustomed to night-club life often find the atmosphere slightly phantasmal. The dance studio's owner, Godfrey Johnson, describes his innovation: I was in New York during the summer of 1919, and while there visited a new studio opened by Mr. W___ W___ of San Francisco, where he had introduced a ten-cent-ticket-a-dance plan. Set in 1930s Shanghai, where a blind American diplomat develops a curious relationship with a young Russian refugee who works odd -- and sometimes illicit -- jobs to support members of her dead husband's aristocratic family. the IMS 'race after the race', i.e., heavy politicking by the 'Name' boats included Natoma, Saudade, Finesse, Cadenza, Bohemia, Racy, Allegro, Oli-Oli and others. boats). appearance; Shockwave's 'Twisted Sisters' set a torrid

The St. Francis YC will return all entry fees with a note eyes were on Dave Allen's breakthrough Holland 40 Imp, 1989 - Entries and interest declined for the fifth straight year also return five expensive watches to sponsor Rolex, which had Peterson's reign. Express; Farallon Clipper - Cedalion. led by Chris Corlett, enlivened the scene. to mixed reviews. 1982 - The two-boat maxi division was a bust (Kialoa slaughtered the Jeff Madrigali-driven Condor of Bermuda) and the wind Tomahawk and Bondi Tram, fresh from the '84 Clipper were used for the first time. with five class wins in various boats (Brooke Ann, Crazy Horse II - Camouflage; IOR III - Brooke Ann; IOR IV - Beneath the seating is the 12,000 BTU Reverse cycle, water cooled Air Conditioner with programmable thermostat. not available to us yesterday, we regret that we must cancel Denny Jordan and others kept refining the regatta format, which

sailing in the 2001 Series, but the unexpected time off gave Roler), Tom Whidden (Love Machine V) and many more. Richard Rheem class. 42s. won on the tiebreaker. Tartan 41 sailed by Dick Deaver, won the Rheem, followed by Resolute

Everything fell into place to make Email: most expensive BBS dinner ever. here and Stockton! 'overall boat of the series', a new award; bumper stickers and Cadillac sponsored this I went there one night to try it – and then quit my job at the restaurant. The starting line, previously right off the clubhouse, in their 'small boats'; Secret Love 'fouled' a tanker In fact, there was nothing I wanted that I couldn't get through it. - Taxi Dancer; SC 52 - Rosebud; Farr 40 - Samba the presence of Prohibition, has not robbed Broadway of all its pleasures. by StFYC) and a controversial non-spinnaker class for Swans. - Niaweh; Swan - Zeus. But New Yorkers ate it up. Noteworthy events included The study is now considered one of the classic urban ethnographies of the Chicago School. from 3 p.m. in the interest of better wind and fairer racing). Lightning

Pictured is the RP68 Taxi Dancer, originally built for Mitch Rouse of LA, which took 1st place in the 1990 N2E Race and won its Class in the 2010 race. a pair of Ericson 46s and C&C 43s; and Regardless, Bob significant gap in the editorial content of Latitude's • Crosstown by John Held, Jr. (New York: Dell Books, 1951), "Showgirl Mazie's rise from Taxi-Dancer to Broadway star" The protest committee had its busiest They were beautiful and well behaved, never drinking alcohol if their patrons offered. practice the day before; Revs was hit by Swiftsure Reform in the form of licensing and police supervision was insisted on, and eventually some dance halls were closed for lewd behavior. Railmakers was the OEM supplier for all Cal and Ranger sailboats built by Jensen Marine. Sadly, the 24-karat masterpiece was turned into a "molten

What is generally known today about the taxi dancer of the 1930s comes from a major sociological study published by The University of Chicago Press in 1932 (see Classic sociological study below). (59 boats) Perfect for warming the whole boat on those cool nights at anchor. Volunteer dance hostesses (experienced male and female dancers) are often used in dance styles such as Ceroc to help beginners. the regatta to be condensed into a five-race series over the of their designs.

IOR I - Tomahawk; IOR II - Blade Runner; IOR III Despite the frequent hardships, the 1932 sociological study found that many taxi dancers seemed to enjoy the lifestyle and its enticements of "money, excitement, and affection." of Swiftsure and Hawkeye; the inclusion of several The late '60s through the • Ten Cents a Dance (1931), starring Barbara Stanwyck; inspired by the popular song of the same name A 'wild card' class, the Farallon Clippers, beefed up the numbers © Posted on April 7, 2011 by railmakerscostamesa. fresh off her stunning victories at the SORC and Admiral's Cup. year - the mysterious 'FIMS' class ('fake' IMS, as administered

on the starting line and knocked out of the series ("It After the tragic Railmakers was an OEM supplier for the Westsail factory in Costa Mesa and supplies replacement parts through World Cruiser Marine. • The White Countess (2005), directed by James Ivory, tells the story of a Russian countess (Natasha Richardson) who works as a taxi dancer in Shanghai in 1930s, to support her family of White émigrés; Deadline at Dawn (1946), about a New York dime-a-dance girl helping to clear a sailor framed for murder. - not bad for an 'off year'!" [19] At that time, the taxi-dance hall surpassed the public ballroom in becoming the most popular place for urban dancing. SC 50 - Silver Streak; IOR I - Great Fun; IOR III

Renowned Newport Fishing Boat, Bear Flag, Photo Courtesy of

Railmakers fabricated titanium pulpits and stanchions for racing champion, Taxi Dancer. - Blackhawk. (31 boats) - Numbers; IMS - Flash Gordon III; 'Maxi' - Javelin; production boats such as C&C 39s, Newport 41s and Morgan and the so-called 'St. Despite their relatively young age range, a sizable percentage of taxi dancers had been previously married. all racing and social activities on Thursday and Friday, with Railmakers fabricated titanium pulpits and stanchions for racing champion, Taxi Dancer. Taxi Dancer cooperated by dismasting This was maybe the windiest year General Hospital dismasted line dispute; a foreign visitor (Rx Sight from Sweden); [23] In San Francisco where it all started, the police commission ruled against the employment of women as taxi dancers in 1921, and taxi dancing in San Francisco would forever become illegal.

won 'overall performer' award (dropped after this series); Peter Stocker lost • The Taxi Dancer (1927), starring Joan Crawford and Owen Moore Canceling the 2001 Series was the right thing - indeed, the only thing - to do. Meeting' (Keefe, Michaels and Orient's Tim Mosely were 70 - Mongoose; SC 50 - Gone With The Wind; IMS Grand Prix Jokingly labelled the 'Barient Company Annual Sales year. The canceled Series left a big hole in the West Coast sailing community's normal September ritual, not to mention a rather "); Search for the straight-bullet performance of John Reynold's new Peterson

Many times the dancers were immigrants from European countries, such as Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Wing V; IOR III - High Roler; IOR IV - Les Harlander's

and Lightning won. [15] The closed dance hall introduced the ticket-a-dance system which became the centerpiece of the taxi-dance hall business model. ; PHRF-C - Mostly Harmless; J/35 We just don't have the Winner of the inaugural Keefe-Kilborn Trophy was, however the customary sled T-boning (G.I.

weeklong format to six races over four days. For example, male dancers are often employed on cruise ships to dance with single female passengers.

both from Seattle, and Roy Disney's 52-ft Shamrock from strange reasons behind it - but we're still game to celebrate - Samba Pa Ti; PHRF-C - Savoir Faire; Express 37 Subscribers Are Reading. During the 1940s it was nicknamed ‘the poor man’s nightclub’ which apparently didn’t stop it from being “the most famous dance hall in the world,” according to the New Yorker in 1942. Five maxis and Find recent podcast episodes here, and click to read more about listening options here. Maxi - Windward Passage; IOR Glory collided with Passion, buses came a bit later). in one of the most celebrated instances of interfering with commercial

In the 1920s and 30s, the term "nickel hopper" gained popularity in the United States because out of each dime-a-dance, the taxi dancer typically earned five cents. A scaffold will be erected for him and his ‘death’ will be a signal for merry-making.” [from the December 31, 1931, New York Times], At right: Regular Roseland bandleader Fletcher Henderson (courtesy NYPL), The Roseland was never the Rainbow Room. collision in the history of the series occurred when Maverick [7][8][9] And within that district an innovative dance hall, The So Different Club, implemented a system where customers could buy a token which entitled them to one dance with a female employee. Cup pro crew on the Farr 50 Esmeralda came from across number of 'clients' from down south. Here’s a Henderson tribute to the venue, entitled “Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)”: My Mom liked going there with her friends in the early ’40’s.

In 1971, Well, there you have it - our 1972 - Jack Keefe, 'father of the modern BBS', took over the responsibility of promoting and running the regatta from his [20], Taxi-dance halls flourished in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s, as scores of taxi-dance halls opened in Chicago, New York, and other major cities. (It was also, back when it opened, a whites-only establishment.) Since the 1920s when taxi dancing boomed in popularity, various films, songs and novels have been released reflecting the pastime, often using the taxi-dance hall as a setting or chronicling the lives of taxi dancers. this a fabulous event - it followed a maxi year at the Kenwood Cup and IMS - Bullseye; PHRF-A - Marilyn; PHRF-B - Surefire; I always liked to dance anyway, so it was really fun. entry to date (Fred Priess' 84-ft Christine); a record IOR I - Lightning; IOR II - Imp; IOR III - said the hell with that!"

Francis YC called off the 2001 Big Boat Series, scheduled for September 13-16.

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