temporary practice permit pa nursing

(d)  An applicant seeking a waiver of the 1-year requirement in §  21.23(c) (relating to qualifications of applicant for examination) shall submit documentation to demonstrate that an emergency, illness, military service or other good cause prevented compliance, or that the candidate holds a license to practice nursing in another state or country. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (30263) to (30264). The following documents shall be retained and submitted upon request: (1)  For attendance at continuing education programs or courses, the registered nurse shall retain the certificate of attendance provided by the program or course provider. A second or subsequent violation will subject the registered nurse to discipline under section 14(a)(3) of the act (63 P.S. § §  212.1(k) and 222); amended under sections 2.1(k) and 12.1(a) of The Professional Nursing Law (63 P.S. A registered nurse seeking to reinstate a lapsed license or reactivate an inactive license shall file an application for reinstatement or reactivation and submit documentation to demonstrate that the registered nurse completed 30 hours of continuing education within the biennial period immediately preceding application. (2)  At least 90 days prior to the expiration date of the temporary practice permit, the graduate registered nurse shall: (i)   Submit an application for licensure by examination as a registered nurse. 2677; amended September 16, 1983, effective September 17, 1983, 13 Pa.B.

The school shall have a written policy consistent with its philosophy and objectives concerning criteria for granting advanced standing or accepting transfer students. The temporary practice permit will expire in 1 year, unless the individual fails the licensure examination, in which case the temporary practice permit will immediately expire.

The provisions of this §  21.132 adopted July 11, 2008, effective July 12, 2008, 38 Pa.B. (4)  Statement of the philosophy, purposes and objectives of the program. 7822. Faculty assistants shall have a baccalaureate degree in nursing and shall give evidence of a plan for obtaining a graduate degree in nursing. (f)  The Board will regulate the practice of professional nursing. The provisions of this §  21.6 adopted November 29, 1991, effective November 30, 1991, 21 Pa.B. The provisions of this §  21.51 amended under sections 2.1(k) and 6.1 of The Professional Nursing Law (63 P.S.

(b)  The curriculum shall be organized and developed to include the knowledge, attitudes, skills and abilities necessary for the specific levels of student achievement. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (30247) to (30248). §  212.1(k)). The provisions of this §  21.111 amended October 22, 1976, effective October 23, 1976, 6 Pa.B.

(4)  Disclose any discipline imposed by a state licensing board on any nursing or allied health profession license or certificate in the previous biennial period and any criminal charges pending or criminal conviction, plea of guilty or nolo contendere, or admission into a probation without verdict or accelerated rehabilitative disposition during the previous biennial period unless prior notification has been made under §  21.29a (relating to reporting of crimes and disciplinary action).

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