theragun pro vs elite

The Elite has five attachment heads, including a standard ball, a dampener, a wedge, a cone, and a thumb attachment. Other Good Choices: Jawku Muscle Blaster V2, Opove M3PRO. The PRO comes with additional attachments, so if you like having more tools in the toolbox, you will have a wider variety of massage styles to choose from with the extra and unique tips that are included with the PRO. But for the price, it doesn’t feel a drawback. That early iteration inspired what became the Theragun, a handheld, power-driven device that uses percussive therapy to deliver quick-fire blows (2,400 per minute to be precise), to sore muscles. The powerful percussion [70lbs stall force] is therapeutic and compensatory for 12 mm stroke length. First off, both the Theragun PRO massage gun and Elite now feature Bluetooth compatibility and wireless charging, a first in the handheld massager category. Here’s everything you need to know about it. The Theragun PRO provides multiple levels of percussion, for sensitive areas as well as deeper-rooted pain. Additionally, they spent a lot on the advertisement. So, if you don’t need very professional percussion and need the Best affordable Theragun Alternative, it is no other than Medcursor Mini. Medcursor Mini has an effortless and minimalistic design.

Voxpree M30, due to its lightweight and less noise, enjoys a good reputation in the massage gun industry. With that being said, there are some situations in which the Elite might be a better option for you: Click here to order your Theragun Elite from us with fast, free shipping, free returns and a 30-day money back guarantee, or checkout the Theragun Elite on Amazon. We want to help you pick the best device! The Standard Ball attachment is the best all-rounder for small and large muscle groups, and is a good go-to for after a workout. Another thing related to the battery is the removable option. With a 6-hour battery life, it beat not only all Theraguns but also all other massage guns on the list. But for entry-level percussion and solid construction, it is among the most affordable and durable Theragun alternatives.

But we’ll not compromise the critical features like excellent percussion ability and good usability. With a lot of the same benefits as the PRO, the Elite is the best choice for athletes and those who are training consistently. From the ultra-portable Theragun mini to the professional-grade Theragun Pro, we break down everything you need to know about the popular massage gun. Additionally, through ProCare, you will get 35% off on upcoming massage guns [one-time offer]. The Best part? Also, Theragun Prime’s attachments are somehow acceptable. OLED displays of Theraguns Pro and Elite have a force meter.

Complete Review for Best Theragun Alternatives: Things to take care while Choosing Theragun Alternatives: LifePro Pulse FX vs Hypervolt vs. Theragun Elite vs. Kraftgun. A 30-50lbs force is currently the industry standard, and suitable for adequate percussion. In fact, both the Theragun PRO and Elite leverage Bluetooth to enable you to measure force, change speeds, follow on-screen usage guides and track session information. Its design is very straightforward and has been copied by some other companies. For us, we are totally OK with that especially since they doubled the battery life to 120 minutes! Regardless of other products, their massage guns are truly exceptional in every aspect. Firstly, both the Theragun PRO massage gun and Theragun Elite offer 5 speeds. Secondly, being released in 2019, LifePro Pulse Fx doesn’t have advanced features like the app-control [Although we expect its advanced version sooner]. It’s not that chocolate biscuit brand Tim Tam, but a massage gun brand famous for its powerful devices. We can help! These built-in programs are similar to those Flagship Theraguns offer via the app. Its noise is similar, or slightly louder, to the Theragun Mini. The Theragun Mini don’t have force meter. 300 min. The weight, Battery life, and attachments are suitable for the price. This is perfect if you need a massage gun for multiple users. Additionally, LifePro fitness has the best customer support among all massage gun brands. While looking for Theraguns alternatives, you might come across massage guns that apparently look perfect, but nothing more than Chinese Versions of some popular massage guns. In short, using the Theragun will help you recover faster. The Theragun, the fitness tool that’s taking the industry by storm. With the release of the brand new Theragun line, it may be difficult to decide which Theragun Percussion Massager is right for you. . TimTam Power massager faced a lot of criticism on its design, as it closely resembles a Jigsaw. Unfortunately, Theragun Mini is very sub-standard in its attachments. Additionally, we tried our best to be objective. Although we don’t consider the weight a highly crucial factor in the choice of massage gun, if you do, you should know where you stand. The Theragun Elite model includes a Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone. However, if we compare PPM [Percussions per minute] of all these Theraguns with other massage guns, they are comparatively low. Due to this wide usability, we consider it a good Theragun Alternative. These options work fine, but for more customizable massage, Theraguns have custom speed options. It is the reason we have added it to our list of Theragun alternatives. The stall force of 66 lbs and 16 mm stroke length is good enough to energize your muscles. Thus, under these guidelines, we deduce that Theragun Pro is right for energetic percussion therapy. Such rotation of the head adds more ease to the massage.

There are three key reasons we consider it a good Theragun Alternative.

So in reality, the speed level can be customized far beyond 5 speeds, even! Surprisingly, many of its features, like the speed range, are more advanced than any of the Theraguns. It percusses with almost the same force as Theragun PRO and G3Pro, but in slightly less depth.

The warranty is for one year. Additionally, Voxpree M30 has a quieter variant for the girls, for the same price. Theragun PRO vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini. Theragun mini is devoid of this feature.

150 minutes each, 300 minutes total. As mentioned in the start, we preferred affordable massage guns as Theragun alternatives.

The adjustable shaft makes it easy to treat yourself at different angles, and the horizontal angle really comes in handy when you need to apply more pressure, or if you are treating a partner. Are you looking to save money on fitness products? That is our Shipping Guarantee! These are breakthrough advances in the category of handheld massagers. It is the most lightweight massage gun in the market. Eliminate hand, wrist strain with 4 arm positions and Theragun Triangle. While the PRO is the top of the line option in the Theragun lineup, it is important to understand what each of these models offer in order to decide which will best suit you. I've been stuck between which one to get -- Theragun Elite or Hyperice Hypervolt + I know the Elite is quieter than its predecessors although I … This means that the PRO provides about 33% more torque. The Theragun Elite has a built in battery with an estimated run time of 120 minutes. © 2020. Addaday is a popular brand that manufactures therapy equipment like massage chairs, tens units, and different types of foot massagers. Originally a hypervolt’s replica, Opove M3Pro, after its release, gained a lot of attention. Having adequate percussion, good speed options, up to the mark battery life, tolerable noise, and above all, a reasonable price make Theragun Elite a perfect choice. The Built-Quality is also somehow related.

If you share your home, or otherwise need a quiet environment, this can present other distinct problems. Therefore, both new customers and athletes use this device. This rivalry results in customers switching to other brands. But the weight is astonishingly less. Theragun vs Kraft Gun: Which to Compare? But the price is the most alluring thing Medcursor Mini offers. With the release of the brand new Theragun line, it may be difficult to decide which Theragun Percussion Massager is right for you. Such a simple design enhances other features like portability and handling. All Theragun models include a premium carrying case which makes it easy to take your massager with you wherever you go. With a lot of the same benefits as the PRO, the Elite is the best choice for athletes and those who are training consistently. In terms of price, it is better than both of these.

In comparison, the Elite is non-adjustable. So, our answer will be Straight ‘yes‘ for the first three, but we are little hesitant for Theragun Mini. So, in our opinion, 4th Generation massage guns except Theragun Mini have not shown good results in attachments. The LifePro Sonic’s battery lasts for more than 3 hours. Several factors determine your choice of a massage gun.

– if you are only planning to use your massage gun on yourself and/or spouse/partner, the 120 minutes of battery life will be plenty enough for your application, while offering you a lot of savings. When looking for Theragun alternatives, spending more than 300$ will not be the right choice. In case you don’t know, Theragun has six different massage guns, namely, Theragun PRO, Elite, Prime, Mini, G3PRO, and Theragun Liv. With many of its exclusive features, you will not regret it if you choose LifePro Pulse FX as a Theragun Alternative. Although plenty powerful, you’ll need to upgrade to the Elite’s older sibling, the PRO for more power and increased battery life thanks to 2 removable batteries. The most critical factor that differentiates various 4th Generation models is the massaging action. Like the Pulse Fx and Theragun PRO, TimTam Power Massager has a rotatable head. Moreover, three speed-options for a diverse percussion range [1800-3400 percussions per minute] is not impressive. However, the high level of intensity it offers, as well as its quality, durability and customization features, supposedly make the PRO the crème de la crème of percussion massage guns. While they are from the same brand and they both feature groundbreaking technology such as Bluetooth compatibility and Wireless charging, there are a few key differences that I will explain in the review below. As a Theragun alternative, having such a sturdy construction is a significant thing. Additionally, other usability features make Opove M3 Pro the right choice under 200$. Quiet Force Technology doesn’t allow significant noise fluctuations with changing speeds. Read our complete Theragun PRO massager review, Read our complete Theragun Elite massager review, TriggerPoint Grid Vibe Plus vs. Hyperice Vyper 2.0.

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