top fuel dragster transmission

Coming up with nearly 11,000 horsepower is a big responsibility. The 58 nozzles in the intake tract are always open, dumping about 5 gallons of fuel in a 4-second run. The first horseless carriage had an engine that could come up with only 0.75 horsepower, and then, its inventors would come in the local country club, and everyone patted his back for his achievement. A dragster goes through 5.7-liters per second of fuel consumption in high revs. Would it be cheaper if cars were sold directly from the factory instead of a dealership? Similar to their Top Fuel counterparts but with a shorter wheelbase and a carbon-fiber body that loosely resembles a production-based automobile, … Current estimates are in the 8000 neighborhood, and, no, we didn't mistakenly add a zero on the end. As the team prepares for the 2011 season, which starts Feb. 24, we peel off its top-fueler's bodywork to learn the secrets of its insane acceleration. The exciting thing about getting the dragster started is that it cannot be done individually. That means the participant vehicles burn more than one thousand dollars worth of fuel and rubber for the average 4 seconds of the drag race, which gets us to the usual cost of $5K per each quarter-mile run. The lightweight drag rails can travel a quarter-mile in 4.4 seconds while achieving speeds of more than 335 mph. With all the figures and statistics that we’ve talked about so far, there should be no doubt that there is no way that a normal sports car can be compared to any Top Fuel dragster. "Better Boot": Chevy's New Infantry Squad Vehicle. Nitromethane is a highly combustible material that burns way hotter than natural gas. The fastest road car on the planet is known to be the Koenigsegg One:1 that can go from 0 to 250 mph in 20 seconds. Interestingly, a gallon of nitromethane, which costs $58, has less energy content than gasoline (14 kilowatt-hours versus 34). They can go from 0 to 60 mph in half a second. It’s not like developing a usual sports car, and it sure is not similar to the development journey that a starter car goes through. Powered by a supercharged and fuel-injected 500-cubic-inch adaptation of the famed Chrysler Hemi engine, Top Fuel dragsters can burn up to 15 gallons of nitromethane fuel during a single quarter-mile run. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Powerglides and whatnots are used in Super Street and other "lesser" classes of drag racing, but not those super-duper dragsters. The supercharger, which is just a belt-driven air pump that force-feeds the engine, is so massive that it takes 700 hp to run it. Where Are Abby Lee's Dancers From Dance Moms Today? Related: Detroit’s 11 Fastest Stock Cars From The NASCAR Circuit. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. :D. "Unquestionably, the clutch is the most crucial element for Top Fuel success, so much so that the Schumacher team has added a dynamometer specifically for developing this component. While the other side of the highly-developed and upgraded but ordinary sports cars like Porsche 919 Hybrid MKII holds the record of 8.3 seconds for a quarter-mile run in 2020, Tony Schumacher holds the fastest quarter-mile sprint in a Top Fuel model with an impressive record of 3.649 seconds.

That tragedy did not deter the Kalitta crew. On March 13, 2010, in Gainesville, Fla., Kalitta driver David Grubnic set a top speed record on the 1000-foot track. Imagine falling from the sky; the pressure you feel on your skin is equivalent to 1 G. The average g-force that astronauts experience during a rocket launch is around 3 Gs, while Top Fuel drivers might go through up to 8 Gs to accelerate. 5 Using Flat Tires To Get A Grip The special blend of tread rubber is designed to adhere to the adhesive that's applied to the track.

The average cost of each second of a Top Fuel drag race is estimated to be more than $1K.

The car has no transmission , so the five-disc clutch is set up to slip just enough to keep the tires from breaking traction. Among the fastest-accelerating machines in the world, 7,000-horsepower Top Fuel dragsters are often referred to as the “kings of the sport,” and with good reason. Top-fuelers burn a mixture that's 90 percent nitromethane and 10 percent alcohol. Ford Offers to License Its Police “Surveillance Mode” Camera Tech to Other Cop-Car Makers, The Electric-Powered Dragster : DIY Rally, Part 5, Is Fracking Safe? The Too Hot To Handle Cast, Ranked By Instagram Followers, 10 A-List Ladies And Who They Revealed As Their Celebrity Crush, Everything We Know About Larissa Lima's Firing From 90 Day Fiancé, Every Celeb The Jonas Brothers Have Dated, Ranked By How Much Fans 'Stanned' The Relationship, Every Disney Princess & What Their College Major Would Be, Ryan Gosling's Best Movies (According to IMDB). You cannot find the dragster fuel in your local gas station as the primary fuel that is burnt inside the engine of these beasts is a chemical compound called nitromethane, which produces an extremely high temperature. "This is the engine's toughest zone," Oberhofer says. No sort of transmission will stand up to THAT kind of abuse.

Friction elements are resurfaced to within .001-in. With increasing vehicle speed, the tires expand to a final diameter of 44 inches. The only downside of these brakes is that they have to be heated up to a specific temperature before they can work properly. The braking system utilizes composite materials such as carbon fiber since they have been proven to be the superior material in having better stopping-force and heat-loss.

So the rear and front wheels are welded directly to the chassis. The fuel flow ramps to 95 gallons per minute. Why is it taking Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia so long to count votes? These machines are so fast—topping 330 mph—that the quarter-mile track (1320 feet) was shortened to 1000 feet after Scott Kalitta was killed in 2008 when his car exploded at the finish and crashed into the catch fence. NHRA Top Fuel dragsters are the world's fastest accelerating land vehicles. Exhibition 1000ft runs from the Fuch's APSA Pro Street Shootout held at Calder Park, Australia. It's all controlled by centrifugal levers (adjustable by adding or removing weights) and air pressure (regulated by mechanical timers).

The clutch's throw-out bearing has moved through three of its five stages, increasing the pressure on the discs. The temperature of the flames has been measured to be around 7050 degrees Fahrenheit, now imagine how much temperature inside the engine would be. While many normal cars use up to 2 bars of pressure on their wheels to get a hold on the track, these dragsters use just 0.5 bar of weight pressure, and the main grip comes from the high friction level between rubber and tarmac. Constructed of chromoly steel tubing and carbon-fiber composite, Top Fuel cars are 25 feet long and weigh 2,250 pounds in race-ready trim. To reduce power and the acceleration of the driveshaft and tires, the ignition advance is retarded from 56 degrees to 27—a strategy to keep the tires gripping the track surface instead of spinning. Aerodynamics increase tire traction so the throw-out bearing tightens its grip.

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