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Priced To Sell at $1,995*, 679) MASSIVE & AMAZING GOTHIC KEY 12 INCHES CIRA 1400s -1500s: Probably German or Austrian. The shapes of the hilt and pommel enable the more precise classification of Viking swords in Jan Petersen’s typology. } Very simply put, if you step on one you will have a spike embedded in the bottom of your foot. Custom Engraving, Cavalry Swords Most likely Venetian. if (document.layers){

2 in x 2½ in x 1½ in (5 cm x 7 cm x 3.5 cms). Original key. I have two available that came from a massive armada chest, both have makers marks. Found in Israel. Caltrops were part of defenses that served to slow the advance of horses, war elephants, and human troops.

$279.99, Suontaka Viking Sword Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 311) RARE GIANT 11 INCH GOTHIC CASTLE OR CHURCH DOOR: Rare item. Length: 16 inches. Diameter: 58mm. var sc_invisible=0; $89.99, Traditional Viking Swords The Kuppelemayr Collection # 199 in there 1895 Catalog which states the sword came from Turin Italy. return false; I know less about Islamic staff weapons but can say that there are berdiches in the Military Museum (Askeri Museet) in Istanbul. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 609) 11 Medieval European Iron Arrowheads 9-12th century. They are designed so that 2 sharp iron/steel spikes are always pointing upward from a stable base (for example, a tetrahedron). You will not find a more exotic or interesting conversation piece. 1004) VIKING WAR AXE 8TH-11TH CENTURY SUPER RARE MUSEUM QUALITY: The Viking or Danish/Dane war axe, have a wide, thin blade, typically6 to 12-inches in length. Since they were stopping an advancing calvary charge, their armor needed to be up to the task. An elaborate pattern welding which extends over the whole blade and into the tang, pieces missing as shown. Depiction of a courtly lady looking at a gentleman. During the middle ages keys were a means to flaunt wealth. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, *Buyer has 10 days to inspect and accept the item afterwards the buyer understands and accepts that seller’s opinion is not a warranty of the object’s age, or authenticity and that all sales are final. Provenance Drouot auction House France in 1972. Oakeshott Type XI is associated with the early, middle and late 12th century. It tapers to an acute point, each side of the blade with a short 5.75 inch slender fuller originating at the quillon block, and decorated on both faces around the fuller with an incised line on each side with intermittent pointille lines and a cross at the tip, wide cross guard with downward turning quillons expanding at the tips, side ring at the quillon block, three notches at the center of the quillon block, mushroom shaped pommel with octagonal fluting, grip replaced with a twisted wire binding and Turks heads. } Original key. $319.99, Damascus Viking Swords Very good condition and a great addition to any collection. It originated in China and soon made its way to medieval Europe either via trade or parallel development. A great piece for any collection.

These are super rare. Spanish Export license from the government of Spain list it as 14th-15th century but more likely as early as 16th century. Must be seen to be believed. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 461) A MUSEUM QUALITY 1700s FRENCH LIMOGES INCENSE BURNER: Composed with angels surrounding an oval with the baptism richly decorated with volutes and ornaments, on the underside a round basin, copper enameled and painted, partly gilded, on a later blue velvet panel. var sc_security="ab93dee7"; “Valencia” stamped several times within the fuller. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 60) Hanover Maximilian Helmet Circa 1520: Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections. The crossbow was used for war fare and hunting and only surpassed by [Read More], 860) VIKING TYPE K IN THE PETERSEN TYPOLOGY AND A IV IN THE WHEELER TYPOLOGY: This is a superb example of a Viking 9th to 10th century sword. Dimensions 37 x 18 x 17 inches.

Approximately 6.2 Kg in weight and 12.0 cm in diameter. This example has a total length of 260mm a bore 31mm. Dimensions 11 X 6.5 X 6.5 inches.They do not come any nicer. Ultimate conversation piece. Length 49 cm. It is in excellent condition with original velvet, no key but can be easily replaced. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*. if (e.which==2||e.which==3){ Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 469) AMAZING GERMAN GIANT PADLOCK CIRCA 1550: The keyhole cover has a trick mechanism to open the door to insert the key. All steel. Smaller compartment in the inside. Many of these Viking Swords are inspired by real swords that were wielded in medieval Europe. The imagery was used in a ceremony or by a highly accomplished lama to show dominion of the human body (transient vessel) or malignant interference’s.

976) AN ELEGANT GILDED FRENCH GORGET CIRCA 1600: 975) DECORATED POLISH / HUNGARIAN HORSEMAN’S HAMMER CIRCA 1640- 70: A very different variant from the other western European War Hammers. Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Scandinavian Viking Gifts - Buy online from USA today!

The pictures tell the whole story. Sizes range from 45 to 75mm.Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 604) ITALIAN KNIGHTS SPUR CIRCA 1550-80: Great condition and very elegant. Classic Viking Swords Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 285) MASTER COLLECTION OF 177 OLD 17th-18th CENTURY KEYS: many sizes and dimensions. ga('send', 'pageview');

Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*. If you want a very good one this is it. Exceptional workmanship, forget from one piece of metal. I originally bought this magnificent helmet at the Princes of Hanover and Dukes of Brunswick auction 6 years ago in Marienberg Germany. Partisan developed in the 15th century in France and Italy and were widely used. Buy all types of Viking Swords, axes and more on sale now. Priced To Sell at $1,995. 952) EXCEPTIONAL, RARE,  ELEGANT and MASSIVE  HERSCHEDE GRANDFATHER CLOCK  9 FT TALL German Mechanism Serial hand engraved # 4629 (see picture). Consisting of a slender blade with strong medial ridge and sharpened tip. 827) FRANKISH WING LANCE HEAD 9-10 CENTURY: Very good condition. Pattern-welding is relatively rare in Viking swords; When it is found it is very [Read More], 909) RARE ITALIAN MAXIMILIAN INFANTRY BREASTPLATE WITH LANCE REST AND KNEE POLEYN CIRCA 1535: From a castle in  Auvrange France. Great addition to any medieval collection. Iron hilt with down turned quillions and knuckle-guard of diamond section. I have included pictures of a near identical example in the Stibbert Museum in  [Read More]. //Disable right mouse click Script Dimensions: 16 X 7 X 7 inches. Maces, axes and war hammers are all heavy weapons, held in hand, often with a two-handed grip. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 550) Rare Innsbruck Coffer Circa 1500 With Original Key: Decorated as shown and in very good condition with only recent light conservation. We define Viking swords as cold weapons from the 8th-1th centuries that developed from the Roman spatha in the period of the great national migrations.

L 94 cm. Swords Direct is a preferred supplier for Military Swords and Sabers. Iron caltrops were used as early as 331 BC by Darius III against Alexander the Great at the Battle of Gaugamela in Persia. Pommel and guard both have a Malachtite patina. Provenance Collection Dr. Albert Friedrichafen.

The haft of the Viking war axe could [Read More]. Size 16,5 cm x 9.5 cm x 7 cm. else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){ } There are only so many and most have been found already. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 319) SPANISH, 12TH CENTURY CAPITAL WITH FIGURES OF ANGELS AT THE CORNERS WITH CLUSTERS OF GRAPES IN THE CENTER: By tradition it made its way into the open market after Napoleon attacked Monseratt and destroyed the Monastery in 1811-12. Depicted on the seal a Cathedral with Lombardic edge lettering. I sold it and the current owner who now needs to sell it. Coffers were used during medieval and renaissance times to secure and safeguard valuables. Movie Swords Socket decorated with twisted rods and two attached lugs (one with broken tip). 953) EXCEPTIONALLY DECORATED VENETIAN RENAISSANCE FALCHION SWORD CIRCA 1580-1600: Mint condition, there is a very similar one in the world famous Wallace collection. Condition exceptional with some ware and conservation’s as you might expect for an item 400 years old. Styles of swords can vary by nationality. 954) MUSEUM QUALITY HUNGARIAN MACE CIRCA 1600-50: Identical to that of Count Miklos Zrinyi (1620-1664). Viking Helmets Authentic fully functional replica helmets from the Viking … The Franks were a group of Germanic speaking people associated with [Read More], 824) MASSIVE 12 INCH GERMAN TRIANGULAR GOTHIC PADLOCK CIRCA 1550: Absolute biggest ever. Partisan developed in the 15th century in France and Italy and were widely used. They seldom come any nicer. Unlike some weapons, the Partisan was not closely associated with a particular social class. document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); A 3.25 inch bolt is included for free for a complete collection of 17 crossbow bolts. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 620) Medieval German (Franconian) Iron Spear Point: Exceptional condition Dimensions: Length: 312mm; Width: 45mm.

However, the shipping companies have been experiencing a lot of transit delays under the current situations. Priced to sell quickly!!! Priced To Sell At $2,995*, 742) A RARE GERMAN PARTIZAN FOR THE GUARD OF THE PRINCE AND ARCHBISHOP OF WURZBURG_Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn (1545-1617): Etched on each side with scrolling foliage on a stippled ground, the basal lugs decorated with trophies-of-arms, one face with a monster above the figure of St John holding a chalice, and the other with [Read More] Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 740) 740) RARE & BEAUTIFUL VENETIAN MINI JEWELRY CASKET CIRCA 1650: As elegant as they come.

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