why does kyoya attack haruhi

Kyoya plans to defeat Tsubasa, as he would to any other beyblader but is met blow for blow by a determined Tsubasa who feels that Kyoya is the perfect opponent. Kyoya's romantic interest in Haruhi is either unacknowledged or suppressed in the anime and manga, respectively, in order to allow his best friend, Tamaki, to find happiness with her. He apologizes for not doing enough to prevent the strain that led her to change the world and gives her a message which would protect her from being erased by the Data Integration Thought Entity, prompting her to thank him. Both sport dark cloaks and have their features covered, but Kirimi carries a giant plush kitty instead of a Beelzeneff puppet. Kyon has at least one aunt, who gave him his nickname. Kyoya was dropped off Wolf Canyon and was given the task to climb all the way to the top. It could also be an abbreviation of his family name, Haninozuka. Characteristics His birth date is May 5, Children's/Boys' Day and he is 17 years old at the beginning of the series. Nevertheless, Mori still faithfully protects Honey and is always by his side, attending to his wishes and watching out for him. This is cut short, however, when Haruhi, as the newest seventh member, becomes the center of attention, even before her revelation as a girl. The easily win both matches after the qualifying round and move on to face India's Team Chandora. In The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon is thrown into an altered world in which Yuki, Mikuru, Haruhi, and Itsuki are normal humans, Haruhi and Itsuki attend a different school, and there is no SOS Brigade. Whether he was aware of this until after his battle with Hikaru is unknown. A special chapter released in July 2011 in Lala revealed how he met Mei: when he is a first-year undergraduate business student at Ouran University, the twins send Kasanoda to Mei as a replacement model for her fashion show (they were originally the ones who were going to model).

Honey is often seen around his cousin Mori, with whom he is very close. Benkei asks him if he has seen two of his friends, saying that one's short with green hair and the other is a girl with brown hair. Haruhi, herself, is portrayed as a female who firmly believes outward trappings, such as wealth or beauty, are secondary in importance to a person's inner qualities. Suoh hand picks the members with variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers. Kaoru does, and so does Hikaru does too. Kyoya's laptop, along with all other forms of technology, have a pineapple on them as a parody of Steve Job's Apple-logo products. To prove this Kyoya shows his new special move where Leon leaps into the air as high as Gingka's Pegasus and creates a storm that crashes apon the opponent, his King Lion Reverse Wind Strike! Yoshio Ootori (鳳 敬雄, Ōtori Yoshio), Kyoya's father, is the patriarch of the Ootori family. Their personalities have been shown to be quite different, Kaoru being the more sensible twin. Kotoko Fujioka (藤岡 琴子, Fujioka Kotoko) was Haruhi's mother, who died when her daughter was approximately five years old, as deduced from Haruhi's statement in the first episode that it had been ten years since her mother died. As Gingka's biggest rival, the final scene shown at the end of the last season (before the Shogun Steel spin-off) shows him facing off with Gingka (like Tyson and Kai did in the Original Series ending) and the episode ends. In the July 2011 special chapter, she is seen as a first-year business student at Ouran University, speculating on Mei's and Kasanoda's possible romantic relationship in dramatic terms. In the anime, there is a scene which shows Honey's true strength and it is said that Japan's Defense Minister has requested he never reveal his full potential, for fear that other nations might suspect that Japan holds a weapon of mass destruction, causing them to fire missiles upon that nation. In the live-action TV adaptation, instead of running away dishonorably after her plan is discovered, Ayanokoji is touched by Haruhi's decision to forgive her enough for her to donate food for the Host Club, and the Club boys likewise allow her to keep receiving their services. 3 4 5. Portrayal He is from the wealthy and influential Ootori family, which manages a health care zaibatsu. 22 removes 'dark cloud' for Uber and Lyft, Michael J. In the anime, however, it was only implied that Hikaru had a crush on Haruhi. Still have questions?

Relatives The second guard, Aijima, is 45 years old and is a calm man and a good cook, married to his expectant wife.

Kyoya compliments her on several occasions and she is shown to be savvy in the area of media production and broadcasting. Asian they admit that sometimes they want to be told apart and sometimes they don't. Voiced by: Daisuke Kirii (Japanese anime and later drama CDs), List of Ouran High School Host Club episodes, List of Ouran High School Host Club chapters, "Review: Ouran High School Host Club: G.novel 7", "The Top 5 Queer Voices in Anime and Manga", "The Secret Revolution of Ouran High School Host Club", "Funimation Announces Ouran High School Host Club Cast", Ouran High School Host Club Shojo Beat Online Preview, http://www.english.ufl.edu/imagetext/archives/v4_3/darlington/, "IGN: Ouran High School Host Club Season 1 - Part 1 Review", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Ouran_High_School_Host_Club_characters&oldid=983328978#Kyoya_Ootori, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2011, Articles to be expanded from September 2009, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 16:22. Angelica N. Lv 5. He is also protective of Haruhi, as shown in episode 7, of whom he thinks in a very kind, brotherly way. At the end of Metal Fury he is seen battling Gingka hinting that he defeated rest of the legendary bladers.

When she asks him his name, he calls himself "John Smith" (ジョン・スミス, Jon Sumisu), an obvious pseudonym which she derided. Volume 6 reveals that his father is a famous politician. He also wears a brown belt, brown gloves, brown boots, light grey pants and a necklace with a fang hanging on it. In the July 2011 omake, it is confirmed that he is a third-year engineering student at Ouran University. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Apparently he is very good at spotting little details, as seen when he knew where the moon was when going to Wolf Canyon and remembering all of Hyoma‘s lies. Portrayed by: Shigeyuki Totsugi. Height She was unsuccessful until Tamaki learns of their situation and decides to help.

Tamaki is partial to classic piano music and plays exceedingly well. He tried to explain these dreams (about aliens, time travelers and espers) to Sasaki, but she only denied their existence. Kyoya is occasionally nicknamed "Yo-Yo" by the younger characters (Yu and Tithi) and he hates it if they do so. Kyoya Tategami (盾神キョウヤ, Tategami Kyouya) is one of the main characters in Metal Saga of Beyblade series. Thanks to his friends' efforts, however, he accepts that doing so will not hurt the club. The characters there are not only well-drawn, but also well-written.

Honey is depicted as a childish and a desserts-loving boy who is much older than his elementary school appearance indicates. His need to control all aspects of his life extends to his four children, whose futures he maps out according to his own whims. Kyoya's keen business acumen lends itself to handling all the financial and planning aspects of the Host Club, from managing budgets to selling off merchandise in order to keep the club solvent, while still funding Tamaki's extravagant schemes. He also becomes more mature and wiser. She is estranged from her father, who owns restaurants in the Kansai region. Ep 09 - A Challenge From Lobelia Girls' Academy! Ayame becomes Haruhi's tutor when Haruhi fails to rank at the top of her grade. Kasanoda initially seeks to apprentice under Morinozuka, hoping to become as respected and admired as he. The Host Club – Mori, Honey, the twins, and Haruhi –also see Umehito without his cloak and wig for the first time as he comes out to see what is wrong when Haruhi is taken to the bathroom. The two appear to have grown closer afterward when she smiles at Umehito's shy attempt to get her attention through Belzeneff. Kyon takes pride in being able to detect Yuki's changes in mood and development in becoming more humanlike, but how accurate his detections really are is always left ambiguous. Can The Black Cat and Catwoman be a black girl? There has long been a controversy regarding under which "star sign" Kyoya was born. She likes butterflies and flowers but has a personality much like her older brothers. In one episode, Kyoya like, attacked Haruhi and looked like he was about to rape her, so does he like her????

Ep 08 - The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club! Upon discovering Haruhi Fujioka's (藤岡 ハルヒ, Fujioka Haruhi) gender, Tamaki insists that they keep it their secret which becomes the basis of the gender-bender humor throughout the series. His family name is romanized by VIZ Media as Suoh[9] and by Chuang Yi, Funimation[10] and Nippon Television's Japanese-language website as Suou. Portrayed by: Ai Okawa. Upon their first meeting, Kyoya is shown to be polite and pleasant to Tamaki, though taken aback by the other's behavior. Answer Save. "I'd sort of like to know what you consider normal, but I'm almost afraid to ask."

She must guess who is who in exchange for the combination to the family safe. Eager to see how Gingka Hagane will face one-hundred opponents, Kyoya watches from the sidelines. Honey is very fond of sweets and stuffed animals. Kyoya and the others track down a mystery at Zarkan Island where they hope to find a Legendary Blader. She is the most energetic of the three girls and, as acknowledged by Chizuru, seems to be very intelligent.

His main goal was to have Ginka suffer. She is also later seen with her husband, mother-in-law, and Haruhi's father, Ryoji, discussing about Tamaki and Haruhi's impending marriage. Kyoya is immediately aware that Haruhi is a girl upon her entrance to the third music room through such research. As the "Cool" type, Kyoya is exceedingly charming and it should be noted that Renge Houshakuji falls in love with his photograph before ever meeting him. His choice is presented to him at the meeting, in which he is told to decide whether to transplant Haruhi's powers into Sasaki, who is revealed to have similar powers to Haruhi, or to let Haruhi keep her powers and risk turning over the world.

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