winchester gun safe

Copyright 2011-2020 by Granite Security Products, Inc - All rights reserved. Technically, yes it can, however - you wouldn’t want to cram 24 weapons into this safe. A common question that people have about the Winchester 24 is, can it hold 24 guns? It’s solid, reliable and comes with a lot of features to satisfy the most demanding users. The Winchester 24 gun safe packs many great features into a very affordable safe. To call the safe a beast would be an understatement, at a colossal 520lbs (235kg) the safe can’t just be moved without any issues. With that being said, no.

Fortunately, Winchester has thought about this and has put the battery holder on the outside of the safe, so that it can be easily replaced. Up to 56 Long Guns, 12 Ga. U.L.

The weight, size and locking system combined will make it super difficult for anyone to break into it or take it away. The Winchester 24 provides quite a few shelves in the interior.

Fortunately, Winchester has thought of this and even though you will need to contact their customer services team, they will assist without any problems and have high praise for their efficiency when dealing with situations such as this. Along with that, there is also a heat-expandable door seal to protect your guns in the event of a fire. Listed, RSC For Customer Service, email us @: With this being said, 60 minutes may not seem like a very long time, however, in most countries the time it takes for firefighters to get to your house is very short, and most certainly under the 20-minute mark depending on where you live. Learn the quality difference between a Winchester gun safe, and the other brands. The Winchester 24 is ideal for people with a small collection of guns that wants to protect them from anything such as burglaries and fire damage. Not only that, but Winchester also has a wide range of services that other companies consider add-ons such as safe replacement, free curbside delivery and a free locksmith for the safe should you get locked out. 10 Ga. + 1/4 in steel plate U.L. You might believe that only a Winchester can protect a Winchester, and we’ve got a fireproof gun safe for that. For Customer Service, email us @: This is intentional from Winchester. Find answers to the most frequently asked Winchester Safes questions.

In a nutshell, these just make managing the internals a lot easier and the improved shelves can hold up to 70lbs (31kg), so you can rest assured that it can hold the heaviest of ammunition, pistols or anything else you may want to store on the shelves. You will need to remove the shipping pallet with instructions provided in the included owner manual. You will need to remove the shipping pallet with instructions provided in the included owner manual. Not only that but the double warranty and manufacturer change up is perfect for someone who isn’t planning to expand their gun collection past 10-12 guns but someone who wants protection for their guns.

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