zwiftpower upg mixed category

4.6wkg for 25 mins, you either are a trick sprinter who is using your fast twitch muscles to achieve that 25 min effort, or you really suck at ftp tests and don’t realise you are an A grader, not a B. A higher punch means many explosive efforts with plenty of rest in-between. They are the community race portal, and the ONLY place where real results are.

Aprender a leer estos datos va a ayudar a elegir las carreras que más te convengan de acuerdo a tus habilidades. Yes You Can! 2- FTP: si no sabes qué es eso … entonces googlealo, pero me imagino que debes saberlo si eres un corredor.

6- CATEGORIA ó DQ – UPG – WKG – HR (todas estas últimas son etiquetas de descalificación) En esta sección normalmente ves la categoría en la que corriste o se te asigno una vex terminada la carrara). What is the purpose of categorization? That means a strong A racer can hop into a D race, or vice-versa. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As my average power climbed (to unrealistic levels), also because I am a heavier chap (105kg) been having a load of chats with Wattbike and Zwift as I was wondering if my WB was giving too high a set of data and WB said they thought it was Zwift not being able to read and average the data correctly. I’ve always considered calling it a FTP a bit useless if everyone is using 95% of 20min.

I agree they’re not a “true” FTP test, for sure. ( Log Out /  Hi Eric, You probably right although you can play with the boarders if you are careful. 11- Cambiar tu nombre/equipo para un evento en particular: algunas veces.

I bet many riders would struggle to hold 90% of their 20 min PR for 60 min (true FTP). Best 20 minute average power in last 90 days. 5- In the bottom section you have all your past races and rides. Either the category you race in needs to adjust based on race length to match your capabilities (e.g.

To race against people who are more or less equally shpaed to you. Honestly, I still can not quite understand that.

The problem is most of us are “old” and less accustomed to being uncomfortable. Loving the studies on polarised training.

The strange thing about this is when I originally signed up for the race through the Zwift companion app, I signed up for C, which is where I've done the 2 other races I've entered. This gives races and people in it the fun factor that is lost when an A rider smashes a B, C or D race. So zwiftpower don’t weight wins over higher grade competitiors higher? Would you be able to compete with larger, more powerful riders in a flat road race IRL? This phenomenon is not unique to Zwift, in fact, it could be stated as something that happens any time in life that someone grows into the next level. the ones on the right, to flat terrain. This is the easiest part to understand . Too often, people do not push to the max during the test and those races bring something extra out of you. Sandbaggers don’t want this….but I suspect most racers don’t want this either. For myself and other riders, the 8-lap Crit City race has become a sort of “fun FTP test”.

Zwift Insider is independent of Zwift corporate (. If one were focusing on training in addition to racing an FTP increase is probably still more likely. I do know there’s a lot more about ZP, but this is -among all I know today-, what I find most useful to me. This is like Trump’s recent statement: “if we didn’t test so much, we wouldn’t have so many Covid-19 cases.” Yeah, if you don’t test your FTP, you don’t know what it is. While races can customize their categorization schemes, the vast majority use ZwiftPower’s categories…

ÚNICO lugar donde se encuentran los resultados reales. LOL Brett – I have never seen so many great climbers as I have seen on Zwift. Recientemente, agregaron una nueva Clasificación del sistema de equipo, y puede encontrarla explicada en este enlace de Zwift Insider. Change ). But if you “warm-up” for the Crit you are definably going to do a bit of pre-fatiguing, though probably not 5 mins all-out. Zwift adds a significant penalty by using weight to adjust Cd*A.

I didn’t see it as sandbagging. 9- ZPoints & Ranking. lol are you mad? You were sandbagging! Honestly, I’ve done that.

Fair point. This is the first time I’ve heard about this. Posted by Eric Schlange | May 25, 2020 | Racing | 148. The FTP is an all-out effort for 20 minutes. Conversely, riders would be expected to ride slightly above FTP in a max effort 20-minute event. So: a modest proposal. It has helped me focus and raise my threshold. Honestamente, todavía no puedo entender cómo calcular esto. Suzanne, I applaud you and agree entirely.

A flat crit is essentially a 25 minute sprint which is in turn a long FTP test with drafting. Erm, I don’t see that big of an issue there? Van en el siguiente orden de arriba a abajo: 15 segundos: velocista en cuestas / velocista corto, 20 min: Escalador larga distancia / Contrarreloj.

I won an A grade race, even though zwiftpower said I should be in C grade. Sorry I should have written as an 85kg rider with a 255 FTP (regularly tested and updated) as its the w/kg for a given ride that’s the issue! It surely is for me case !! If you do a lot of short races, then – as you said – you’d be bumped up to a higher category where you’d race at a higher output level. To my mind, the ramp test is a 400-meter sprint while the one-hour FTP is a cross-country run. Please feel free to comment and add any other piece of information that I missed, I’ll be happy to edit this post and include it as we go! com profile. You’re absolutely right.

I deliberately raced crits and races up to 31kms to do the hard work. Does this mean Zwift thinks I should be in the B category? Great article and relevant topic. me with my 4.1wkg best 20min could hold 3.8up the climb with max 3.9 for 20min… others in the same cat had a total average of… Read more ». (On a serious note, I highly doubt I… Read more ».

But that’s assuming that FTP is indeed the correct criterium for race categoristion, which I think is the point here. Yet here I am in comfy-cozy in the As. For example, think of how your 20-minute max power would probably look in a 2+ hour 100km race compared to an 8-lap Crit City race lasting ~22 minutes. Theres does seem to be something off in Zwift’s speed modeling. will be undergoing maintenance Wednesday, November 4th from 9:00am to 3:00pm PST (17:00 - 23:00 UTC) in order to upgrade system performance and stability, ensuring even greater reliability for the Zwift community.

Algunas carreras cortas y explisivas, como las carreras TT, pueden servir como una buena “prueba FTP” o “actualización de FTP”. Allí verás su mejor potencia en los últimos 90 días, en comparación con tu última carrera.

Let’s keep the measures separate. And so we arrive at my thesis statement: that many racers have seen their ZwiftPower-computed FTP increase due to their involvement in short Crit City races, and this has, in turn, forced them to upgrade to the next category. I’ve never met such tiny people with such huge egos. But, my average power during the 20min Crit City races is now 4.0 to 4.1 W/KG, which puts me on the A/B threshold.

Each is categorised properly for the type of race they usually enter. First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page in understanding how categorization actually works in all the Zwift races which are run through ZwiftPower. To be fair, everyone should use… Read more ». However joining race series means I got to do well on the flats and just try to finish respectably on the climbs. Congrats!! ZwiftPower Category overrides w/kg simply means that ZP's model is used in preference to the typical Zwift boundaries (A=4 w/kg, B=3.

Por ese motivo, y sin dar más vueltas, voy directo al tema: mi ‘compendio’ a las incógnitas de zwiftpower! More than that, and you’ll be over the wattage limit without being over the w/kg limit, possibly slotting into a lower category than you’re capable of. How does Zwiftpower pick which 3 “races” to use for your FTP determination? If all your races are done at an avg power that’s close to your nomalized power, you have no punch rating. I was talking with one of my teammates the other day and she said something like “I don’t know how I learned of theses things”. It is almost pro level to have 4.5wkg average. I also agree that they artificially bump up ftp because pre-fatigue is a key component of a 20 minute ftp test. 4- Némesis / Víctims: a la derecha puedes ver tus Némesis, y las víctimas de tus últimas carreras; No estoy seguro de cómo funcionan las otras dos pestañas (team y common).

10- Courses: aquí encontrarás tus mejores tiempos en los diferentes cursos de Zwift y el evento en el que los lograste. I bow to thee if it is! If you only do long efforts on Zwift, then any auto-calculated number is not correct. Just a thought. Ha! If FTP is roughly 95% of your “best” 20-minute power, then any race is probably going to underestimate your FTP (unless it’s a 20-minute TT). I think the issue here is whether there should be adjustment of ranking (by whatever means) to make the fairest possible playing field. 4.7 x .95 = 4.46. The average w/kg I can manage over a 20 minute crit definitely exceeds 95% of what I can hold for 1 hour if I am fresh when entering the crit. So if someone races crit city and finds that 95% of their 20min power in that race means their FTP is actually a category up, then they were (intentionally or unintentionally) sandbagging in their longer races. I think the second would be better, so I’d be a C in every race rather than having… Read more », In longer uphill races nobody go all out @FTP, like IRL you have to pace yourself or train to hold long climbs @ftp, Many of the Tour for All short races are also sub 30 minute events. If your thesis is true, these two identical riders will never race against each other. I sort of learned from reading, searching the web, and exchanging info with other people.

I can’t seem to figure the link the 3 it has picked to rides I have done? Is this Dr Stephen Seilor? Not sure how one is to make sense of that, but a 300W FTP, it seems, might belong in the A or A+ category?

The trouble is that when in a race/Crit my Watts and therefore FTP is lower as I have spent more time drafting and staying in a good position. 3- Barras de colores: debajo de todos estos datos tienes unas lindas barras de colores. On the ZP category discussion, I feel that we have a long way to go with ZP before we get to this detail. All riders visible Scoreboard No Powerups No TT bikes ZwiftPower category overrides wkg 5min and 20min CEVAZ … I still get a kicking some days but that is the same as normal racing. And they do all sorts of mental gymnastics to tell themselves they’re not. Zwift Insider is independent of Zwift corporate (, although Zwift does provide funding to help defray site costs. I have been using Zwift for about 1 1/2 years with a couple of races per week. Follow on Strava, Very good point. I try to race with them to help teach race strategy. Race A, get your ass kicked, and get faster. As a C rider, I’m at the upper end of the CAT for longer events or climbing events (TfA stage 4 – my 95% of 20 min power was 2.977 k/wg), but have received my first WKG DQ due to exceeding CAT limits on the recent TfA stage 5 short race (95% of 20 mins 3.325 w/kg).… Read more », i have been pushed up from C to B with my w/kg being a fraction over 3.2. 95% is valid with a good protocol, experienced athletes used to hammer high Z3/Z4, etc. If anything, the crit city races help to more accurately categorize people. When I joined Zwift my goal from day 1 was to be an A Cat – I’d rather be last A than 1st B. I wanted to be true to myself and frankly I am thinking about when I get to race on the roads again.

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